Exploring the Halls of Arden Vul: Snagwarder

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Wiry, gangly arms and legs but surprisingly tough. Wears generally filthy clothing, covered in dust and grime.


  • Good 2/2/3 Imperial Goblin / Illusionist / Thief (Miner/Prestidigitator/Footpad)
  • Alignment Goal: Help those in need at your own expense
  • XP: 2846/2875/2875 (Goal: 4800/5000/4800) -10% Goblin, +5% Illusionist, +5% Thief
  • Traits: Determined, Honest, Curious
  • Trait Dice: 2
  • Secondary Skill: Miner
  • Languages: Archontean, Goblin, Brotherhood, Burrowing Animals, +1


  • Strength 8 (-1)
  • Intelligence 13 (+1)
  • Wisdom 9 (-)
  • Dexterity 15 (+1)
  • Constitution 13 (+1)
  • Charisma 10 (-)


  • HP: 11/11
  • AC: 13 (Unarmored AC: 11); 15 vs Large creatures
  • Initiative Bonus: +1
  • Bonus to reaction rolls: -
  • Movement: 120' (40')

Attacks/round: 1
Max Cleaves: 2


  • Short Sword, -1 to hit, 1D6-1, Melee
  • Short Bow, +1 to hit, 1D6, Missile (5'-50' / 51'-100' / 101'-150' Two Handed

Saving Throws[edit]

  • Death/poison: 8
  • Magic wands: 9
  • Paralysis/Petrification: 10
  • Breath Attacks: 14
  • Spells/rods/staves: 11

Racial Abilities[edit]

  • Hiding: 90% in Woodland, 2 in 6 in dungeons. (Included in Exploration abilities below)
  • Defensive Bonus: +2 to AC when fighting Large+ creatures.
  • Detect Construction Tricks: 2 in 6 for new construction, sliding walls, sloping passages.
  • Listen at Doors: 2 in 6. (Included in Exploration abilities below)
  • Infravision 90’
  • Speak with Burrowing Mammals
  • Stone Murmurs: Listen to stone, 2 in 6 chance of hearing secret doors within 10', presence of gems and precious metals within 30', presence of living creatures within 30', and presence of bodies of water or open spaces within 60'.

Class Abilities[edit]

  • Back stab: +4 to hit, damage doubled.

Exploration Abilities[edit]

  • Climb Sheer Surfaces 1 in 6 +1 point = 2 in 6
  • Find / Remove Treasure Traps 1 in 6 +2 points = 3 in 6
  • Hear Noise 2 in 6 +1 point = 3 in 6
  • Hide in Shadows (Dungeon) 2 in 6 +1 point 3 in 6
  • Move Silently 1 in 6 +2 points = 3 in 6
  • Open Locks 1 in 6 +1 point = 2 in 6
  • Pick Pockets 1 in 6
  • Read Languages 1 in 6


  • Spells/day: L1 2/2

Spells memorized

  • L1: Spook, Colour Spray
  • L2:
  • L3:

Spells Known:

  • L1: Read Magic, Colour Spray (cast vs centipedes Day 9), Spook
  • L2:
  • L3:


Encumbrance: 340


  • Leather Armor
  • Backpack
  • Waterskin
  • Quiver (20 arrows)


  • Shortsword
  • 10' Pole
  • Shortbow (over shoulder)


  • Small Hammer
  • 12 Iron Spikes
  • Thieves Tools
  • Mining Pick
  • Holy Water Vial
  • Collapsible Shovel

Stashed (where): 2 weeks dinners 1 month inn stay


  • Coinpurse: 1x50gp gem, 46gp, 4sp
  • Factor (which factor):

Hired Help[edit]


  • X


  • Y


  • Z


Snagwarder was a member of a mining crew for years, his job to find trouble and sort it out. Sometimes that was dealing with traps (sabotage from rival mining crews), sometimes it was natural hazards, and sometimes it was foul creatures intent on eating the crew (which he would either try to kill or distract). Unfortunately, the crew died and Snagwarder was lucky to get out alive. Deciding on a change in career, he took up the adventuring life, and journeyed alongside an adventuring company to Arden Vul. Unfortunately, one by one, the others in the company also met an untimely fate. Still, three time’s the charm, right?

