Falls the Shadow:Rules

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General Rules[edit]

  • Be courteous one to another. Take your turns, and be patient. Also, have fun.
  • No player killing unless it's a plot point (and both discussed with and approved of by both the DM and the player of the character in question). No exceptions.
  • If it is your turn to post, post within a reasonable amount of time. If you will not be able to post for a while, inform the DM and your fellow players in advance. Common sense applies.

House Rules[edit]

  • Analyze Device does not provide +1 die per net hit. If you get any net hits, it provides a total of +1 die bonus to the use of the device. Analyze Device may be used only on technological devices and equipment. It does nothing for foci or other enchanted items. The +1 bonus is only provided for devices and equipment that the normal operation thereof requires a skill roll.
  • Training time works as follows: you put in the training time first, and then you are eligible to spend the XP. Training may take many forms, depending on the stat in question, and there are as many ways to train as you can think of. Raising your strength might be represented by long months of weight lifting, but it might also be represented by working for months as a miner, or engaging in some other long activity that requires strength. Raising your dexterity might involve months of doing nothing but learning how to juggle, or it could involve working as an acrobat or other circus performer for a few months, and so on. All that to say, there are many ways to justify raising attributes in character. Be creative. Obviously, it will be easier to justify raising attributes that your character makes extensive use of in his or her every day life, on screen and in character, as it requires less 'downtime.'