Experiencing the night life of Zictla

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Michael James Watson
The nightlife is a mixture of sound, dread, and celebration. The moon is coming.. death is coming... There are places where the young drink, dance, mate. a tequila with magic mushrooms dominates the scene.. Older folks dance just as hard but are more orginized. The old folks clubs are quiet places where they sing old songs since they may be on the alter in a few days

Amber Bronkhorst
Walking past the different places Alvah suggest to just try some places out. The young party hard but might crash even faster and harder due to that.
At every place where there is dance though Alvah will join in on the dancing picking up on their type of dance, the feeling that comes with it and ofcourse she will do her best to be really good in it. (Maybe she should go for another pip in dancing )
Hearing the songs at the old folks clubs she doesn't dare enter. Vek can enter but Alvah won't, she'll wait outside. It is clear it weighs very heavy on Alvah knowing that even though she does light about what happens here she knows full well it is about lives. And if she wants it or not, she is part of the problem. It is her family as well who does this. however you see it.
Depends on where they end their evening how Alvah would end the night. But however it is she does try to have lots of fun with Vek. Trying to make him dance with her ofcourse on several occasions.

Michael James Watson
She finds Vek takes no more encouragement then a nod to the dance floor to dance. He may not have a point in Dance but he has 2 pips in Parkour & gymnastics so he dances at least at 1 pip. His knowledge of music lets him keep the beat well and he matches her moves extremely well. He watches the musicians carefully, noting that there are few string instruments. The native music is distinctive. a lot of drums, a lot of percussion. Rattles of many kinds are used for music of all styles Flutes and horns are common. There are some string instruments but guitar and types of harps are background behind drums, flutes and horns. The xylophone is common as well and certain metal percussion instruments. But talking to people it turns out the xylophone is considered new and possibly sacrilegious.
She discovers that dance is incredibly important to them. It is a major part of religious ceremony as well as a common practice in everyday life.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah will just try and at least have one damce with Vek.
Seeing him eye the instruments and music players she suggest joining them. She won't, no Alvah will dance but Vek is a skilled musician.
Feeling the freedom of dance she is able to just let go for a moment. Worry, sadness and anger. Alvah just dances and adds hopefully in this way to fun of the night, not only for her but also the people around.
Since she is kind of a showwoman she ofcourse does try and get as many people up and dancing with her.
In 2 days something might be bloody but tonight there is dance.

Michael James Watson
Vek dances with her as much as she likes. He says he needs to hear the music in action for awhile before joining. He is a huge fan of wind instruments there are some interesting percussion items. But Alvah sees its the xylophone that keeps catching his eye.
There style of dance is group oriented. Not a lot of individual expression. Alvah thinks the dance is evocative of religious dance, performed at ceremonies. Many of the people she talks to dance at local and regional festivals. They says the only thing that mars their dance groups is that frequently at the rites of sacrifice random people are taken by the priests on the spot and sacrificed. Its hard to replace some good dancers they lose that way.

Amber Bronkhorst
Seeing Vek eyeing the xylophone mostly she grins suggest they can stay as long as they want tonight till he feels comfortable enough to try.
Or arrange to have one brought over.
If he tries she promises to dance to his music.
Hearing about the group dances and the fear of being picked out really does something. Sacrifice by itself is horrible this way. But picking out those that actually already contribute to the flow of energy and power she doesn't get.
Knowing now that dance is a comon thing with festivals and rituals she will watch and learn closely. As best she can in one night. She was here ofcourse to learn more about this part of her blood.

Michael James Watson
Being amberites their endurance is great. They out dance everyone and as 2am comes around the place they ended up at is nearly empty. As the musicians start breaking down, Vek goes and talks to the xylophonist. He hands over the wooden mallets hesitantly. Vel starts playing and the musician immediately sits, realizing VEk is far better then he is. The rest of the musicians sit and listen to Vek as well, then slowly start joining in, regardless of how tierd they are. Alvah recognizes Waltz For Deby, a favorite p[iano piece of Vek's, and Contemplations on the Abyss, an original piece he plays a lot. The musicians beg him to continue when he sets the mallets down.
After promising them they will return he leads Alvah out into the night.
"Interesting music. A bit different scales but nice collections of rhythms."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah delighted that Vek takes the moment to play she listens. Having heard this song before she moves to it. Sure it needs a different style of dance.
But she lets Vek his misic guide her.
When Vek and Alvah leave she smiles wide. Happy they went out.
"Hmm yes different but i love it. "
Stull full of energy from dancing Alvah still dancing now and then around Vek
"The people here love songs and dance.. and it felt right. Funny to realize that before i knew i was from here my love for these rhings and for the style. Even of clothing was alreadh there."
She holds Vek his hands as they walk at a point.
"Thank you, for a wonderful night. It actually made me feel alot better."
She grins up to him
"Told you 4 things... Running, Dancing, Sex and Alcohol....i am not a difficult person. "

Michael James Watson
"For me it was magic, music, alcohol, privacy and fighting. Ive not talked about it but i value privacy. Chaos is full of nightmares trying to bind you. So when i found privacy i treasured it. In shadow I found sailing. I spent a lot of time sailing, served in some navies. Found realms in Chaos where time was incredibly wild and spent time sailing in them too. There are places in Chaos that look just like places in shadow. Nations, realms, people. But some whim of a lord of chaos might sweep them away while in Shadow they have permanance.. Its why i came to see a future in Amber, rather then Chaos. But to get that future I had to know magic and how to fight. So it goes"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah listens to Vek walking in his pace next to him as she listens.
Giving it some thought she looks up at Vek
"I can not imagine what it is like.... living and surviving in Chaos. I tried to imagine.. i can't."
She smiles and subconsciously takes a step away from Vek...
"If you need some time for yourself or need me gone. Let me know. If it is something that you need to deal with things. "
Stepping a bit ahead of him Alvah takes some twirls slong the street.
Just being here feels more and more natural to her.
Looking at Vek between her antics she smiles
"And form the future you want. Gather the people around you that add to the future and not subtract. And try and not look back to what might have been."
She twirls again revelling in the Azcalan night.

Michael James Watson
"I can understand feeling comfortable here. But Zictla is known as the land of the Ravaged. Beyond the city is a hard land or volcanos and terror. Zictalas rules this realm and the kingdom Cihalas and Xozla rule may not suffer as much but the other places do. I have investigated Mixatlan and sent some people there. Its a lovely place, as is much of Untola, but Chico rules it and is a barely loyal client kingdom. I think going there is a good plan. BUt in time Cihalas may see it as taking sides against her. And we have not heard where Xozla is now. When we go to the festival, we should be careful. You will be expected to stand the top of the pyramid and attend the services. That will be dangerous"

Amber Bronkhorst
Looking at Vek she smiles no longer twirling but keeping a sway in her movements.
"I know where i am expected to stand. That is what she wants. She wants me to feel the power. Probably assuming or at least hoping it will sway me more to her side of things."
She looks at Vek and pulls up one shoulder in a half shrug.
"She won't kill me.. and she will let me go to Mixatlan. Because that is already so many steps closer to her and where she wants me... then where I was. How erratic or crazy she may seem. So far what i hear is a mother... sure crazy as hell, but a mother who wants the best for her daughter... not saying that, that is reallythe best though."
Alvah takes Vek his hand and as she holds it up spins under it as if he twirled her.
With a wide smile but sad eyes she says...
"I know this will end to.. i know that things will get complicated. I know i can't stay and continue to feel good. That is not what this place is. But these moments this evening, with you, with the music, the food the drinks. This is just good."
Letting go of his hand she then starts to walk along with Vek, with a few paces between them.