Family road trip with Vance, Agrom and Alvah

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Michael James Watson
Vance leads her through the dirty long term garage with cars covered in dust and in car covers.. a dirty attendant walks up to Vance.
"Thats a hell of a machine.. How did you shut the door? How did you open it? It only works from inside."
Vance says, "Randy's Fleet Service, please"
The guy goes pale.."Ah.. no shit? Wow.. oh wow... ah.. yes.. yes sir.. I'll call the boss.."
Vance says, "No need. I know the way. I have a minivan on the way with a bunch of people. Send them down."
Vance goes to a car elevator and it goes down. Far....
He laughs, "I can drive fast.. Ya.. I fly a warp 10 ship shaving shadows.. So ya... i go fast.,. But i did the race circuits in Antheris for awhile. Ive always been a speed freak. "
Ariving in a well lit underground parking area the array of cars is amazing.
Vance says ,'The Jag is Random's. He is picky about it but the Mazaratti is good.. Thats Bleys. Thats Floras. And that is your Harley.. Its Corwin's but he won't miss it.
Corwin Harley.jpg
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah pretty hyped up from adrenaline just happily walks after Vance.
"I usually drive a motorcycle at home but that kind of racing uou did. I generally don't do. Ask me to jump of a building no problem. Drive a motorcycle through such turns on that speed. Yeah nope. "
She just gazes along the rows of vehicles with her mouth slightly open.
"Wow. Just wow. "
Alvah looks at the Harley
"Alright if you are sure about that. Then don't mind if i do."
She grins wide.
Michael James Watson
A man comes in looking like he just crawled out of bed..."Vance? Holy crap... Its been years..NO one has been here in like 10 years... "
Vance nods, "But the bill is being paid?"
They laugh. "Alvah, this is Rufus. Hes a local but knows our scene.. So.. Alvah.. We got a 3000 mile ride. We need a few bikes, a support vehicle.. Think we can teach Spatchi to drive a motorhome? Hey, do you mind if i invite Agrom on the trip. He can drive the support truck and trailer. "
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah waves to the man entering and then returns drooling over the vehicles.
"Don't know about Spatchi met her only recently like few hours now? But i'm sure she will manage."
She then smiles
"Yeah ofcourse would love to meet him as well. He is my.. nephew. "
Alvah laughs
"Gah that is so weird. Going from only child to... "
She waves frantically with her hands about
"To all this. "
Michael James Watson
He says, "Don't worry, Sister. By the time we hit New York, you will drive like a pro. Spatchi and Dwy too. "
Letterman and the girls show up...His eys are dropping out of his head... "Oh wow.. thats a 56 maz.. 60 corvette.. a Panhead Harly... ah.. 55 harley roadster.. who are you people..What the hell is that?"
Vance looks, "Those are Abram tanks.. We arnlt taking those.."
He walks up to the mobile home, tears in his eyes. Vance laughs..."We have a RV Driver!!!!"
Vance sits on a roaster and motions to the 55. "Ya.. Its a lot.. But its your lineage. Delwin did the same thing to me but kept me for hundreds of years before I ever heard the name Amber. Oh. one thing..."
He walks to Letterman. "It was a goof till now.. Do you believe in an afterlife?"
He looks surprised. "No. When we are dead we are worm food. Why?"
"Rufus.. Show Letterman the RV.. Get a Hummer and trailer together. We want 4 mixed bikes. The 55. Give me 4 offroad bikes.. I need us ready to ride in an hour. Spatchi. At Rasak you did mixed vehicles. Want to ride in the RV? Or take a bike"
She looks at Alvah, "Bike...That green one.. "
Vance looks at Rufus.."The green one.."
Vance looks to thari.."Spatchi is an Elite.. She will manage.. I am more worried about Dwynwen. She has a host of troubles..and they will be coming with us..You willing to handle the crap if it turns up?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah blinks hearin the question about the afterlife but she shrugs it off. Her brother must know what he is doing as he has way more experience.
Alvah walks to the bike Vance motions her to. She looks it over and just smiles.
"Nice. "
Looking up at Vance.
"Yeah dad has interesting ways of raising kids. Honestly anyone following a bit of development psychology would say no stable person or family life comes from that. I'm sure our family would be a hilarious but interesting case study."
Hearing his worries about Dwy she frowns
"Don't worry she is okey. So far no trouble has come up. She is the sweetest and my first friend i made in a long while. "
Alvah then nods
"But if anything comes up i'll handle it."
Michael James Watson
"The case study has been done. We do a lot of things to fill up the years. You noticed my question to Letterman. Does he believe in an afterlife? Its called the "If I die without hope of grace clause" We may just take Letterman on a wild ride and leave him drunk, stiky and confused in Baltimore.. and fabulously wealthy.. But.. this person we jsut met might end up at Vulsara. Or Amber. A lawyer friend of Corwin and Merlin's got swept up in their adventures and wound up in Amber. Now he is a court baron and the Ambassador to Adagalasck. But what if he was brought to Amber, and came to believe it meant he would never see his dead wife and his dead sons in heaven? The thing is we don't know. Some worlds might be connected to an afterlife where people are reunited with their loved ones, pets, lost novels.. a shadow next door might have the same beliefs and not be connected to an afterlife world. The afterlife worlds...are other shadows.."
He removes a cig and lights it, offers one to her and would light it.
"If Letterman regrets coming with us, one never knows.. So we check, just to be sure."
"You made a deal with Dwy" he reaches up and flick the braid. "It has consequences.. I have been blocking a trump i know is a pissed off Random.. I can take that. But if trouble comes, she is a broken creature still. Its up to us to protect her.. And.. maybe to heal her.."
He laughs, "Ah...this shadow being, Letterman, he has some ideas about healing her.. Wait till he discovers she isn't human.."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods.
"Well guess my childhood school shrink would love to see that study. I stayed a mystery to him"
She looks at Letterman and nods
"I see. Well yeah that is smart to play it like that. Don't want to ruin lives...." she then falls silent remembering what earlier was discussed about the zillions of lives she quickly shakes her head ridding herself of fun ruining thoughts.
Alvah then feels her braid she laughs softly
"Well a deal is a big word. This happened by accident but we decided to roll with it and see how things turn out. "
Alvah then blinks
"You can block calls? How? I must learn that a.s.a.p."
Alvah grins big
" i tend to hide myself alot when i know i fucked up."
Looking between Dwynwen and Lettermand Alvah chuckles
"Ah as Fiona said she could use the distraction. Hope Letterman is up for that."
Michael James Watson
Vance laughs, "Block Trumps?. ok. Here it is. Scream at the contact. Think of bad beans, bad tequila, bad sex. Think of meat in a wood chipper. Think of kittens in a blender. Think of anything that evokes powerful emotions. You'll get the knack. My well of bad memories is huge."
"Ok.. I have a question for you. Have you killed?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods
"Kittens in a blender. Got it. Good to know."
Alvah then looks up surprised at the question she then looks down as she is not proud of it.
"Yeah i did. "
Looking suspiciously to Vance
"Why? Why do you ask?"
Michael James Watson
"You need to accept, right now, that you will kill again. A lot. Often. You are an Amberite and it will come up. Whatever your life was like last Tuesday it isn't now. Know..I will see you kill. You will see me kill. On this trip. In the next couple days. Spatchi has killed. She served somewhere before being accepted into the Elites and Rede liked her a lot. Dwynwen..has known horrors..I will see you kill. Letterman needs to see you kill. There are cruelties and miseries in shadow and we amberites can't fix them all. But as Bleys says, we can deal with the ones that take the time to piss us off. Somewhere across this country, the need will arise. I will be there for you. Do you grok? Do you understand?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks up and frowns listening to her brother. She falls completely silent but then nods.
"I understand. And eventho Bleys is an ass, so far he was right. "
Alvah looks at Dwynwen and just stares for a bit. She then returns her gaze to Vance and nods
"I don't know what you have planned but if you already concider killing an option."
Alvah raises one eyebrow at a defensive attempt of humour.
"I served with the marines. There you train to kill. But that felt very distant. Working from orders."
" Once i killed because i wanted to. No orders just a disgusting man that i made sure would suffer."
Alvah lets Cicero slither along her fingers while she thinks.
