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Johan Blackgrove[edit]

Male Human Miner, Explorer lvl 1
Medium Humanoid

Physical Description[edit]

An athletic, dark haired man with a stubble of beard, in his mid twenties.

Backstory and personality[edit]

Johan is the youngest in a line of famous explorers. It started with his great grandmother Cordelia, who discovered the fate of the long since vanished Goldscale Tribe of finfolk. The reclusive tribe had been wiped out by an epidemic, leaving only ruins behind. His grandfather, Captain Maximilian Blackgrove, was a famous seafarer who discovered the sea route to the distant Eastern Continent. Johan’s parents continued the discoveries, with his father Conrad finding the famed lost Valley of the Blue Crystals, and his mother Hanna discovering the site and unearthing the ruins of the ancient Castle Darkwall.

And then there is Johan, who – discovered the copper vein and directed the construction of the roadway that led to the opening of the new Daggerpeak Mine. While an accomplishment, it does not seem like much when compared to the ones of his older family members. And it is not one that would be sufficient for Johan, who grew up with the tales of his family history into an ambitious young man determined to add his own name into that history. But after starting his own career as an explorer, he came to realize that most of the great finds had already been made. After a foray into the hard to reach mountainous regions of his homeland, his greatest find was just a rich vein of ore. While the land still held secrets, none seemed to promise finds even nearly as prestigious as those of his parents. Sailing to the distant lands was an option, but a discovery equal to those of his grandfather was unlikely.

Johan was feeling frustrated about the lack of opportunities, but then he heard about the discovery of dungeons in the Lost Lands. Now there was still unexplored territory and opportunity for discoveries. And an opportunity for an ambitious young man to make his name in a budding new settlement.

Character Sheet[edit]

Quick reference[edit]

Senses Notice +4, Search +6
Stealth Blend +4, Sneak +2
AD: 1d4, starting 3
Initiative +3 (+2 Dex + 1 class)


Defense 13 (+2 Dex + 1 class)
DR 2 (2 armor)
Vitality 11 (9 class x lvl + 2 Con x lvl); Wounds 14
Fort +4 (+2 Con + 2 class)
Ref +3 (+2 Dex + 1 class)
Will +0 (+0 Wis + 0 class)
Defensive Abilities

[name]: [effect]


Speed 30 ft.
BAB +0
Melee +3 (+0 BAB + 3 Str)

Mace 1d8 lethal, AP 4

Ranged +0 (+0 BAB + 2 Dex)

[name] [stats]

Special Attacks

[name] [stats]

Combat Actions
Bull rush: move 30ft, +7 athletics vs athletics to pushes target 1 square + 1 square for every 4 over, target is sprawled
Feint: +2 prestidigitation vs notice render target flat footed
Grapple: +7 athletics vs athletics to hold target, may roll additional checks to get grapple benefits
Taunt: +0 sense motive vs sense motive to force target to target you in close quarters
Threaten: +0 intimate vs resolve to inflict 1d6 stress damage
Tire: +6 resolve vs resolve to inflict 1d6 subdual damage
trip: +2 acrobatics vs acrobatics to render target sprawled
Anticipate: +0 sense motive vs (dc10+ attack bonus) = dodge bonus: +0 wis bonus
Distract: +2 bluff(dex) vs sense motive to reduce opponents initiative by 2d6 this round


Str 16 (+3)
Dex 14 (+2)
Con 14 (+2)
Int 14 (+2)
Wis 10 (+0)
Cha 10 (+0)


Blunt (forte)

Skills: (4 class + 2 Int) x [lvl + 3] = 6;

