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delcnamonro Fabuland is the first game designed according to the ideas I've been presenting in my RPGnet column, Rough Quests. It's also an attempt to fill a void I need to cover: I need a simple rpg to play with my 7-years old daughter, a way to introduce her into our hobby.

My daughter loves stories. She loves old-fashioned fables. Fabuland is placed precisely in such a setting, it's the game world for furry fables. (Yes, I said furry. If you don't like furry, this may not be the place for you.) This means that Fabuland is a a fantasy game world and a rpg game system where players inpersonate intelligent animals. Needless to say, the origin of the expression Fabuland is 'fabula', Portuguese for 'fable'.

As a game world there's not much more to say. In a game intended for children one does not need to work out detailed specifics. These will accumulate through play. As a game system Fabuland will implement an highly simplified set of the ideas I've been presenting in my column.


The Inhabitants of Fabuland

My character

How he does things (action resolution)

For the Game Master

Characters, places and things

Working out Fabuland adventures

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