"Guess if your life is extended like ours it will happen. Whatever precautions you take. "
Michael James Watson
Vance nods, "In case no one told you, the year in Amber is 5286. Year 85 of King Random's Reign. In the reckoning of Amber i was born in 3004. In shadow i lived thousands of years. I went into the Abyss to do something foolish and I survived. But in the Abyss, Agrom and I lived a hundred thousand years..You learn to rationalize many I am here to warn you.. but i find i need the road trip too. I just want us to understand each other before we begin. "
He flips up a card, showing the klingon. Looking to it. "Yes.. You are on leave for a family vacation.. Come to me."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah shakes her head
"Noone specifically told me the date or year. But mostly because i already got confused about the time rate differences."
Alvah frowns and tilts her head
"I heard more about this Abyss and that people end up there, never for fun. It is near Chaos right? Heard from someone that if i find myself in Chaos i should be running for my life. It didn't really sound like a threat so don't know how to take that. "
Alvah smiles to her brother
"Warnings are very welcome. Eventho i usually get out of trouble fast i do tend to find it often."
A soft chuckle
"You must think i am so very childish, running away, the way i acted to dad and my slight naivete."
She nods
"Yeah, but before we begin what?"
Hearing Vance invite Agrom she smiles
"Yeah real family vacation now. From only child to aunt." Alvah just laughs softly waiting for Agrom to come through.
Michael James Watson
The Klingon steps through and looks around the vehicles and the people. 6'9, easily close to 400 pounds of hard muscle but with cat like movements. He is dressed in an amber star fleet uniform, phaser on his hip.
"Where are we? I'm ready to give a preliminary report on the shake down of the Excalibur.. There is a shimmy..."
Vance raises his hand, "Enough time for that later.. First we are on an earth world and will be for some time. You are off duty. Do a little shapeshifting be for our native sees you. He's in for enough shocks."
Agrom nods and the distinctive ridges smooth to to a hairy scalp.
"Every time i do this i need to see a barber..Is it necessary?"
"Agrom, This is Alvah...My sister. "
He looks sternly at Alvah.."And Delwin didn't tell you or you didn't tell me?"
Vance smirks, "guess?"
He approaches closely.."You are small, but don't seem breakable. "
He scoops Alvah up with a heroic laugh, "AUNTIE!!!!!"
Agrom Hair.jpg
Amber Bronkhorst
When Vance introduces Alvah to Agrom she holds up her hand with Cicero waving while letting Cicero see as well.
Alvah then shrugs
"Yeah our father kind of hid me away. Your father and i just met today."
As Agrom steps closer she looks way up and puts her hands on her hips
"Hey i'm small but i do pack a punch. And i guess i missed out on the family height."
Being scooped up she groans
"Yes hey.. uhm nephew. But i am the cool aunt not the old stale cookies and pinching cheeks aunt."
She laughs.
"Uhm could you put me down please?"
Michael James Watson
Agrom says, "I can put you down and i can put you up!!!" Tossing her up in the air and letting her land on her feet.
"And I see you have a dragon. May I? I promise not to throw him" Extends a hand to the snake.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs poses herself in the air to do a superhero landing.
Alvah nods
"Yes i call him. Cicero but according to Dame Margot his name is 'he who slides in the woods and curls on the wrist of the warm arm." But incall him Cicero for short. "
Alvah stands up and holds her hand out to let Cicero slither over to Agrom.
Michael James Watson
He says, "I believe Margot may be teasing you.,...He is clearly named Smaug the Great. " Cicero slithers over and clearly likes Agrom..
"This is Footmans.. I have only been here that once when we looked over the military hardware. Why are we here now.. and ...that Dwynwen..Ive seen her in the deck..SPATCHI!!!!!!" He walks quick and Spatchi and Agrom hug...and exchange a very friendly kiss...
She says, " you know about Rede.."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah shrugs
"Or i should learn to speak with him myself then we can better our communication."
She looks over to Dwynwen and nods
"Yup Dwynwen and i became friends and at the moment my partner in crime. "
Alvah winks to Dwynwen.
Seeing the exchange between Spatchi and Agrom she can't help but smile and then gives them a moment.
Alvah turns to Vance.
"So what is the plan we leave within the hour right?" She lets her hands trail over the Harley.
"Such a nice bike."
Michael James Watson
Dwyn looks over the bikes as Rufus explains the green military style vehicle and its equipment and he and Letterman load bikes into the trailer section.
Letterman says, "So is this Army or marines stuff? " Rufus say, "Something like that. More like rich eccentrics. Ignore the wierdness and you'll get rich as a rapper. Like Jay Z rich.. Just keep quiet about it"
The vehicles get lined up.
RV pulling one trailer with Letterman driving. Dwyn riding with him.
Agrom puts a mighty looking chopper Harley on the second trailer and drives the green trucks.
Spatchi picks a large custom bike. Pointing at it Vance nods, "Thats one of Gerards.. Take it.."
Vance says, "Alright. We are in North Hollywood. We' are going to head east. Meet up at the Denny's in Blythe. Take the 170 to the 134 to the 210, to the 10. Pit stop in Beaumont. "
(Where a guy will be filling his gas tank, amazed at the group. He looks a lot like the GM)
"Then Beaumont to Blyther just in front of the Arizona border. 260 miles. A nice 4 hour shake down ride..Follow me.. Agrom, Letterman, don't try to keep up. We'll meet at Denny's. Lets ride"

He guns the bike and heads out
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah steps on the bike that apparently is Corwins.
She listens to the instructions of Vance and nods.
Alvah does her best to follow Vance picking up speed and daring a bit more even if she is not as good as her brother.
Alvah lives for the thrill and just purely enjoys the moment. Emptying her head. Happy she found her family.
Michael James Watson
Vance enjoys the ride immensely as it crosses the country.
He teaches Dwyn how to ride and she takes to it well..
Letterman knows how to ride but during the time he learns to ride well. And he is a little shocked by some stuff about Dwyn but he manages. Dwy looks uncharacteristically happy, hanging on Letterman.
Spatchi had clearly driven motorcycles before but not long rides. She seems to get good at it. In conversations with her Alvah learns that Spatchi grew up in the Amber Thieves guild. She knows Ryba, under the name Fisk, but not closely.
Along the way she proved good with weapons and had a greater sense of patriotism then most in the guild. Before she was 20 she joined the military rather then take the guild oath. Since then she has been part of the military and was often a liaison between the guild and the officials in the city police. Eventually she went to Rasak, joining the Elites.
Agrom is a boisterous, good natured Klingon. He is willing to spar anytime. He is the captain of one of the main star fleet ship and is a test captain working on ship development.
Vance stops to see the worlds largest frying pan and the worlds largest ball of string.
Along the way Vance stops the caravan in the middle of New Mexico, taking a turn deep into the desert. Setting up camp, tents, cooking areas.
He also sets up a shooting range. Bringing out a collection of fire arms. He and Agrom intruct in their use. Spatchi has used them but isn't an expert yet. Alvah has probably had very little experience with them. Dwyn has never fired a fire arm but surprises Vance by her k noladge of clockwork nail guns.
Letterman turns out to have been in the service for 2 years activly and 4 in reserves and acquits himself good with them though he is shocked a "Civilian" has such weapons. Pistols, rifles, shotguns.
Vance send Letterman into town for supplies. During the hours he is gone Vance brings out phasers and blasters and scifi weapons. Vance even demonstrates lightsabers. He and agron duel with them expertly. Vance says they are particularly useless as weapons but are useful as tools.
Vance start teaching Letterman Thari.
During the trip Vance, Agrom Spatchi and Alvah fence. Letterman is a bit wielded out by there being so many swords around. Dwy takes part in the fencing but is awkward at it. She does better with knife fighting.
At one point the caravan is stopped at a bar in the middle of no place Kansas. They are eating, having a few drinks, planning on going to a local KOA campground when a huge rumble of bikes show up. 40 bikes roar into the parking lot.
The manager comes over and says, "If you folks leave now, i'll comp your meals. Those are the Mongols out there and they have been kinda raiding other bikers the last few months.. Bad blood with the Angels you know.. With your outfit, they are going to think your raiding their turf.. Please.."
Agrom looks at Vance, then the manager..."How many are there out there and how big is their chapter?"
Vance,"And when you say raiding, what do you mean?"
