Ezekiel "Zeke" Morgenthau

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Ni allwch gymryd yr awyr oddi wrthyf

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Basic Stats[edit]

Hard Keen Calm Daring Stress XP
-2 -1 +4 +2 0/10 0
Triggers (cost) Vents
If you took a life 1 Stress Perform an act of faith in a public place, which will disturb those who witness it.
If you saw a corpse 1 Stress Express displeasure in your comrades.
...or worse, a shade 2 Stress Sacrifice something of value.
If fight a great beast 2 Stress Find a quiet place, regardless of danger.
If you call out to your patrons 1 Stress Put yourself in danger as a test of faith.
...and your faith was tested 2 Stress
If you or a comrade was hurt 1 Stress
If you flew over open water 1 Stress
Comrades Trust? Familiar Vices
Garen Y Lust
Geb ? Music
Sabrina ?
Kat ?


Creepy (Core)[edit]

When inlanders and apostates witness your faith's practices or are confronted by your alienness, they must choose to Break Trust or take 1 Stress. NPCs will be disturbed, offended, or overly curious. If a PC learns any Fisher moves they negate this effect but gain Creepy.

Whispered Answers[edit]

When you sleep, roll 2d10 +Calm. 16+, ask 2; 11-15, ask 1. The GM answers; take +3 forward when you act on that information. On a miss, ask one and expect the worst answer.

  • Where am I supposed to go next?
  • What should I be afraid of?
  • What is a secret I should not know?
  • How can I serve my dark masters?


When you paint a rune in blood on an aircraft, it gains twice your Calm in handling. Take 1 Stress when it runs out of Toughness, and 1 Injury if the engine dies.


When you dab fresh blood on an item, roll +Calm. 16+, take both; 11-15, take one. Effects last 1 Routine. On a miss, make a bigger sacrifice or the item is damaged.

  • Take +1 Ongoing with this item (+5 Handling with a plane)
  • This item cannot break (Armor 3/8+ with a plane)

Suggestion (Intimacy)[edit]

When you spend your time close with another, if you Trust one another, one person can lead the others in a trance, highlighting a stat for all of them. The entranced characters take +2 to that stat and -1 to another of their choice, until the leader ends the trance by word or signal.

If you use this move in the air, choose one: ignore the penalty, take +3 instead of +2, take +2 each to two stats.

Sharpshooter Mastery[edit]

Each Move taken past the first adds a flat +4 Damage when you Open Fire at an Absolute Range of Long, and +2 damage at an Absolute Range of Extreme, provided you hit at all.

Victories: Aircraft or balloons shot down, or probable kills.

[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Metal or Meat: When you Draw a Bead, the Open Fire + Calm result can be taken for free, in addition to other results you qualify for.

Personal Effects[edit]



  • 3 Thaler
  • A fine silk parachute.
  • A ritual filet knife, razor sharp.
  • A thick vest, blessed to ward off harm.


  • Luminescent tattoos, recording your life.
  • A necklace of sharp teeth from your relatives.
  • Carved bone charms, for luck.

Zeke's Plane[edit]