Exploring the Halls of Arden Vul: Exarchates

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(EX-ar-kate): A sub-division of the Archontean empire. Exarchates are ruled by exarchs, and have the most independence from the imperial center due to their ‘frontier’ status. The three exarchates are the Grain Islands, Narsileon, and Arcturos (the last two are on Irthuin).

Exarchate of Arcturos[edit]

Arcturos is a city-seat of an imperial exarchate on Irthuin, formed in 303 AEP, abandoned in 1818 AEP, and reoccupied in 2639 AEP after a long absence. Population 30,000.

Exarchate of the Grain Islands[edit]

A chain of large islands to the east of Mithruin, perfectly suited for agriculture. The majority of halflings living within the Archontean Empire reside here. Conquered by Archontos in 417 AEP.

Exarchate of Narsileon[edit]

An Archontean exarchate and city in Irthuin, formed in 276 AEP. After the retreat of the empire from Irthuin in 1818 AEP, Narsileon was populated by Thorcins for eight hundred years. When the Archonteans returned to the western continent in 2639 AEP, they subjugated Narsileon and expelled many of its leading Thorcin citizens to accommodate an Archontean ruling class of lords, merchants, and soldiers. Order is kept by the several legions quartered in its cantonments. Population: 40,000.