He says, "Killings.. at least 20 are suspected and probably more.."
Letterman comes back from the restrooom. "Hey, those guys are climbing on the Hummer trailer...."
As everyone goes to the window they were people in leather cuts, vests, surrounding the caravan vehicles, climbing on the trailer. Sitting on the bikes.
Agrom says,"my vote is-evolution in action."
Vance say,"mine is-law of the jungle"
Spatchi says"i vote-Clean sweep"
Vance looks at Alvah. "By the rules they live by, what they are doing, if done to them, would cause bloodshed. Do I put the to the sword or put them to sleep?
Vance looks at Spatchi.."Clean sweep? Messy, but not deadly. Interesting....Its a lot of magic for this world but I can manage it.. I like you."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks outside getting annoyed her family trip is being disturbed.
Her body tenses as she is used to just go out screaming kicking and biting.
Hearing that Spatchi her suggestion is magic she gets immediately more intrigued.
"Would it not be better to fight them off in a way but not kill them? Would Spatchi her suggestion then work best? Law of the jungle if it is the same as i am thinking off would be very messy as well. And could be dangerous for us. They are with way more. And evolution in action i am not familiar with. "
Alvah looks outside again.
" lets get rid of them with little danger to us. "
Michael James Watson
Saatchi says,"Battle tactics from Rasak. Evolution in Action means kill them all. Law of the jungle means beat the hell out of them."
Vance says"Clean Sweep is combat magic and I'd have to hang the spell. Take a moment. It would cause them all to pee, poop, barf, and cry at the same time."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks shocked but amused to Spatchi.
"I like how you think but gah not near our stuff. The smell!"
She looks outside again.
"So basically kill them or beat the living daylight out of them. See if that scares them enough. But that might result in them still being a nuicance."
Alvah throws up her hands.
"I do not know what is smart in this situation. There are to many of them to pick them off one by one with stealthy attacks. "
Alvah looks at Vance
"You have the experience you decide. My plan won't work."
Michael James Watson
Agrom nods, "Smells.. some people are so sensitive.. but the mess would be considerable. "
Spatchi looks to Alvah.."So.. no masacre? Probable best.. And no puke on the vehicles.. ok, " Looks to Vance, "Sleep and Scatter?"
Vance nods. "That i have spells hung for. I will have to hang the Scatter Spell though."
Vance makes a twist of his hands and everyone without chaos ranked Psyche, within 300 yards slumps to sleep.
He nods, and walks out the door to inspect the sleeping bikers, "oh, make sure nothing going to burn in the kitchen."
Walking out Agrom and starts pulling the sleeping bodies. He directs Dwyn and the Letterman to help. Letterman is freaked out by the powerful use of magic.
Spatchi says, "Sleep and Scatter is a tactic when surprise is total. We line the foe up by each other. Strip them of everything. Lay them out nude. Then Vance will cast the spell to scatter them. They will arrive somewhere on the planet. No closer then 500, 700, miles away. Past large waters like rivers and oceans. They wake up naked with no one near them. They can make their way from there.. "
She puts a gentle hand on Alvah's arm, helping her out to strip the sleeping.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks impressed to her brother and the rest as well how they seem to just figure out tactics.
Hearing the explanation from Spatchi she nods
"Well that will scare the shit out of them. "
Alvah just works on the sleeping people. Dragging them to where they need to be.
"Thank you, Spatchi, it is clear i am not much of a decision maker."
Alvah laughs.
"I usually tend to work alone. The last time i worked in a team, was with the marines. And i quit. Got a dishonorable discharge."
Alvah laughs
"And still no regrets. Have an issue with authority now and then. But dad wanted me to serve at least a few years in a fighting force."
Al the while Alvah talks she is busy undressing the people lining them up and making piles of clothing weapons and other stuff.
Michael James Watson
Spatchi works beside Alvah. "There will be a sense of who are couples. We set them apart so they won't arrive within a few hundred miles apart. The spell takes the number of targets an d balances them by distance. I'll advise King let none be within 1000 kilometers of this place."
"I understand solitude. I'm not a great team player either. My history had me at odds with the morals of the thievery of the guild i grew up in. There was no nobility in robbing merchants just getting by, or mugging travelers. Innocents.. Often poor.. And random's deal to not rob royals or embassies, ambassadors, really limits targets. I tended to work alone as a kid. Once i joined the service my skill set had other uses..Information gathering..""
"Having grown up in the guild, i was taught a rather harsh ethic for authority that makes me not trust it either. I'm betting thats why i was assigned to the protective service. King kind of a genius at some things.."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles to Spatchi.
"I can see how that is difficult to grow up in. And as a child you are stuck in such position till someone helps you further."
She nods
"Well information can be worth so much more then any materialic possession you can steal. At a point i started to steal info to. But that was more cause it payed more, not that i ever had it bad."
She looks at Alvah
" i got really lucky had dad even bring over a mentor teaching me to refine my skills"
Alvah stops for a moment bu the kitchen making sure that won't burn down.
" So you and Agrom seem friendly. "
Alvah nods.
"Perhaps, it does seem that Random knows what he is doing. But then again i had a total of 2 talks with him, so what do i know."
Alvah laughs
Michael James Watson
I have had a few audiences with him.. but half of them were through cell bars. I am not a fan of the City police..They have a group that is shaking down travelers under the guise of authority.
Wendy knows about it and turns a blind eye to it. Random believes Wendy...I keep having trouble with those guys."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Spatchi
" so it was not a one time thing then? If Random is so smart why doesn't he see this then? How are they hiding it? Purely through this Wendy?"
Alvah is clearly thinking connecting points.
She then grins wide to Spatchi
"Well maybe i can help you. Hey you are assigned to me as an Elite right. Sooooo if i just go do stuff it wasn't you. Just point me in the right direction."
Alvah winks.
Michael James Watson
Agrom gathers the weapons into piles.
"Dad, i'm going to run the weapons. " Vance laughs.. "Call them in. this should be hilarious. "
Agrom withdraws a trump and speaks across it. Moments later a dozen people in star fleet uniforms step through. Agrom addresses them.
"Lieutenant, examine all weapons. examine all of the sleeping individuals and identify them. Match weapons to finger prints. Access local databases to connect weapons, owners, and wants and warrants of all kinds. Designate individuals wanted by local police forces. . Access regional maps and locate police facilities in the districts individuals are wanted in. Tag individuals for deliver in Scatter to local police holding spaces."
The start using tricorders to find finger prints on weapons. Identify everyone.
Vance walks over and pat Spatchi's shoulder. "Good call on Sleep and Scatter..."
Looking to Alvah, "52 individuals.. I was tempted to put a compelling on them but it would take too long. "
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah can't contain a soft laughter when she sees star fleet uniformed people stepping into view.
She looks at Spatchi
"this is so getting used to, still."
Looking at Vance she nods
"alright 52 not bad. a compelling? to do what?"
She then looks at hte line of stripped people
"so you can just scatter them after this? And actually not even scatter but send them to specific locations.
And you do this with magic? Like what Arloxedra tried to explain and such?"
Michael James Watson
Vance explains, "I put my desires into the image of the pattern.. it creates a sort of grid net around the planet. just marking, nothing anyone would ever know about. Mapping like a satellite would. people with criminal records will be pinned to certain locations. the rest will be pinned at regular intervals. i designate certain conditions; not in water, not in fires.. on the ground.. not in solid objects. Not on top of people.. and the tricky part, not where someone nearby is looking. The spell is powerful but its ancient. One of Aries Colbresi's spells. "
"As for compelling, i think a strong one: I want to spend 10 years growing fruits and vegetable now that i'm a vegan. That will make them want to start gardening in whatever region they arrive in. "
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods combining the things she hears that she already heard from Arlo
"Alright i see, that sounds very technical. But logical in a sense. Funny how different magic can work. But then again what i did was not really real like what you do."
Alvah then laughs
"oh yes well that would at least better the planet if it is a bit like where i come from. drop them off in places with droughts and they will at least make an area lush again., "
Alvah stops and thinks for a bit a devilish smile appears on her face. She the shakes her head
"but okey okey, no compelling takes to long got it. so is this also like with the lynchpins? something you can hang up so to say on the sigil of the pattern and have faster ready for later?"
