Fairhand's Folly

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Fairhand's Folly is a massive Tavern complex in the Eldimor region of Itara, Tosa. Tosian-York It is a haven for adventurers heading into the Advernturer's Region.

This fortified Tavern is the protective center of an extensive agricultural region. It acts as a farmers market, and fortress in times of raids and wars.

The region is lush and rich. Vast citrus orchards, and other fruit and nut trees. A hilly region surrounds the vale covered in grape vines and olive trees and pepper trees. Dotting the land are small hamlets that grow mostly vegetables and large plantations growing grains.

Entrances and exits from the Vale[edit]

Out of the 6 main entrances to the vale

  • Port Royal:The main port on the continent of Itasia, Tosa
  • Eldimior Dungeons: The mighty underground city fallen to ruins at the destruction of the fortress capital of the nation of Eldimior during the dragon wars. The extensive underground area were delved to provide safety for a population of over a million people over the course of 300 years that the dragons ravaged the continent of Itasia
  • The Itara Dragon Caves: The caverns where eventually the might of Tosa destroyed the Council of the Wing.
  • The Rushka Warfields: The regions where the remnants of the Orc Clans still battle with the Elven Kingdom of Eloina.
  • The Gorge Free Zone: The Gorge caverns with the birthing grounds of monsters.
  • The Mazes of Blue Fire. the wizard battle zones and the reason Jeremy Fairhand established the Folly where he did.

Services at the Folly[edit]

  • Sutlers for Adventures
  • Longterm residential rentals.
  • Bardic tutalage
  • Wizardry Tutalage
  • Culinary Services.
  • Healing Services under numerous religious discipline.
  • Temple of the Savior Slayer
  • CHAD Regional Headquarters for Itara


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