Acrobatics +2 (+2 stat +ranks +other)
Athletics +7 (+3 stat +4 ranks +other)
Blend +4 (+0 stat +4 ranks +other)
Bluff +0 (+0 stat +ranks +other)
Crafting +6 (+2 stat +4 ranks +other) Focuses: Carpentry, Cooking, Stonecutting
Disguise +0 (+0 stat +ranks +other)
Haggle +4 (+0 stat +4 ranks +other)
Impress +0 (+0 stat +ranks +other)
Intimidate +0 (+0 stat +ranks +other)
Investigate +4 (+0 stat +4 ranks +other)
Medicine +2 (+2 stat +ranks +other)
Notice +4 (+0 stat +4 ranks +other)
Prestidigitation +0 (+2 stat +ranks +other)
Resolve +6 (+2 stat +4 ranks +other)
Ride +2 (+2 stat +ranks +other)
Search +6 (+2 stat +4 ranks +other)
Sense Motive +0 (+0 stat +ranks +other)
Sneak +2 (+2 stat +ranks +other)
Survival +4 (+0 stat +4 ranks +other)
Tactics +2 (+2 stat +ranks +other)

Interests: Nat lang: Gwerin, Lang:Universal (trade, academic, noble), Home Study: Cartrefcarreg, Career Study: Prospector, Logistics, Laws, Cartography, Art: Stone sculpting
Carrying Capacity: 28/120lb; 121-360; 720 lift/drag; 0 clear
With Improved Stability: 28/250lb; 251-750; 1500 lift/drag; 0 clear


Species (Human (Strong), True Blood)

Bonus 1: +2 Strength
Bonus 2: Double Boost: May spend and roll 2 action dice to boost Strength-based skill checks.
Bonus 3: Improved Stability: Considered 1 Size category larger for carrying capacity, Trample attacks, and resisting Bull Rush and Trip attempts so long as standing firmly on the ground.
Bonus 4: Shove: Gain the Shove trick.

Speciality (Miner)

Bonus feat: Pathfinder Basics (caverns/mountains)
Bonus 1: Blunt Proficiency
Bonus 2: Paired Skills (Athletics / Crafting)
Bonus 3: Stonecutting Focus
Bonus 4: Unbreakable (Attribute impairment decreases by 1, to a minimum of 0)
Bonus 5: Warding Strike: Gain the Warding Strike trick

Class (Explorer)

Core: Friends All Over
Level 1: Tomb Raider


Species: Guts
Specialty: Pathfinder Basics (caverns/mountains)
Level 1: Armor Basics


Trick 1: Shove: With a hit against a target of equal or smaller Size, the character pushes the target back 5 ft. He may follow to remain adjacent.
Trick 2: Warding Strike: After one or more hits, the character gains a +2 morale bonus with Fortitude and Reflex saves until he leaves his current square.

Money and Gear[edit]

Lifestyle: 1 (1 class + 0 Cha)

Panache 1 (10s/month, +0 Appearance), Prudence 0 (15% savings)

Appearance +1 (+1 Panache + 0 Cha)
Stake 100 (100 x lvl) Hand 1

Rations x 7: Feeds character for 1 day (5 lbs)
Moderate leather armor: DR 2, Fire resistance 5 (10 lbs)
Mace: 1d8 lethal, AP 4 (5 lbs)
Torches x 7: Dim light (30-ft. radius); 1d4 fire damage (5 lbs)
Chalk: Writes on any surface (0.25 lbs)
Purse: Holds 200 coins
Backpack: +2 Str for carrying capacity
Bedroll: Cold Resistance 4

Legend +0 (0 class)
Reputation: 0 (lvl x 10)
Renown: 0

[name]: [effect] :cost


Broach of Blue light: Casts Glow I spell t will when activated. 30 minutes per casting. :cost 10


Spellcasting Bonus +0 (0 ranks + 2 Int)
Save DC 10 (10 + 0 Cha + 0 Spellcasting feats)
Casting Level 0
Maximum Spell Level Cast: 0
Spell Points 0
Spells Known 0 (0 ranks + 0 [Wis score])


[name]: [effect]


Save DC 10 (10 + 0 Cha + 0 Spellcasting feats)
Casting Level 0


Path 1:

Step X: [abilities]
[name]: [effect]