Michael James Watson
he agrees., "Sleep i keep hung. several actually. very useful. I use Area as a lynchpin. So the spell is hung. I reach my hands into the spell, tell it-That area of 300 meters in diameter. Then cast it. Scatter is a bit more complicated. And not the kind of spell i would use in magical combat. So i took the hour you folks were stripping them to hang a couple spells i don't generally have hanging. Scatter requires a lot of lynchpins; Area, Targets, distance to scatter targets all or designated targets in the area? Designated locations or effected dispersal? Is dispersal random or ordered?. Its not a combat spell. But if i know i am likely to use it I would prepare one. Also they have a chance to defend against it if they are awake or have protections. Their innate psyche might effect the function of all or parts of the spell."
"I also did another spell that i don't usually have hung. It is easy top defend against if one is awake or opposed to its use.."
Agrom and the SF LT comes up. The LT says "I have collected all identification. Including money. All weapons are catalogued. A motley mess of edged weapons. Knives and the sort. A mixture of firearms, some interesting. Your orders sir?"
"Well look over the weapons. Do you have a set of AC0 Bracers? Good.. thanks.." The LT hands over a set of thin bracelets.
"Put their shoes back on them. Let me know when you are done."
As the LT walks away. Agrom listens as Vance continues. "I should be clear, While i have been forced by circumstances to become a sorcerer of some power it was never my main interest. To do something i needed done I had to learn more then I would have liked. I have a mastery of the pattern and that lets me hang 20 or so spells. I can also raise the sigils, and hang spells for the primal realms of Alamond, Talwas, and Paragon. So I can rack and hang a lot of spells. And i know a few thousand to pick from, most of which are useless, or at least only useful is very specific circumstances"
"I know some power words, some amount of ritualism. I know a fair amount of low order shadow magic."
Agrom grumbles. "The greatest mage falls to the blade as easily as an apprentice."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah listens intently and nods mow and then it is still alot but she is trying to get it.
"So far the thing i do hear is that i should train in magic. Before i was allowed to walk the pattern. Arlo and Random said things about it. Ofcourse our father kept pushing about it. Bleys after my first morning run talked about training with magic. "
Alvah laughs
"Kind of think that is my way to go. But honestly i like it. It does interest me. Before all this i was already doing magic just the shadow kind.
And it is great with my main job. "
Alvah looks at Agrom.
"Well yeah. All fall as easy to the blade. A stab through the heart is and stays a stab through the heart. "
She then turns to Vance
"So brother dear you know me a bit now. If picking a sorcery teacher. Who would you go with?"
Michael James Watson
He pulls a cigar and lights it.
"You'll find different approaches. Different prejudices. All of them are methods to an end. I recommend you study enough sorcery to deal with it when its used against you. It depends on your view of the world. Belief is key. Believing you can do something goes a log way to being able to do something. "
"I teach magic like a science. Clarke's Law states that Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. So I approach it scientifically. Alchemy is just chemistry. Sorcery is just understanding the cause and effect of manipulating the pattern. In the end, my methods are how focus my will to work magic. Others do it differently. Aries Colbresi is an old fashioned wizard. Bleys works magic because he believes its his birthright. Fiona does it because she believes the forces of the universe in conflict cause growth. "
"In the end sorcery is a method for manipulating the Pattern. Trump artistry is a method for manipulating the pattern. Psyche generation, Power words, Conjuration, ritualism, all manipulate the pattern. Delwin, for all his faults, has a mystical approach but it works for him extremely well. I know a sufi who uses collection of phrases of religious significance that manipulate the pattern. I know someone who is a bard from an adventuring world where he uses music to manipulate a pattern.. Not the Amber pattern, but a powerful pattern from a Shade Realm. All things exist in shadow."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods. She lets Cicero come out and let him slither between her fingers and around her hand. She thnks watchin him.
"Well Arlo and Bleys both told me about the same. Find a method that works for yourself, stick to it and find a teacher that connects. "
She looks up and smiles at her brother
"Science is not my thing i can tell you that. But then again dad his approach the endless books and studying the academic isn't either. Was so afraid he would have dragged me back to that."
Alvah visibly shudders.
"But Arlo did say something to ki...uh Random that if my potential would go untrained i would be a danger. "
Alvah looks down slightly remembering the whole origin talk with Delwin and Vance.
"I would hate to be a cause of such kind of troubles. But apparently it can always happen in a way. "
Trying to not think about that again she then looks up
"Arlo showed me the imprints he has and can hang spellwork from. He also said the Logrus. But that is Chaos right? Didn't see it. Vek didn't want to show it in the library. "
It is clear that Alvah is still a bit bummed out but she smiles again nevertheless.
Michael James Watson
Agrom turns from watching the preparation and grunts. Vance looks to him and chuckles, "So, a Lord OF Chaos and a holder of a the Imprint of the Logrus refused to raise the sigil of Chaos directly above the Pattern of Amber? He gave you a lesson cheap. That would have been spectacularly bad. Those things don't get along. Vek has the Pattern of Amber and gained it walking the Pattern of the moon city of Tirna no'gath. By the way, his focus, his methed of instruction would be through music. Clever man, he hangs his spells musically, playing Jazz which is, in its essence, the music of Chaos. I'll show you my imprints sometime on this trip. And, for your defence till you find a instructor, i'll teach you power words. 10 to start. They are sound structures that resonate with the pattern. Remember when you do High Order magic, that the Pattern is your partner in it. You said something about being a dancer...There is someone who internalizes her sorcery through movement and dance. She uses movement to hang and maintain spells. If I were more of a sorcerer, by inclination rather then necessity, i would find her method elegant and highly effective. The Elites are never pleased when she shows up for their runs. She is far better then them. If you are interested i can call her. She owes me a favor..and she dislikes Delwin"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks up at Agrom and then soon understands why.
She nods to Vance.
"Yeah i kind of got that impression it would be bad to bring up the opposites near eachother. But won't get near Chaos anytime soon. "
Alvah then smiles wide
"Yes please! Would love to learn those."
Looking with slight surprise she grins
"Sorcery through dance? That is pretty awesome! But if she dislikes dad, wouldn't that bite me in the ass?"
Michael James Watson
"No.. She's a pragmatist and a loyalist to Amber. Lots of the royals dislike each other. To the best of my knowledge the source of the issue between them has to do when Delwin returned to Amber at Random's request. Something having to do with her having been given his apartments. Dame Margot settled the argument between them by telling Delwin that he hadn't been in Amber in 3000 years. Room assignments had changed in that time. If he left anything behind it was probably in a store room someplace. That last is a dig at he and Sand. When they left Amber they literally set their rooms on fire. The castle doesn't burn but the things in the rooms can. She had his rooms and Arloxedra had Sand's. They are across the floor landing from each other. Arlo also took over a room next to his and she bought nearly all of Jurt's from him. Jurt stays at the castle so rarely he said it was just as well."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs as she hears the description of the person in question. She looks for a moment towards Dwynwen.
"Oooh you are talking about Elayne. Daughter of.... uh. Flora right? Well i hear more people don't like her."
Alvah nods slightly to Dwynwen.
"Maybe i should think about it. Don't want to cause more drama then needed. And i have the feeling this family of ours is good at creating enough of that themselves."
Alvah then grins
"So do you know someone that perhaps uses their sorcery for a bit less reputable actions? Nothing bad. Just wouldn't want to put Ryba his training to the wind. And how much i love to run and dance. I love that to."
Michael James Watson
"I don't know who Ryba, but there are plenty of dark sorcerors. For that kind of magic talk to Vek or Brand, or Finndo.. There is a place for evil sorcerors in the service of Amber but they don't go over well." He steps up and puts a hand on Alvah's neck..
"By the Unicorn, don't take that path.. It would sadden me to face you in battle..For sister or not, i would choose Amber. What is done in Amber is reflected unto the shores of the Abyss. Into the Abyss as well I can tell you because i spent a thousand years in that hell fighting dark wizards. Don't let angst over Delwin turn you that way. Learn of the darkness if you must, but don't join it. If this Ryba has you thinking of that course, then he has a mortal enemy in me the moment you make that choice"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah blinks
"Oh no no, not that way. "
She starts a nervous laugh
" no i meant use sorcery for thieving, stealing stuff like that. "
She rolls her eys
"Jeesh do iook like evil wizard material. No i kind of like Amber. And the family so far. How dramatic it may be. And i do not want to stand against you. "
Alvah nudges him
"Just found out i have a brother and that i'm an aunt! Oh yeah Ryba is Fisk.. he has been my teacher and general get me out of jail card for most of my life."
