Evert van Rypen

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Physical Description[edit]

The Nosferatu clan flaw manifested by making the skin transparent, so Evert looks as if he had been skinned alive. Short, rather thin figure, normally dresses in bland, nondescript clothes when going out in public (using Obfuscate 3, of course). Among other vampires often "dresses up" and delights in showcasing his disfigurement contrasted with expensive designer clothes.


As far as the rest of the world is concerned, Evert van Rypen was embraced in 1895. A rich, vapid playboy, friend and part-time lover of Oscar Wilde (and according to rumors the inspiration behind "The Picture of Dorian Grey") and heir to several houses in the red-light district DeWallen, he attracted the attention of his sire mostly through his vanity and pride - the elder Nosferatu intended to teach him a lesson more than anything else. But when his sire was killed in a Lupine attack the year after, together with most of the other Nosferatu in Amsterdam, Evert turned out to be a rather capable leader and not only managed to rebuild the destroyed Warren, but also took firm control over the remaining sewer rats of the city. Since then, he has consolidated his hold over DeWallen, build up a veritable spy network that includes a reliable informer among the Sabbat, and has been undisputed Nosferatu Primogen for almost 70 years.

GM Note: This character has a secret section.

Character Sheet[edit]

This is Work in Progress: Points to pay: 1fb. Points to (re)distribute: Abilities.

Note: Ability points can only be bought up to and including ●●● without freebees.
Amsterdam by Night
Name Evert van Rypen Player Mandrion
Concept Lord of DeWallen Clan Nosferatu
Nature Rogue Demeanor Director Generation 8th
Physical (6) Social (4) Mental (8+5fb)
●●●○○ Strength ●●○○○ Charisma ●●●●○ Perception (social subtexts)
●●●○○ Dexterity ●●●●○ Manipulation (outright lies) ●●●●○ Intelligence (organizing)
●●●○○ Stamina ○○○○○ Appearance (Nosferatu) ●●●●○ Wits (Ambushes)
Talents (12+2fb) Skills(8+8fb) Knowledge (14 of 20+4fb)
●○○○○ Alertness ●○○○○ Animal Ken ●●○○○ Academics
●●○○○ Brawl ●●●○○ Etiquette ●○○○○ Computer
●○○○○ Dodge ●●○○○ Melee ●●●○○ Finance
●○○○○ Expression ●●○○○ Security ●●●●○ Investigation
●●○○○ Intimidation ●●●○○ Stealth ●●○○○ Law
●●○○○ Streetwise ●○○○○ Survival ●●●●○ Linguitics
●●●●○ Subterfuge
Virtues (7) Disciplines (5/2+14fb) Derived
●●○○○ Conscience ●●○○○ Animalism Humanity ●●●●● ○○○○○
●●●●○ Self-Control ●●●●○ Obfuscate Willpower ●●●●● ●●●○○
●●●●○ Courage ●○○○○ Potence Blood Pool 10 + ●●●●● / 3 per Turn
●●○○○ Auspex
Backgrounds (4/15+8fb) Merits (15fb) Flaws (-5fb)
●●○○○ Elder Generation ●●●○○ Childe, Loyal ●●●●○ Patricide
●○○○○ Age ●●●○○ Domain (De Wallen) ●○○○○ Sympathisizer
●●●●○ Status (Primogen) ●●●○○ Hidden Diablerie
●●●●● Resources ●●○○○ Holdings
●●●○○ Allies ●○○○○ Inoffensive to Animals
●●○○○ Contacts ●●●○○ Mole
●●●●○ Herd
●●●●○ Influence: DeWallen
●●○○○ Retainers


English, German, Danish, French, Arabic, Morocan, Turkish, Italian)


Evert is practically undisputed ruler over DeWallen. Under various different guises, he controls all the major groups of pimps, has several corrupt police officials in his pocket, and outright owns many of the buildings.
Easy access to both prostitutes and clients.
  • Huygen De Klerk: a lawyer who takes care of most of Everts business activities, very discreet and asks few questions, NOT ghouled
  • Balthazar: A ghouled Mastiff that serves as bodyguard and companion. Never a pretty dog, now downright ugly due to the Nosferatu blood...
Steady influence of cash from the rental properties in DeWallen.


Childe, Loyal
Klaas De Vries (alias Hellrazor), a young computer programmer / part-time hacker who has been embraced mostly for his skills with modern technology, but proved exceptionally loyal and useful, and is groomed for some office in the city
Hidden Diablerie
See "The Secret". I'm not actually planning to use this in game, at this point - it mostly serves as a background justification.
Inoffensive to Animals
Like many Nosferatu, especially those with the Animalism discipline, Everts presence is not as offensive to animals as that of many other vampire.
Two of the appartments in DeWallen, as well as two others in other parts of Amsterdam, have been turned into safehouses and are known to no other vampire (except for one in DeWallen that is the haven of Klaas de Vries)
Fiorenza Bermani, a Lasombra originally from Sicily. Claims to be tired of the Sabbat and thinking about switching sides, but actually hopes to recruit Evert - both of them know this, of course, and it has turned into a game between the two. She is a reliable informant nonetheless, most of the time.


See "The Secret"
Fiorenza Bermani attempts at recruiting Evert have started to pay off: While he still disapproves of the Sabbat, he has started to accept some of its rhetoric - especially regarding mortals and the masquerade. Sure, staying hidden is useful - but mortals are prey, and vampires are predators that should not fear the mortals... This in combination with his unusually good intelligence on sabbat activities has many others doubt his allegiance to the Camarilla...