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Refresh: 5

Fate Points: 5


Jacques Sabertooth.jpg


Born into poverty in the fringes of the French-Stygian border, Jacques was eldest of what was eventually seven children. He developed a fascination with the scientific endeavours of the age from being very young, but the common nature of his background meant he would never attend any form of engineering school due to the enormous expense. When he was 15, he moved into Stygia proper to find work to support his family. Jacques sought out the similar tasks of the day for assorted inventors - taking messages, cleaning tools, mending things - all manner of tasks just to be near the spark-driven inventors.I His constant exposure meant he was soon trusted enough to be taken on as permanent help, working on new inventions. Though no spark of his own ever became apparent, Jacques loved throwing himself into new science, bouncing from hire to hire and using his experience to pilot new tech and support the inventors as best he could. Unfortunately, this was never a well-paid endeavour, and Jacques eventually perused more experimental and risky projects, chasing the money for his family, occasionally going right into the duchy's foundaries as an expendable young hireling to be a lab that for new chemicals. Shortly after some work for the palace foundaries to test and entirely different alchemical compound, designed to provide a steroid boost to a soldier's stamina, Jacques took up a job for the illustrious Alchemist Doctor Willi Quecksalber (MD, PhD.), trialing his latest version of his Werewolf Cream. His hair grew thicker and more shaggy, growing huge sideburns round his jaw. His wirey frame began to bulk with muscle, and his hands and feet grew sharp talons. Jacques was able to lift clanks and leap up to rooftops with his enhanced strength! Aside from the slight physical side effects, the aggression, and the tendency to resort to an animal -like state, the test was a complete success! (Version 2.0 is in progress)

Unfortunately, the concoction of chemicals in Jacques' body finally was too much for his resilience to bear, and, instead of wearing off, the transformation seemed to have stuck. Which wouldn't have been so bad, except for the fact that a lot of morally-scrupulous folks had a great interest in permanent, easily applied physical enhancement. Jacques quickly became a wanted experiment, and was eventually caught by the Duchy's men. After only a few days, however, explosions began to wreck the palace. Seizing his chance, Jacques broke free and made his escape, just as the enormous explosions decimating the ducky began.


High Concept: Mostly-successful Experiment

Feral Experiment Mode: Feline Nature

Experinced Assistant Mode: Science is my passion!

Action: I cannot let you do that.

Omega: ...

Modes & Skills:[edit]

Feral Experiment (+3) (Athletics, Combat, Physique, Notice, Stealth)

Experienced Assistant (+2) (Contacts, Deceive , Notice, Rapport, Science, Vehicles, Will)

Action (+1) Athletics, Combat, Provoke, Notice, Physique, Vehicles)

Physique -> specialised (+2) Stealth -> specialised (+2) Contacts -> focused (+1)

Skills: Superb (+5) - Notice, Physique

Great (+4) - Athletics, Combat, Stealth

Good (+3) - Vehicles

Fair (+2) - Contacts, Rapport, Science (chemistry, Engineering), Will

Average (+1) Decieve, Provoke


Physical [1][2][3][4]

Mental [1][2][3]


Mild [2]: Something in my head (mental)_______________________

Moderate [4]: _____________________

Severe [6]: _______________________


One of the masses - +2 to Rapport when dealing with the common folk of the world

Werewolf Cream V1.3 - (Mega-Stunt: 5 benefits):

Bestial Strength (Absolute Physique): Jacques is far stronger than the average human in feats of raw strength (lifting, carrying, moving things, throwing etc) Weakness - Jacques is easily goaded in to tests of his skills, especially around physical tasks.

Claws: +2 shift on a successful unarmed melee attacks

Dominant Alpha: May use Physique instead of Provoke to Overcome an opponent when being physically threatening or intimidating.

Preservation instinct: +2 to Athletics to flee a situation

Tough as Nails: Armour 1 (physical)

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