Alvah thinks and feels her pocket where the trumps are
" i should contact him soon."
Michael James Watson
"Fisk?! Really...I've not met him though he deals with Jurt in the illicit goods trade.. I know he isn't allowed in the castle.. As for evil sorceress material, no, you don't look the type. Yet.. But we have evil sorceresses..Some that serve Amber some that oppose it. Those in service that come to mind are Doria and Desri. I traveled with them a lot when we all came to Amber answer Random's Call to the Kin. We were thrown together.. Doria and I remain friends.. a problem. and their sister, Maylon Hendrake.. Ambassador to Amber from Chaos. She is evil incarnate. I intend to put an end to her and risk her death curse.."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods.
"Yeah Fisk, he and dad seem to go way back. And when dad was not home Fisk was usually there."
She looks a bit further in the distance.
"And if anything would give me angst or something to act out on, it would be that which you and dad told me. About my mother and such."
Alvah sighs
"But so far that just drives me to understand and learn more. So guess that works out fine."
"Wait whut you plan to end someone? As in active planning? Or when the opportunity arises plan?"
Michael James Watson
"Maylon Hendrake..Daughter of Lintra and Benedict. She and I have fought before. She serves Chaos as ambassador to Amber, replacing a perfectly wonderful Despil. She enjoys causing pain. Killing.. she took over the program in chaos that she was born part of. Had a daughter Voya, my wife. Voya had a daughter, Dara, who had three sons. Merlin with Corwin, Despil and Jurt with Gramble Sawal, a lord of Chaos. so, yes..I intend to kill my mother in law. But as they say in Texas; she needed killing."
"SHe is Vek's Grandmother. Ask him how he feels about her."
The Star Fleet LT comes up. "We are ready for the spell Sir."
Vance nods, raises the sign of the pattern for Alvah to see. He puts his hand into the frame and casts the spell. The first one causes the clothes of each individual to swap with those of the opposite sex. the extras being left naked. The second spell scatters them. The people disappear.
Vance shakes his head, "Done. Now, lets store the weapons. Alvah, Dwynwen, Letterman, Agrom will pick out firearms for you. Keep them handy.
Letterman is freaking quietly but hard. People appearing by magis. people disappearing. A large black man giving him a pair of colt automatics. Its a lot to accept.. but...there is the one in white hair...
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah tries to follow the lineage then hearing he has a wife she blinks
“A wife. Really? “
She holds up her hand
“Wow okey magic sorcery and the likes I get but, Voya Is your wife does that make her Agrom’s mother? And you say she has a daughter Dara is she also your daughter?”
Alvah shakes her head
“that is something that still has to land in my mind. You have lived a whole lot more then the few years I have been in existence. And another thing if Chaos is so bad then why marry someone from there? “
She shrugs
“well I am sure to run into Vek again one day. Or not. He seemed a bit preoccupied. He left quickly after meeting him. But if I ever run into him again I’ll try be less bratty and ask him.”
Alvah laughs
“Or I smelled really bad that is also an option. But I think he was just busy.”
Seeing the magic work Alvah smiles with big eyes.
“That is so freaking awesome. So much power. “
She then nods to Agrom “please keep in mind that your aunt is tiny compared to you and I don’t need to heavy firepower with me.”
She gives him a wink. Turning to Dwy she nods
“Are you keeping an eye on Letterman? It might be a bit much to take for him. Though he seems to be handling himself pretty okey.”
Michael James Watson
Vance says, "We have 500 miles of Kansas to get through still today and i'd like to get away from this place, let the people wake up. There is BBQ joint in Kansas City that looks out over the mississippi. We can talk more then...Dwyn, you take the Honda Goldwing. you haven't put more then half an hour on a bike yet this trip. Today you have 6 hours in the sadle and i'm not stopping. So pee in the seat or catch up to us later. Letterman, take the green Kawasaki and stay with her. LT, care for a bit of vacation? You drive the hummer. Lets ride "
So across the prairie rides the alien caravan. 5 powerful motorcycles, one being ridden by an Adask, the first ever on this world, a Hummer and trailer being driven by a star fleet officer and an RV being driven by a Klingon, also the first ever on this world.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah happy to be riding again. On the open road Alvah dares way more on a bike, and will ride faster.
Enjoying her freedom the open space.
When heading out a bit further and looking back she can't help but laugh at this point seeing a start of a joke happening, but instead of entering a bar they are riding across a prairie.
Alvah now and then just races up ahead turns or goes zigzagging till the group catches up again.
Keeping her mind busy from the worries that now and then bubble up in her mind, her mother, mother side of hte family, Azcala, the banner that still needs to get stolen... and what would Ryba say?
Alvah does now and then keep an eye on Dwy as long as she can see her.
Michael James Watson
She senses Vance whispering in her mind, rather then over the radio in the helmets.
"That's Corwin's bike. If it wasn't willing to bear you it would never have started. I sense its annoyance at being stored at Footman's for hundreds of years Amber time. Time in shadow is funny and the cards in the deck have a very funny relationship with time. The story is that Gerard, Corwin, and Brand sought these in Shadow and took them on an epic adventure. Afterwards Brand had his trumped to Amber and had it storage there till i took it. I spoke to Brand about it and he was amused but said that title passed. The bike is mine now and its always on my ship. I can summon it to me. Corwin apparently stored his at Footman's. Gerard was known to ride his in modern shadows till he gifted it to his daughter Carissa. "
He speeds up just over 100, urging her to match him.
" It has gyro balance, a sense of enthusiasm. As we drive think about it, to it, sing if you like, but apply those psyche driven abilities that burst out of you onto the machine. greet it. They don't talk but they will mold themselves to suit you. I can sense it doing it now. Lower, thinner, longer. It will carry you and a passenger in great safety. Mind you it will let you crash if that's what you try doing or if you do stupid things but it will try its best to keep you upright. It has a sense of vanity; it will shift its general appearance from shadow to shadow to appear stylish in whatever realm you drive it. As you drive it more it will learn to make the ride smoother. Avoid potholes, road debris. IT will protect you from bugs and rocks and flying debris."
"Its a good companion, and a willing one if you want to use it for a time. Call it a loan.. If Corwin complains, send him to me. I sense that it is happy to be on the road again and is eager to bear you. Now.. keep up with me.. You have far greater reflexes then you have ever used. Use them now.. At that overpass on the horizon we will be 300 miles from Kansas city. About 480 kilometers. I'll radio everyone to stay together. We are going to average 150 mph and get to KC in two hours or less....Ready? Match my speed. That bike and my bike were companions once. They remember. Lets give them a good ride. The road ahead is straight and flat. Ride like the wind, sister."
" will change colors after it knows you want it to travel with you.. Like i said, its vain"
Amber Bronkhorst
Hearing her brothers voicr in her head her first thought is.
"Shit i am going crazy." Then realizing he is actually talking to her she focusses on what he tells her.
She matches his speed. At the same time as Vance explains it she senses the bike. Feeling it really there under her hands, her feet. Sitting on it. Sensing the vibrations from the engine. The roar as she accelerates.
Then her mind follows she had a connection with her jacket she got from Ryba. This is even easier. It is as fluid as her own movements. It is again like envisioning a dance. A dance with a partner. Trusting the other one to lead now and then to make it a most graceful collaboration.
Alvah then thinks hoping replying to her brother works like that.
"I was born ready"
And she matches the speed.
A loud mental "whhheeeeeeeee" may occur in her head
Michael James Watson
Over BBQ ribs Agrom says, "Ya know Vance, we need to get her to the Proving Grounds. Get her on a jet speeder. Get her some real speed. "
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah raises her eyebrows
"Proving grounds? what is that and that last part you said Agrom can be taken in very wrong ways. "
Alvah grins wide
"oh yeah the days... partying all night. all day. Barely sober "Alvah does an exaggerate reminiscing look.
She then turns to Vance with a serious look alternating between Agrom and Vance "sooo tell me. wha tis the Proving Ground."
