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Mac :: Ship's Medic[edit]

“Some infections just have to be cut out."[edit]



|| Physical d8 || Mental d8 || Social d8 ||

Trained Skills[edit]

Fight [d6]

Influence [d10]

Move [d8]

Notice [d10]

Operate [d10]

Sneak [d8]

Survive [d6]

Treat [d8]

Trick [d6]

Untrained Skills[edit]

Craft, Drive, Fix, Fly, Focus, Know, Labor, Perform, Shoot, Throw [All d4]


Street Tough: [d8] You don't look like nothing special in the clear light of day, but down back alleys folk know to give you a wide berth.

  • Step Back: Roll d4 instead of d8 for 1 PP
  • Devil You Know: You got the reputation of being the lesser evil. When using the threat of something worse coming as leverage to convince someone to see or do things your way, step up or double Influence. 1s and 2s count as complications.
  • Eyes in Back: Your eyes are always moving. You know the best route to take and the best time to take it. When you need to get into or out of a situation quick or quiet, spend 1 PP to roll your Notice die and add it to your total on any Move or Sneak roll.

[Highlighted Skills: Fight/Influence/Notice]

Former Field Medic [d8] You didn't go to no fancy school to learn doctorin. You went to war.

  • Step Back: Roll d4 instead of d8 for 1 PP
  • Battlefield Triage: You know how to get folk stable til you can see to em proper. Spend 1 PP to step back another character’s medical or injury related complication.
  • Head on a Swivel: A battlefield medic has to be aware of her surroundings at all times. When tending to someone under adverse circumstances, spend 1 PP to reveal a feature of the immediate environment that offers protection or cover while you work. Make that feature a d8 scene asset.

[Highlighted Skills: Operate/Survive/Treat]

Harmless Looking [d8] You blend into a crowd like a rock blends into a quarry.

  • Step Back: Roll d4 instead of d8 for 1 PP
  • Slip of a Girl: How much trouble could you possibly be? Step back your Physical die to step up your Social die when convincing someone you’re not a threat.
  • Quick Change: Trick to disappearin is to make sure folk don't see what they're looking to see. Spend 1 PP to create a d8 Asset to help you disappear into a crowd

[Highlighted Skills: Move/Sneak/Trick]

Signature Assets[edit]

Back Alley Empath [d8] You got an uncanny knack for both reading and manipulating folk, for discovering and exploiting their vulnerabilities.

Steady Hands [d8] Your hands don't flinch or shake, and they don't hesitate. No matter what is going on around you, your hands know what they are about.

Spectral Lens [d6] Worn on the temple, this tiny device deploys a virtual screen that displays metadata, from biometric readings and temperature variations to active electric and electromagnetic signatures.

Incidental Assets[edit]

Medic's Satchel [ - ] Packed with everything she might need to tend to wounds and afflictions in the field, Mac's battered old satchel is never far from reach.

Independence Sidearm [ - ] Mac carries her sergeant's old standard-issue pistol, a post-war gift for saving his life just before their final evac from that gorramn water moon in the Georgia system.

Scene/Episode Assets[edit]

Episode Points [0][edit]

Character Bio[edit]

Birth Planet: Londinium || Allegiance: Independent

Height: 157 centimeters (5' 3") || Weight: 52 kilos (115 lbs) || Age: 28 standard years

Mac attained the rank of corporal in the war, and despite people constantly trying to kill her to death, it had been good for her - siding with the Independents, fighting for folk to be free, learning a skill that had value everywhere in the 'verse. It had given her a place and a purpose in ways her misguided back alley upbringing never had.

But the war had ended. Freedom gave way to an uneasy peace, and life lurched forward again. Mostly in spite of her.

Mac drifted aimless in the aftermath, hopping from planet to planet and station to station, taking odd jobs - many not quite strictly on the legal side of lawful - and generally following after whatever caught her fancy in the moment.

But she was running from ghosts that weren't even chasing her. To be sure, if they ever caught her up, they would demand an accounting - and Mac suspected the simple truth was not going to sit square in that reckoning - but until then she had a life to be about living.

So, she called in every chit she had, and for once things came together smooth. Word in the wind had a transport ship in need of a doc, and Bella Mason, a pilot friend she'd run into from time to time while skirting the left side of lawful, was captaining that transport, and of all the folk in the empty black, gorramn Lazarus Jones was member of the bloody crew.

Mac had lost count of the number of times the old scrounger had come through for them during the war, dumping ammo or rations or medical supplies practically in their laps while they were caught behind lines and official word had no supplies being available. No question, she owed Lazarus her life ten times over if it was once.

And it was her turn to buy the first round.

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