Explorator Secutor Pattern A. Realtzon

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Explorator Secutor Pattern A. Realtzon is of an unorthodox origin, even by the increasingly strange standards of those in the Imperium. He was born in the bowels of one of the many Forge Worlds of the Adeptus Mechanicus, though the name of which has been deleted out of his memory as irrelevant information. Despite being born a mutant, his reverence to the Machine God and the spark of genuine intelligence allowed him acceptance into the Adeptus Mechanicus by those of a slightly more radical bent, specifically those of the Mechanicus Secutor, the Siege Enginseers. Into their ranks, the flesh that was became the glory of the Machine.

Those of the Machine are cogs, and a cog is not to question it's place in the Machine, but Pattern A. Realtzon was not fully of the Machine. He still felt emotion, most particularly a hate filled rage against those who defiled technology, often discarding the sacred technology and machine spirit of a rifle or pistol for the more primitive, visceral of an ax, if only to ensure that such heresy against the Machine God is not repeated.

His fanaticism, as well as his mutation, did not win him many allies in the Adeptus Mechanicus and, in a ploy to remove such a vile mark as he out of their sight, he was given the title Explorator and assigned to a ship that served as a perceived dead end. How wrong the techpriests were. How wrong the humans of the Machine were.


Character Name Player Name Career Path Ship's Role Rank Experience
Explorator Secutor Pattern A. Realtzon Raiu Explorator Omnissaic Congregator 1 7000
Home World Birthright Lure of the Void Trials and Travails Motivation Lineage
Forge World Scape Grace Tainted (Mutant) Hand of War Fortune none
Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship Wounds Fate Insanity Corruption
42 43 49 47 34 44 36 37 35 12 3/3 5 0


Untrained Basic skills

   Silent Move(Ag):

Trained skills

   Common Lore(Machine Cult)(Int):
   Common Lore(Tech)(Int):
   Forbidden Lore(Archeotech)(Int):
   Forbidden Lore(Adeptus Mechanicus(Int)):
   Speak Language(Explorator Binary)(Int): 
   Speak Language(Low Gothic)(Int): 
   Speak Language(Techna-lingua)(Int):
   Trade (Armorer):
   Sleight of Hand(Ag):


  • Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
    • Gains use in all melee weapons, except exotic
  • Basic Weapon Training (Universal)
    • Gains use in all basic weapons, except exotic
  • Technical Knock
    • Un-jam a gun as Half Action.
  • Logis Implant
    • +10 bonus on WS and BS on successful Tech-Use Test.
  • Leap Up
    • Stand up as a Free Action
  • Mechadentride use (utility)
    • The Explorer can use a type of Mechadendrite. Utility
  • Autosangunie
    • Heal 2 damage/day, always Lightly Wounded.
  • Hatred: Chaos (KAYOSSSS) Worshipers
    • -10 to Fel interactions with Chaos Worshipers
  • Pistol weapon training
    • Gains use of all pistol weapons
  • Electro Graft Use
    • +10 bonus to Inquiry, Tech-Use, Common Knowledge.


  • "Size: Hulking" - +10 to strength, Movement: Agility Bonus +1, Attacks to hit get +1
  • "Mechanicus Implants" - Gains Mechanicus Implants, must take associated talent to use.

Combat Stats[edit]

Weapon Name Skill Class Range Rate of Fire Damage Penetration Clip Reload Special Weight Rarity
Weaponname Accuracyname Classname Rangename ROFname Damagename Nom De Plume Clip Name Reloadname Specialabilityname Weightname Rarityname
  • Initiative Bonus:
  • Movement:
  • Wounds:
  • TB:
  • Armor:
  • Dodge:
  • Parry:



  • Equipment name
    • Equipment description
      • Flavor text


  • Weapon Name
    • Notes about weapon (upgrades, quirks, etc.)
    • Weapon Statline
      • Flavor text
  • Good-Craftsmanship Hellgun
    • Un-upgraded
    • Hellgun (Lucius) Basic 110m S/3/– 1d10+4 E 7 30 2 Full 6 Rare
      • Being Realtzon's standby for when he simply can not hit something with his axe, this weapon does not see as much use as it should. One of the projects in the works is attaching the Hellgun to his own generator, so that he will not be required to use the damned backpack again.
  • Good-Craftsmanship Power Axe
    • Un-upgraded
    • Power Axe (Mezoa) Melee — 1d10+7 E 7 Power Field, Unbalanced 6 Very Rare
      • The Power Axe is the one weapon that Realtzon uses most often. If one wishes to deal with tech-heresy, then the only way to do it is to be DAMN WELL SURE IT IS DEAD!!


  • Armor Name
    • Fun and exciting subsystems
    • Other notes
    • Power requirements, if any
    • Amount of AP provided
      • Flavor text
  • Enforcer light carapace
    • Advanced Helmet Systems
    • May soon be integrated with the Rock Hound Void Suit
    • No power requirements
    • 5
      • Serving as what little can fit the giant size of Realtzon's body, most people only ever see the Explorator Secutor in the armor, covered by a set of red robes. A helmet that completely encloses his head tops off the armor with a vox caster, heightened sight, and night vision all installed.

Force Field[edit]

  • Field Name
    • Field type
    • Protection Rating
    • Fails only on a (insert number here)
      • Flavor text

Other Equipment[edit]

  • Equipment name
    • Equipment type
    • Equipment description
      • Flavor text

Experience Spent[edit]

200 for chosing mutation 500 for Mechadentride use 100 for 1st toughness advance 200 for Autosangune 100 for Awareness 400 for Sound Constitution (2x)

200 for Electro Graft Use 200 for Medicade 100 for Trade (Armorer)