Michael James Watson
Agrom looks questioningly at Vance.
Vance says, "The Proving Ground is a massive planet around a G class star in the Vulsar galaxy. .. A capture i think.. It has great mountains, massive rivers, huge forests, but mainly it has a 12,000 mile ling by 4,000 mile wide swath of solid rock sheared flat covered in sand. Standing in the middle of it there isn't a physical feature except the ground. We have facilities around it were we design, transport and test various equipment. Cars, tanks, motorcycles, but mostly jet speeders and grav vehicles
Agrom says, "The standard jet speeder had a Grav system to maintain stability, armed with a forward laser cannon, and does 500km per hour. Thats standard. They have a function protective sphere to offset G force and protect against aerial debris. The Raptor can do 750km per hour and mounts an autofire cannon.
Vance says, "Those are good fast combat vehicles but prefer the Zephyr-G Swoop Bike. It may only hit 350 km per hour but it turns like its on rails. It mounts light weapons but for mountainous driving its far more maneuverable. " Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah grins
"well that sounds great, not that i know much about vehicle but not everyone needs to right. But if you only go straight on that great plateau what challenge lies there? look speed is fun and all, but the charm of going fast is reacting fast. Stay alert enough to move out of the way to jump at the right time to grab that ledge, making sure you do not plummet to a certian death. "
Alvah laughs
"Guess some of dads worries about my safety were legit. "
She then looks silently to Agrom and Vance
"But it still sounds like a lot of fun. "
Alvah then sits back and looks at Vance
"But you were going to talk about things. or do you rather keep that private?"
Michael James Watson
Agrom says, "The flat land is to make sure they go. Some people can't handle the speed. Once you get a hang of it ther are the forests and the mountains. Swerving among trees and over rocks at 400km per hour is challenging and take split second reactions. What things were you keeping private? "
Vance switches to French which is unlikely a language anyone in a KC BBQ joint speaks. "What did you want to know?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods to Agrom
"Well that makes it sound alot more fun! Perhaps i should come and see it one day."
She then turns to Vance grabs her glass of beer and sips while looking at him. She continues in French
"Well what we spoke of earlier, you said that you are married, is Voya Agrom his mother? and this Dara is that your daughter? And if chaos is so bad why are you so aligned with it?
I don't mean this in a bad way but from my perspective as a total newbie so to say within the family ties it seems a bit complicated and contradictive to things i heard earlier."
Michael James Watson
"Ah.. yes.. Not.. Voya is not Agrom's mother. Nor is Dara my daughter. During the Patternfall War Benedict fought forces of House Hendrake in a place called Avalon. During some part of negotiations or such, no idea how it happened and Benedict isn't talking, he and Lintra, a princess of Hendrake, engaged in intercourse. Afterwards Lintra returned to Chaos, had 4 fertilized eggs and a supply of benedict's bodily fluids were removed. Then she returned to the battle. And in the final battle cut off Benedict's arm as he slew her."
He tears a rib apart with his fingers and eats.
"In Chaos, a minor lord of chaos named Darnuthas rasaka afuras got possession of the eggs and fluids. He went along the Black Road to the kingdom of Diaga and raided to find a suitable woman.. He found Lady Alagina Ganth, a younger daughter of a very minor house in Amber. She was attending school in Diaga. She was taken to Chaos and subjected to horrors. She birthed three daughters and unknown to her or the Lord of Chaos manipulating her, a fourth fertilized egg remained hidden in her. While she was pregnant Darnuthas rasaka afuras managed to escort her through the Logrus. A feat that is even now considered extraordinary by Sorcerors and Lorgus mages in Chaos. I know because I asked. The three daughters were Doria, Desri, and Maylon. They were taken to a world called Homeworld. when they were nearly 3 Maylon was sent back to Chaos. This lord took the name the Dominator, a name i will use from now on. The dominator saw the remaining two girls raised till they were nearly nine. Then he attempted to bind Doria, the more powerful of hte two, to himself. The ritual he used is a Chaosian one called "Taking". Its a form of mental domination and subjugation near to slavery. Magical slavery at that. "
“He failed to “Take” Doria and instead married her in a loveless, sexless but magically binding marriage. He then did “Take” Desri who became not just he slave but his bedmate. In time the Dominator “Took” 10 great sorcerors. The group, including Desri, became known as “The Ten Who Were Taken”(The Black Company series by Glen Cook). From there is a long story but eventually Benedict and Bleys found them, brought them to Amber, and undid a lot of the damage done to them.”
“Now we come to Maylon. She grew in the depths of Chaos and ages passed for her as she became a mighty sorceress and crazy to boot. She took over the breeding program the Dominator left in Chaos. Through it she had two daughter. One viable, Voya. The other damaged, Gaolus. She mounted Gaolus into a device created by the Bene Tleilax. Her daughter became this device in order to create Amberites. Maylon's hade two plans to create Amberites; through normal fertilization and through artificial Bene Tleilax Ghola tanks.
Voya had a daughter, Dara. Dara bore 3 sons. Merlin, to Corwin, Despil and Jurt to Gramble Sawall.
Gaolus-Breeder had 2 daughters and 3 sons we know about. The two daughters, Ganril and Falris, were joined to Ghola tanks becomein Ganril-Breeder and Falris-Breeder. Ganril-BHreeder had Gilva. Falris-Breeder had Shaz Far and Rhonda. The three boys were Vek, and two other who we don't know the name for. Vek claims that when he was 4 or 5, as a kitchen slave with his two brothers, he was forced to kill one of his siblings, who was consequently eaten. He never saw his other brother again either.
Somewhere along the line the program was shut down and the Breeders were hidden away.
That, as they say, is the background. Voya was raised as a mighty warrior. She didn't have the bent toward magic her mother or daughter did. She was a fierce warrior. Fought in the Black Road war.
There are people in Chaos called Pit Divers. They dive deep in the Abyss to find potent magic items. Voya was one. But her last dive went to far and she became loss in the Abyss. She was there when I found her. My trip into the abyss was a long complicated one. Agrom began it with me and we were together for centuries. Voya and I met. She was heavily damaged by Abyssal effects. In doing what I had to do in the Abyss I managed to save her. We fought our way across levels of the abyss to bizarre to describe. We barely survive. I had Agrom ejected. I ended up summoning Vek to help and between Vek, Voya and I, we finished the great project. Voya returned to Vulsara, pregnant. My daughter is with Voya. Voya asked me to place her in a very slow time shadow to escape the notice of Maylon. So my child ages a day for every week in Amber till Maylon can be dealt with. "
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah listens and slowly stops eating as she hears the progress of the story.
She lays down her food tilts her head and just stares at her brother.
"Damn that"
Alvah sits back and looks at Vance.
"Thank you for sharing. Eventho hard to grasp such timedifferences and the concept of having done something for so long. Even still are you busy with the effects of your past or that of those close."
Alvah nods slowly
"Well you found me dumbstruck have nothing to ask."
She chuckles a bit and plays with her glass beer.
Michael James Watson
"In that case let me tell you about the Mig 15. Forget that you don't care. I'll give you a good 30 minute set of arguments that will absolutely drive Delwin bats. He flew F-94 in his first run at the Korean war and he just can't stop talking about it. So when i want to be around him and not yell about past wrongs I gush about the MIG 15. And if you want to see his eyes pop out? after listening to him rant about the superiority of the F-94 Starfire ask him how it compares to the Zephyr-G Swoop jet speeder? ITs worth the whiskey"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah just laughs
"Thank you that is actually really handy to know. Survival tips with dad."
Alvah grins.
"Hope he is not to mad that i left so quickly, kind of feel bad for him. Because now knowing i know why he did this."
Alvah sighs
"But we were noy talking about that. Any other dad survival tips?"
Michael James Watson
"Sand is a sore subject. They were inseparable. Fraternal twins. Twins are incredibly rare among Amberites. Nina & Emilie, Sand & Delwin, Random & Mirelle. Evelar & Evankala are the only Identical twins. Vek may be one of the only set of Amberite triplets. Doria, Desri, and Maylon are a complicated example but they were born separately. In that order. After Harla died they argued bitterly. They were forbidden to attack Amber so they attacked each other. But.. bringing up Sand is dangerous. It might not be forgiven. I have reason to believe that they had a child together. And that it died. But the only time he and I discussed it he was vague and then violent. But for some reason they split and have rarely ever been together again.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods with a sad face.