Siblings: last Snagwarder heard, there were about 5 left, but then he hasn't heard from Beastsnuffer, Horntooter, or Goatmender for a while, so who knows? Cornsniffer works on her farm far from most dangers, and Snagwarder sends her the odd coin when he can to help out, so stays in touch with his big sister, and he saw Candlekindler not too long before he set out. Wandering through the streets lighting the lamps is fairly safe, especially since he can always snuff the light out and hide in the shadows from most who would drunkenly try to harm him, so he's probably fine too.

Horntooter was off making herself famous over in Archontos the last Snagwarder heard of her, probably forgotten about her family by now. Goatmender lives remotely, was never one to hang around other people, but he does live out on the borderlands where things can get scary sometimes. Still, knows how to handle himself and his goats. And Beastsnuffer...well, last Snagwarder heard she was off chasing some other large prey that was causing havoc. Who knows what she's up to these days, or whether she ended up being a tasty snack for a dragon.


HP base scores at earlier levels (Con not added): 1: 5; 2: 7

Standard procedure on entering an (ostensibly) empty room:

He'll always check the door and lintel for any traps, then upon opening it, will immediately look up. Tap the area in front of the door with his ten foot pole, then enter, and start at bottom left to right, and zig zag, tapping away. Anything else (if there's something in the room), he might break off that routine, so that he can check for traps etc first, so that while he's tapping out the room, the others can investigate other stuff.

Standard procedure when encountering other groups:

Snagwarder will always try to skulk around the shadows behind the party if he can, avoiding the sight of the other group as much as possible, unless they are fellow goblins, in which case he will often initiate (in Goblintongue) any conversation.

Standard procedure on investigating towers:

Each tower, I'll have a quick look around at the base, then climb up (if there's anything to climb), looking for any traps and any signs of humanoid entry / passage, then if things seem ok, give the "be wary but otherwise investigate freely." It might be a good idea to always keep someone on watch too. I'm happy to do that, but it might be better if someone else (who can climb) does so, so I can help if any traps or found. Certainly after we've given a place the once over, I'd be happy to spend a little bit of time in the ruin checking for secret doors, seeing what the place can whisper to me about treasure, etc.

Rumours heard:

Snagwarder, before you left Narsileon, an Elder Brother of the Benevolent Brotherhood pulled you aside and spoke to you about your trip. He cautioned you that there were various factions within the Brotherhood in Archontos that had taken an interest in the valley in which Arden Vul was to be found, and to exercise care there. He also told you that "a highly-toxic new poison has appeared in Newmarket, Gosterwick, and very recently Narsileon, under the street name of 'Mortality'. I have it from reliable sources that the poison is being brewed in Arden Vul, and that the brewer is the notorious halfling fugitive, Plumthorn."

One of the mages from Archontos who you traveled with from Narsileon to Arden Vul told you and your former companions that she had paid an old adventurer who had become a sage one hundred gold for insight into the greatest treasures within the ruin. "When the ancient Archonteans retreated from Arden Vul," she relayed, "the pyramid of Thoth was quickly inhabited by an ancient wyrm whose toxic breath could kill a man. This beast has collected the best treasures from the halls below, brought to it by a tribe of lizardmen who serve it."

The priest of Basileus in your former party had shared that he had uncovered writing hidden in the vault of the Narsileon temple that indicated that "the Archontean Empire never departed from the underground portions of Arden Vul, even after the upper city was abandoned. Records show that the Basileus maintained an outpost deep inside the Halls from which his agents could attempt to watch, learn, and control the powers they found within."

Encumbrance Ape

  • Snagwarder
    • Gear: 340
    • Treasure: 30 (silk bag with 4 irregular orange pieces and 2 grey pieces, plain wooden box)
    • Total Encumbrance: 370
    • Movement: 120' (40')