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Fate Freeport Companion: Fate of the Forgotten Realms, a play-by-post

  • Stormraven, playing Sen Terval — peripatetic half-elf bard
  • Iustum, playing Alaric Duremov — uncommonly loyal sellsword
  • Roryb, GM

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Game Pitch[edit]

I am proposing a game set in the Moonsea area of the Forgotten Realms, and plan to touch on many of D&D’s tropes, namely its classic monsters, maybe an iconic villain or two, evil factions (Zhentarim!), dungeon exploration, and shenanigans by lovable misfits and unlikely heroes. I’m a fan of “D&D by another name” type games. All adventuring professionals are welcome to apply, but note that I plan to include a good deal of physical conflict.

For those Forgotten Realms lore-masters and sages, my vision of the setting for this game begins and ends with the old gray box, circa 1358 DR — Year of Shadows. This is the pre-Time of Troubles era. We are to assume no events after those listed in the campaign guide will happen.

Although I do not have a specific scenario in mind yet, I’m looking to create something rather linear — at least in its initial conception (it’s bound to change based on the players’ actions). I’ll create something related to the area, its factions, and, of course, inspired by what the characters can bring to bear in terms of hooks. This will look like a classic D&D “quest” with one defining game aspect instead of Fate Core’s “issues”. This is to facilitate episodic play and a potential rotating cast of characters. I’ll define such a setup after I see what interesting character concepts players devise. I reserve the right to amend any concepts, but generally welcome almost anything.

I am happy to start using “actual play as character creation”. Start with a name, a high concept, trouble, an array of +3, +2, +2, +1, +1, +0 in skills, and perhaps one additional aspect and we are good to go. Use actual play to declare a new aspect or stunt when it might be needed or interesting. We won’t use a phase trio to connect characters…their united purpose will be enough.

However, I’ll need some help brainstorming a character faction that will tie them into a purpose of opposing bad guys. My first thought would be the Harpers. Even if you don’t want your character to be an actual Harper member, you could create a simple 1-2 sentence backstory that connects them in some way (owe a favor, quid pro quo arrangement, mutual enemy, etc.). Your third aspect should relate specifically to a faction, ally, goal, complication, enemy, or unique special thing that makes you or your talents desirable to be propositioned for a special mission in a way as to help shape what that mission is, unless such is already implied by your high concept or trouble.

Posting Protocol[edit]


I’d like a brisk posting rate…once per day, perhaps more if the action is especially frenetic. I also want the kind of posts that push the narrative through decisive action — and includes a good picture of what that action looks like on-screen.

  • Good: “Jorl peers into the darkness of the cave and calls out a challenge, readying himself for battle.”
  • Better: “Jorl peers into the gloomy depths of the malodorous cavern and utters a bloodcurdling barbaric war cry. The savage northerner clashes axe against shield to provoke the denizens lurking within into the open where he can best make use of the nearby boulders.”
  • Not so much: “Jorl waits to see what comes out of the cave.” — Too passive.

Points & Sundry[edit]

The GM will keep track of point expenditures, stress and consequences in a spoiler block at the end of each post. This will also have relevant game aspects in effect.

Players should be mindful about things that may lead to significant back-and-forth, such as not declaring things like fate point boosts if a result doesn't hit the difficulty, or whether the character is willing to accept success at a cost.

Alaric Duremov[edit]

High Concept: Uncommonly Loyal Sellsword

[Invoke to overcome temptation to betray his friends/charges; to represent his combat experience; when his reputation for loyalty would be a virtue; Compel when betraying his friends would be advantageous; when his reputation for loyalty is a hindrance; when social status is important]

Trouble: Not Many Universities or Ballrooms in Triboar

[Compel when lack of formal education or high-society sophistication would be a hindrance]

First Phase Aspect: My Place Is Between Others and Danger

[Invoke when defending others, particularly friends or charges; to get into position to protect others; to create obstacles to attackers, etc.; Compel to force him to leap to the defense of others or interpose himself in dangerous circumstances]

First Phase Adventure Description: Alaric's first "clients" as a freelance sellsword was an innkeeper and her family just off of the Long Road. They couldn't exactly pay very much, but they needed help. It didn't really take that long at all to convince the local toughs that Mrs. Calabaster's Inn was no longer a source of protection money.

Second Phase Aspect: Even the Zhents Like Him

[Invoke when friendliness/openness would be a virtue, to have contacts with those he's befriended, and to know things he might not otherwise because of those friendships; Compel when friendliness/openness is a hindrance, and when having friends in all corners might reflect poorly on him.]

Third Phase Aspect: Stay Here and Fight Me!