"That must be hard on him. All of it really. "
Alvah pokes her food with a utensil (the salt might be gone from the table)
"I'll contact him soon let him know i am okey. Don't want dad to feel bad about this as well. He tried to do what was right in my case. "
Alvah looks up
"Have you had contact with Sand? "
Michael James Watson
Agrom grunts something like a laugh.
Vance says,"Yes. For a time after the Jeweled Road was created i spent time in Mandalay.To become a lord one has to acquire 5 different Mandalay stones and 150 tokens from Adrian. I have the stones and about half the tokens. Sand is Adrian's...ah....companion? Adrian doesn't have wives.. Adrian and Sand have a son, Houk. A Hoka. A mean little bugger. Sand is part of the hedonist, pacifistic inner circle of Mandalay. It somewhat dangerous being around her. I used to work with Dashel, son of Osric, who runs something of a shadow travel tourist thing called Dash Tours. Hes based in the Dramaturge. Hmmm you might like the Dramaturge..Sand is a masterful archer. She and Flora are probably equal at it. But she does not deal with outsiders much.. There is a lot going on in Mandalay no one from outside ever sees and thats the part she is in"
Amber Bronkhorst
Nodding she says
"Well sure. I understand if she likes that. More own chosen seclusion in Mandalay. "
Alvah leans back
"I can absolutely see someone saying f this shit i am over there doing my own thing."
Alvah thinks then says
"So this Mandalay is like a place like Amber and Avalon, right? Own pattern, steady existence, and their own shadows. "
Michael James Watson
"Depends on the general cosmology and distinctions. Patterns are constructs of Order and Law. The Lorgus is a construct of Chaos. Both are extremes. Mandalay is a place of balance. Niether Order nor chaos. Its primal construct is the Mark of Mandalay. A rose by any other name.. Suffice that it is a center place, It has its own shadows, followers, shadows it influences indirectly, called its Sway. Sorcery may be powered by it.. Its also a place of creativity. A place of nature. -Fey from across shadow go there. Its sends its tendrils out into the depths of shadow and makes trails for ah different reasons.. "
Amber Bronkhorst
"I see, just somthing different i was wondering. If in this case the partern of Amber, is the sigil for this side of the streer so to say. That what conects it all. Would that mean that it has connection with all shadows that it casts?
Because if the pattern can be used to hang spellwork on and reached in. Can it not be reached through as well. As a simple said, doorway to other shadows bring back forth things."
Alvah thinks.
"The trumps in a way do the same. It is all by the idea that the pattern connects everything. And if everything is connected it can be realligned to be within grasp. "
Alvah starts to draw with pepper on the table.
"But if on one side is Amber and the other Chaos. Where is the limit. What i understand the pattern an Logrus are not so to say, buddies. "
Alvah looks up witb a wide grin
"If reaching through lattern to other places is possible, oh that would make my job easier."
Alvah laughs softly.
Michael James Watson
Vance leans back, looks around, casts a tiny spell that encourages others to look away from him.
He creates a small dim sigil of order, slides his hand into it. Thinking for a moment, pulling his hand out he has a pair of glasses in his hand.
"Van Reals. Those are mass produced in Nenton, Antherica. The metal is Rearden metal. Extraordinarily hard. Like mithril in tensile strength. The lens are sun sensing, lightening and darkening as needed. The lenses are made of Hull Metal. A transparent metal used for the bodies of star ships They aren't magical but have some nice effects. the lenses diffuse lasers if one hits your eyes. Bullets won't penetrate them. They are not cheap. But for someone with Conjuration, they are free"
He slides them across the table.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah lets out a soft suddeb laugh
"Hah! I am getting to understand this."
She holds up a finger
"But another case one i was wondering. There are other places, like Amber Avalon Mandalay Chaos. With the same principles can they be reached? Through pattern? Or because those places have their own form of power. Or center or whatchamacallit you can't reach with the pattern? "
Alvah looks at the glassen and turns them around in her fingers
"Ooooh nice"
Michael James Watson
Vance nods, "That's an extremely broad question. And complicated. Squiggles are high order constructs. They have many rules about who and how people come and go. They have varying powers.You can spend a lifetime learning the details. Are there places the pattern can't send you; Chaos is an example.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah grins and looks at Vance withb devilish twinkel in her eyes.
"I guess you figured where i am going at with this. I still plan to get that banner in Azcala and honestly the more I know of the metaphysical rules of that place it would be only beneficial."
With her finger she keeps absent-mindedly drawing in the grounded pepper she had strewn about the table in front of her.
"But Amber and Chaos are opposite so that those two don't play along nice i get. But a construct has its own rules then. How to figure out those rules though?"
Michael James Watson
Vance smiles. Agrom growls,"by painful trial and error."
"Asking an expert in the field. Someone who has spent time in Azcala.Someone with a grudge against them. Someone willing to trade their information!action for your influence. Someone comes to mind. Someone you know"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah tilts her head.
"Who? Do i already know them? "
Alvah twirls a small spoon in her fingers making it dissappear and appear with sheer sleight of hand.
"I have the feeling that if i want to be able to protect myself i need this info for myself as well. "
Michael James Watson
Vance smiles. "So sister mine; hanging around any jail cells recently?"
Amber Bronkhorst
"Yeah.... and i have the feeling you are going to say that it would be a certain father of a travel companion we have with us."
Alvah plays with a sugarpacket between her fingers letting it travel up and down her hand.
"If that would be the case it would be easier to probably get the info. Since i am nowadays one of his jailers. "
Michael James Watson
Vance leans over close. He pulls a pepper container from a sleeve. Several sugar packets and a bottle of Tabasco from the other. Laying them out on on the table he adds some tableware. He tosses on top the wallet of the asst manager.
"Stay here and think about this for a few minutes while the rest of us get the caravan ready."
He and Agrom get up, walk to the to go counter and pick up take out. Alvah notices Dwyn and letterman outside with the Lt. Spatchi is by the vehicles as Vance and Agrom greet her.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at the assorted things on the table and chuckles.
"Guess it runs in the family. And think about what?"
Alvah thinks but her thoughts go all over the place.
She has to go to Azcala eventually. But better be prepared to not end up as the sacrifial lamb. How trustworthy is Hagalta with his info. Perhaps if he has enough to gain.
Alvah has a strong urge to run again. But looking outside she sees her brother nephew friends.
Alvah sighs and leans back.
She grabs her trumps and flicks through them looking at the people individually. "Hrrr i am not made to think like this."
Michael James Watson
The waiter approaches. He says" The gentleman said you would cover the check?" Put the tray with the paper bill in front of her
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs.
"Yeah ofcourse,"
she looks at the bill. Counts out money shebreplicated for the bill and for a nice tip.
She then pushes the wallet of the assistent manager to the waiter as well.
"Was laying on the floor someone must have lost it."
Alvah puts back her trumps and stands up.
Head going a thousand miles and hour. She can't be vacationing all the time.
Michael James Watson
When she reaches for the money clip of the local money she realizes its gone. And the managers wallet is empty too.
Looking out the window she sees Vance looking in. He taps his wrist as if it was a wristwatch.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks slightly annoyed at her brother but she can see the humor in it. Alvah looks at the waiter
"I'll bring the money right up to you."
Not having a clue how to do it but having seen it now several times Alvah tries to bring forth the pattern. Trying to copying what her brother showed her. Nothing big just big enough to reach through. She envisions the pattern and that what she needs. Money...
Michael James Watson
You can manage it...IF..... you allocate 20 pips from storage for taking Conjuration. Otherwise it fails.
Amber Bronkhorst
But whn she does manage to get the moeny she pays the waiter with a royal tip. with that mess we left on the table with all the pepper sugar tabasco and such.
Michael James Watson
The night before Baltimore Vance takes Alvah aside.
"I've thought about it and there is something I want you to have and some information you need. "
He hands her a knife .
"Its a knife given me by Oberon under unusual conditions and while he was in disguise. I used it for many years. It can take many forms. I kept it like this as it was given to me. ITs quick and flexible. A good fighting knife. It has a foine rapier shape as well. May it keep you from your enemies.."
Vulsar Blade.jpg
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles looks at the knife and carefully takes it over
"thank you, Vance."
