Evolvo Lad

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Evolvo (Sev Tcheru), formerly Evolvo Lad

PL: 12 (180)

Base Form


STR: 2

STA: 2

AGL: 2

DEX: 3

FGT: 2

INT: 2

AWE: 2

PRE: 1


Laser Gun +14 (DC 21)

Punch +10 (DC 17)

Initiative: +2


Dodge: 6 (+8)

Fortitude: 6 (+8)

Parry: 6 (+8)

Toughness: +2 (+13 with force field)

Will: 6 (+8)


Athletics 6 (+8)

Close Combat (Punches): 8 (+10)

Insight: 8 (+10)

Investigation: 8 (+10)

Perception: 6 (+8)

Ranged Combat (Guns): 8 (+11)

Technology: 8 (+10)



Beginner's Luck

Improved Aim

Improved Defense

Luck 3

Ranged Attack 3

Quick Draw

Second Chance




Evolve/Devolve: Morph 2 (Metamorph: Evolved and Devolved form), Action Standard, Quirk (can only switch to evolved or devolved forms from base form) – 6 points


Legion Flight Ring: Communication 5 (Subspace Radio, Anywhere, Limited to Distress Signal), Flight 7 (250 MPH), Easily Removable – 19 points

Force Field Belt: Immunity 10 (Life Support); Protection 11, Impervious, Affects Others, Continuous, Removable – 44 points

Laser Gun: Ranged Damage 6, Easily Removable – 8 points


Condescending: In his evolved form, Evolvo has little patience for those not as smart as him (which is almost everyone).

Easily Distracted: In his devolved form, Evolvo has trouble focusing on tasks for a long period of time.

Unassuming: In his base form, Evolvo has big “normal guy” energy, and people sometimes don't believe he's a super-hero.

Fish out of Time: As a traveler from the future, Evolvo sometimes doesn't get normal 21st century mores


Evolved Form


STR: -2

STA: 0

AGL: -1

DEX: -1

FGT: -2

INT: 16

AWE: 4

PRE: 0


Initiative: -1

Mental Blast (DC 27)


Dodge: -1 (+14 with Predictive Defense)

Fortitude: 0 (+10 with Mental Fortitude)

Parry: -1 (+14 with Predictive Defense)

Toughness: 0 (+10 with Force Field)

Will: 0 (+14 with Psychic Shield)


Expertise (Science): 6 (+22)

Investigation: 6 (+22)

Perception: 6 (+10)

Technology: 6 (+22)

Treatment: 6 (+22)


Beginner's Luck

Eidetic Memory



Improvised Tools



Evolve/Devolve: Morph 2 (Metamorph: Evolved and Devolved form), Action Standard, Quirk (can only switch to evolved or devolved forms from base form) – 6 points

Super Genius: Comprehend 3 (Speak and Read Languages); Quickness 10, Limited to Mental Tasks – 11 points

Levitate: Flight 2 (8 MPH), Limited (can only fly up to a height of about 10'), Subtle – 4 points

Psychic Blast: Perception Ranged Damage 12, Alternate Resistance (Will), Subtle – 49 points

Psychic Shield: Enhanced Defense (Will) 14, Impervious, Limited to Mental Powers, Sustained – 14 points

Predictive Defense: Enhanced Defenses (Dodge and Parry) 15, Quirk (not against opponents Immune to Mental Powers) – 28 points

Mental Fortitude: Enhanced Defense (Fortitude) 10 – 10 points

Force Field: Protection 10, Sustained – 10 points


Devolved Form


STR: 8

STA: 10

AGL: 6

DEX: 6

FGT: 8

INT: -3

AWE: 4

PRE: 0


Initiative: +10

Punch/Kick (DC 23/DC 27 with Berserker Rage): +12

Pebble Toss (DC 25): +14


Dodge: 0 (+6/+8 for area effects)

Fortitude: 6 (+16)

Parry: 0 (+8)

Toughness: 0 (+16)

Will: 8 (+8)


Athletics: 10 (+18)

Close Combat (Hand to Hand): 4 (+12)

Intimidation 8 (+8)

Perception: 10 (+14)

Ranged Combat (Stones): 8 (+14)


All-out Attack


Fast Grab

Great Endurance

Improved Hold

Improved Initiative

Improvised Weapon

Power Attack




Berserker Rage: Enhanced Advantage 1 (Fearless), Enhanced Strength 4, Sustained, Quirk (-1 to active defenses) – 7 points

Evolve/Devolve: Morph 2 (Metamorph: Evolved and Devolved form), Action Standard, Quirk (can only switch to evolved or devolved forms from base form) – 6 points

Pebble Toss: Ranged Damage (Ballistic) 10, Quirk (requires objects to throw) – 19 points

Sleeper Hold: Affliction (Resisted and Overcome by Fortitude; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated), Progressive, Grab-Based – 20 points

Stoneskin: Reaction Damage (to being hit) 6, Limited to effect rank or attack's damage rank, whichever is less; Protection 6 – 24 points

Thunderclap: Burst Area Affliction 10 (Resisted and Overcome by Fortitude; Dazed and Vulnerable, Defenseless and Stunned), Extra Condition, Limited Degree – 20 points

Evolo, then know as Evolvo Lad, had become a superhero when he was just a teenager. He had joined with 4 other teens on his home planet of Lallor, and they had formed the Heroes of Lallor, protecting their planet from threats internal and external. Eventually they had encountered some other superpowered teens, the Legion of Super Heroes, who protected the whole galaxy, or much of it as they could. The Legion was seen as the big time, the heroes everyone else wanted to be, but Evolo was never jealous, he was happy on Lallor, happy protecting the place where he had grown up. And when the Legion needed help, when they faced some threat so big they couldn't handle it alone, Evolvo and the other Heroes were happy to help. That's how he had faced Darksied and the hordes of Apokolips, among others.

Eventually though, he grown tired of the superhero life. He was only in his mid 20s but he had been a hero for years. So he left protecting Lallor to the other Heroes and retired to work on the scientific questions of the ages. But then Brainiac 5 had called. Brainaic 5 had always been the Legionnaire he had liked the best, one of the few who could almost keep up to him in his evolved form. Brainic 5 had realized something even he hadn't: time was changed. They put their heads together, checking and re-checking the math, but the conclusion was inescapable. The famous heroes of 21st century Earth, who everyone knew had disappeared without a trace... They shouldn't have. They actually hadn't, until recently, when time had changed and rippled out to change the future, Evolvo's present. There was only one thing to do; while Brainic 5 had continued to investigate in the 31st century, Evolo had traveled back to the past. He had been here six months and he still hadn't found out what had changed, but in the meantime, there were people to help and threats to face. He had found the change of scenery had revitalized his desire to be a superhero, and he liked that.