Exploring the Halls of Arden Vul: Titles

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  • Basileus (bas-uh-LEY-us): Emperor
    • Eparch (EP-ark): Prefect or governor of the city of Archontos
    • Exarch (EX-ark): Governor of a province that is extended from the imperial city
    • Strategos (STRA-teh-gos): Governor of a theme (unless that theme is governed by an exarch); also a military title
    • Archon (AR-kon): Either 1) governor of one of the seven urban districts of Archontos, or 2) sole governor of a smaller city/ town
      • Thesmothete (THES-mo-theet): Senior administrator, particularly as chief assistant to an archon
      • Logothete (LOGO-theet): Financial administrator under an archon or exarch; also the traditional chief of one of the bureaus of imperial bureaucracy; also the chief of a regional branch of the Drome
        • Chartoularios (char-too-LAR-ee-us): Ubiquitous middle- and low-level administrators, reporting to a logothete
      • Protonotarios (proto-no-TAR-ee-os): Civilian chief administrator within a military theme
      • Proedros (pro-A-dros): Mid-level administrator charged with logistics; under an archon

  • Sebastos (say-BAS-tos): Current leader of one of the Five Families
  • Krites (KREE-tays): Judge. Plural: kritai (KREE-tie).


  • Domestikos (do-MESS-tee-kos): Chief commander of the entire Archontean military establishment
    • Strategos (STRA-teh-gos): Commander of an army comprised of several disparate units, whether ground or sea forces; also the term for a governor of certain themes. Often used generically as ‘general’.
    • Droungarios (droon-GAR-ee-os): Rear admiral, one in command of multiple naval units; often the adjutant to a naval strategos
      • Polemarch (POLE-uh-mark): Commander of a legion of 3,000 soldiers; each legion is subdivided into six cohorts
        • Komes (KO-mays): In a regular legion, commander of a cohort of 500 soldiers; in a cohort of the tagmata, commander of a bandon of 500 soldiers
        • Taxiarch (TAX-ee-ark): Commander of a cohort of the imperial tagmata; a cohort is subdivided into two banda
          • Kentarch (KENT-ark): In both regular legions and cohorts of the tagmata, a commander of a kentarchia of 100 soldiers
            • Pentarch (PENT-ark): In a regular legion, a commander of a pentarchia of 50 soldiers
              • Dekarch (DEHK-ark): In a regular legion, commander of a konturbs of 10 soldiers; in a cohort of the imperial tagmata, commander of a konturbs of 20 soldiers
                • Spatharios (spah-THAR-ee-os): Basic legionary, or private

  • Novarch (NOV-ark): Captain of a naval vessel
  • Magos (MA-gos): Military magic user of any level attached to any unit