Errol Lux

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Name: Errol Lux Race: Human Class: Bard (Divine) Alignment CN

STR: 10 DEX: 15 CON: 10 INT: 15 WIS: 16 (15 +1 at lvl 4) CHA: 16 (15 +1 at lvl 8)

HP: 60 AC: 12 (no armor atm) BAB: +7/+2 Fort: +3 Ref: +9 Will: +10

Spells Known (not chosen, but just jotting down the numbers as a reminder later. Suggestions welcome! :P) 0: 6 1: 4 2: 4 3: 4 4: 2

Spells per day 0: 4 1: 4 2: 4 3: 2 4: 0

Skills: Name/Mod/Ranks/Misc/Tot Bluff (Cha)/3/13/0/16 Concentration (Con)/0/13/0/13 Diplomacy (Cha)/3/13/4/20 Gather Information (Cha)/3/13/2/18 Knowledge (Dragonlore) (Int)/2/13/0/15 Listen (Wis)/3/13/0/16 Move Silently (Dex)/2/10/5/17 Perform (Cha)/3/13/0/16 Sense Motive (Wis)/3/13/2/18

Feats: Negotiator Trustworthy (Song and Silence, pg. 40) Lingering Song Weapon Finesse Subsonics (Complete Adventurer pg. 104) Jack of All Trades (Complete Adventurer, pg.104)

Class Features: Simple Weapon proficiency Light Armor Proficiency Spells (6/4/4/4/2), Per Day(4/4/4/2/0) Bardic Knowledge Bardic Music --Countersong, --Fascinate (4 max.), --Inspire Courage (+2), --Inspire Competance, --Suggestion, --Inspire Greatness

Background: As a young boy, growing up in the mountains, Errol was, as most young boys were known to do, a diligent explorer of his locale. On one such exploration trip, Errol found himself lost inside a cave complex. Stumbling around for hours in the dark, stifling sobs as he did, he eventually saw light at the end of the tunnel. Groping towards it, Errol emerged; not into daylight as he had been expecting, but into a cave studded with crystals of such size and beauty, he was transfixed. Light entered from a small cavity in the ceiling of the cave, before passing through one of the crystals, showering the rest of the room with multicoloured light. As he stood, marvelling in the magesty of it, a presence awoke in his mind. Yea, youngling, this is my domain. All that shimmers and sparkles with light, belongs to I, Kalimshan. You shall be my vassel, and shall tell the world of my wondrousness. 'W-what can I do? I am lost in these caves, I know not the way out, nor do I have any light to show the way.' Your way with words shows that I have made my choice wisely. Fear not, my prophet. When you walk with Kalimshan, you need have no fear of the dark.

With those words, the smaller quartz crystals that speckled the cave walls outside the chamber started twinkling far brighter then they had right to, lighting the path. With Kalimshans guidance, Errol found his way out of the caves, but he was forever changed by the experience.

As he grew, he failed to bring more people under Kalimshans wing, but the god stayed with him, hinting that he had greater things still to accomplish, and nudging his studying along more draconic paths.

Eventually, however, the young boy, now a young man, had to leave his home to earn some honest coin. Deciding to use his way with words to achieve that end, he tagged along with various mercenary groups, as an extra hand, and regaled townfolk with tales of their exploits. The coin earned from this never lasted too long, however, and soon, he found himself on the road again, earning his keep with another group.

Eventually he found himself tagging along with a small group facing a dragon. With the help of his knowledge, the group was successful, and with a flash of insight, he knew that Kalimshan had known that this day would come. This is but the first of many. For too long, dragons have been hoarding my wealth to themselves, when it should belong to all, so that all can see my glory. Stay with these people, my prophet, for they will lead us to greatness!

And so Errol found himself in the group, their unofficial chronicler.