She then steps in and gives him a great warm hug holding him while she continues
"thank you for being a true big brother to me. Thank you for making the transition in our family easier. " She then lets go and steps back while still looking up to him and holding his shoulders
"I am not usually in the line of making people proud, left that behind me after i turned adult. But i won't make you facepalm about me to much." Alvah grins having that playful look to her.
Michael James Watson
"You are welcome. Hopefully the years and centuries ahead won't change your mind. This last week was a lovely break from my duties that i must have really needed. Its almost with regret that i return to them.. I've kept my ride in every starship i commanded. My crew made a joke of it. It sat in my ready room like an art object. Only Candle, Vander and Agrom were ever bold enough to sit on it while we did business. It had been too long since i put some miles on it. "
"There was one other thing I wanted to tell you if you are intent on this Azcala mission, there is one other person to talk to. Her presence in Amber is something of a State Secret. Jurt, a Lord of Chaos, goes by the name Thin Whip. He runs a rave, a constant party club, in the industrial area of the City of Amber. He has a deal with Random. He has a companion; Uta. Scary freaky woman. Kind of a woman who needs a wicked Lord of Chaos as a paramour because anyone else would be too dull. She is rough trade. "
"Under normal circumstance none of that would be noteworthy. Jurt is an interesting guy, and kind of a friend, but he is also a rather crazy Lord of Chaos and his him having a kinky wackadoodle girlfriend would not raise an eyebrow. But.. it turns out she isn't just a nutjob. Her real name is Untara, daughter of Xozla & Cihalas, son and daughter of Tonacat & Cihuacoa. She was caught outside Azcala when it was sealed and wandered shadow for centuries. When Azcala opened she came to Amber. If you want information of the royal and the priesthood of Azcala, she might be a better source then Hagalta. In the end Hagalta is an outsider in Azcala. Utarra is a royal." Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah listens then slowly nods
"Well back to Amber i am going anyway. I think ig is smart if i find her as well. "
Such knowledge, it would be good to prepare. This was going to be messy anyway.
"I need go keep my heritage a secret for safety yes? I need to know this to get the banner."
Alvah thinks for a moment
"Shouldn't i tell the King?" She asks Vance
Michael James Watson
Vance says "I assume he knows everything and am glad to discover things he doesn't know. Letting him know you know is different. Then there is letting him know you know and that you know and he knows, but you know that. Telling him you know and are going to visit Azcala might make him imprison you. For your protection. I suggest letting everyone know the things they know and not making them change their minds based in the things you know. When you deal with Jurt remember he has no particular loyalty to Amber but he has been living there and running a successful business there for a couple decades now. Uta, hates her family. In the end, i'd rather trust a source that hates rather then one that loves."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah thinks about it and nods.
"Got it. Seems to be the smartest move yes. We see what acting out of knowing and love does. Overprotection is not the way tl go here. With a bit of an informed but risky step i think i can be useful to Amber. Even if it is not directly for Amber but Adagalasck."
She smiles to Vance
"And that is all we actually want.. well most of us "
Alvah then shrugs.
"That sounds actually logical tl trust Uta as a source more."
Alvah then straightens herself
"Any other words of advice? Or warnings?"
Michael James Watson
"Random will likely not mind your stealing Dwynwen away from Amber. She has many enemies and is at risk away from there. But you were with Agrom and I and that is likely to mollify the king. However, taking her to Azcala might be extremely dangerous. She bears the imprint of Adagalasck. Practiconer can sense that. She almost certainly can't hide the imprint. As much as you might like it, she would be in danger as well as a liability. You will probably need a little extra muscle. Fighting muscle. If you can get Arlo out of his library and off his ass, he would do well. Vek might go. My other suggestion would be to contact a man named Fortunadus Enright. He is with CHAD; a mercenary guild. He owes me favors, i owe him favors, its all very convienant. "
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah chuckles
"How much i like Dwynwen i was not planning on taking her with me to this. I can't keep a constant eye on her.
Arlo doubt it he has been nice enough explaining theoretical magics but leaving his precious library spot Vek i don't know so unless you know a way that i could convince him. "
Alvah nods
"If all else fails CHAD got it. "
Alvah looks over the knife again
"Thank you again. "
Michael James Watson
"Don't count out Arlo..He was a front ranker once.. Still can be. He is older in Amber years then Bleys and Fiona and brand and all who came behind him. Who knows how many years he has spent in shadow before Eric brought him to Amber. He had horrible experiences long before some of our aunts and uncles were born. That he chooses to spend his time in the library it isn't out of fear. Ive seen him in battle. He acquits himself like a Prince of Amber" "As for Vek, he is no pacifist. He just doesn't like killing for Chaos. He was a bonewarrior of Hendrake at the battle of Patternfall. On the other side of course. "
"CHAD. Clean Halls and Dens. We call them mercenaries and i guess thats fair enough. But in the Tosa/York shadows they were and Adventurers Guild. Tosa was a fiesty world, with connections of to thousands of worlds through a specialized shadow. York is a Pattern but its a pattern created by a shadow of the Jewel of Judgment. Once in the York universe there was a Shade, a shadow of Amber. That Amber didn't fight the Black Road war though. It had a High lord of Chaos come against Amber with the full might of that part of Chaos. And that Amber was destroyed. King Random in despair gave the last bastion, the Castle Amber itself to a complicated adventurer named Tolknor. Tolknor with a small cadre of companions, Fortunadus among them, defended that Amber till the last. Eventually Tolknor erased that Shade Pattern when that was all that was left. Shadow is a set of infinity and this is what happened there.
Tolknor had already forged a squiggle, called Plymouth, and a Pattern, called York. So that universe didn't boil away. High Lord Koob declared victory and returned to Chaos saying he cared nothing for York. Anyway.. Fort, Fortunadus that is, second in charge of CHAD and likes doing Favors for Amberites.."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods hearing about Arlo she quickly adds
" oh i meant no disrespect to him, i did learn from him he did take the time to explain things. And was willing to pluck me away from shadow if dad didn't. And about Vek was more the question why would he help me. We barely know eachother. Eventho I think he really could help."
Alvah thinks and the waves her hand back and forth
"Well there are options and first i need to gather intel anyway i can think of who can and wants to help me. "
Alvah bites her lip theb looks up at Vance
"Please don't tell dad. He would try and jump in front of me again."
Michael James Watson
"I won't tell him.. Well, i won't tell him what you are doing. I might make something up. Maybe a Unicorn Nunnery. He'd like that. "
He chuckles, "As for Vek, the reason he might help is that just like Fort, he is building up favors. And he has other reasons he would have to tell you. One of which....hell, I'm going to tell you. I believe we spoke about Bursain, and the Rock Guard? Or were you telling me you had talked about it with Arlo....Well, there is a good chance the Rock Guard is in Azcala. Its the greatest piece of power on the loose in shadow at the moment. He isn't likely to want to rule a realm for a thousand years but if he got his hands on it, he could name his price. Literally name his price. There isn't a Squiggle Lord, broken pattern owner, Woven Logrus owner, Malt At Reiss master, anywhere in shadow that wouldn't pony up any damn thing he asked. "
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs.
"Sure a unicorn nunnery.... the only animal liking me so far is Cicero. But sure tell that to dad."
Hearing about Vek her eyes widen.
"He has something big to gain then if he helps me out. Good to know. So i go for the banner and Vek for the Rock Guard. Or well we would help eachother out... if he is willing. Thank you!!!!"
Alvah exlaims she is getting more enthousiastic for her plan.
Michael James Watson
Arriving at Baltimore Agrom sees a local newspaper headline. Walking to Vance he growls, "You knew.. YOU KNEW!!!"
Vance laughs, "Of course i knew. Why the hell didn't you?"
Agrom almost yells...
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks up wide surprised. She looks over the newspaper to see what got Agrom so upset..
Michael James Watson
The headline on the paper is ,"Oriels down 2 games to the Royals in Pennant Series. . Todays game, 3pm"
Vance says, "Hell, I have tickets for everyone"
Agrom howls
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs. "Guess Agrom is a fan? Well think it is decided then."
Alvah winks to Vance.
Michael James Watson
Vance winks back, "An Oriels fan... I always support the Royals.. Seems like the Amberite home team"\