  • Good (+3): Strength
  • Fair (+2): Consitution, Wisdom
  • Average (+1): Charisma, Dexterity
  • Mediocre (+0): Intelligence


  • Total: 3
  • Remaining: 3


  • Grizzled Veteran (skill) (+1 mild physical consequence slot) (p.115)
  • Awareness (+2 to Wisdom rolls to notice things) (p.123)
  • Defensive Stance (When wielding a Heavy Weapon, may Defend against melee attacks with Strength) (adapted from Defensive Stance on p. 136)


  • [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] Physical
  • [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] Mental
  • [ 2 ] Mild
  • [ 2 ] Mild (Physical)
  • [ 4 ] Moderate
  • [ 6 ] Severe

Description: Raised on a farm in the Dessarin Valley, Alaric lied about his age to join up with a mercenary company that was recruiting in the nearest village. After several years of service, Alaric cashed out of the company and went to work as a freelancer, eventually landing as a bodyguard to a fairly prosperous merchant. [Detail to be filled out after the campaign and other characters firm up.]

Alaric is of average height but robust physique, with pale blue eyes and blonde hair. When working, he will be seen wearing his battered breastplate, bracers, and greaves (Medium Armor) and carrying his worn but well-maintained bastard sword (Heavy Weapon). He typically also has a dagger or three strapped about his person (Martial/Ranged Weapons).

Sen Terval[edit]

Description. Sen is a tall Aglarondan woman of half-elf descent with silver hair and violet eyes. Sen is possessed of the Bardic Gift. Her voice - her music - can have astounding effects on others. This isn't always good. Sen is nearly as agile as her Elven family, and a lot more so than most people would expect. Of course, beyond a certain point, grace like that is often assumed to be a result of training - specifically as a thief or assassin. In part, due to her Elvish heritage, in part, due to her grace, and in part something else entirely, Sen is an archer par excellence.

High Concept. Peripatetic Half-Elf Bard

Trouble. I'm not a Harper, dammit!

Aspects. To Laugh, to Sleep, to Cry; Nimble little minx; A Bow is a stringed instrument, right?


  • Good (+3): Charisma
  • Fair (+2): Consitution, Dexterity
  • Average (+1): Intelligence, Wisdom
  • Mediocre (+0): Strength


  • Half-Elven Grace. Gain +2 Overcome rolls with Dexterity against obstacles relating to Acrobatics, Balance or similar Athleticism
  • The Bardic Gift. Gain 2 spells with the Trickster or Illusion Keyword, or with a Sonic / Emotive theme.
  • Half-Elven Trick Shot. You may ignore penalties for archery due to long range or flimsy obstacles provided you can describe how the expert ricochet, slicing of the chandelier chain, or the like can aid you.

Refresh. 3


Charm (Enchantment, Trickster, Persistent)

Minor Illusion (Illusion, Trickster, Persistent)


  • [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] Physical
  • [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] Mental
  • [ 2 ] Mild
  • [ 4 ] Moderate
  • [ 6 ] Severe

I'm thinking about spending 1 refresh for more spells, but I'm also considering changing some of her Aspects to give her some gear.

Scenario 1: The Search for Mr. X[edit]

Game Aspects[edit]

The Monsters and Mr. X. Mr. X has disappeared! Xalibar and a strange lady with bright russet hair were seen together, both taken under mysterious circumstances. More than one person is asking about Xavier Xalibar, the Thentian wool merchant (and employer of Alaric Duremov). This aspect can be invoked to gain hearsay, as many are talking about either Xaliber's or the mysterious sorceress's strange disappearance. It can be compelled when competitive search parties come into conflict with the PCs. This is a Quest Aspect, and serves instead of Fate Core's default issues.

The Bite of Winter. A lingering game-level aspect that will stick around for some time. Invoke for things like tracking through snow, and compel for exposure-related complications. It also serves as justification that no one cannot get into or out of Thentia without significant consequences until the thaw.

Faces & Places[edit]

Andur the Watchman

  • Thentian watchman; secret Harper mole; medium armor
  • +2 Strength; +1 Constitution, Wisdom
  • Attack: +2 (martial weapon; +1 damage)
  • Defense: +0 (Dexterity)
  • Stress: 3 boxes

Charnim Lior ‘the Chary’

  • owner of Lior’s Lair

Dante Sovalyn

  • Issue: Gherad Sender must be found
  • Harper of the most meddlesome variety

Envoy from Zhentil Keep.

  • Issue: Thentians Fear the Worst

Gherad Sender

  • Harper informant; ties to Zhentil Keep

Maeden the Sorceress.

  • Issue: ?
  • solitary dragonkin sorceress

Manfred Diddle.

  • Issue: fearing for his life
  • no-good pickpocket and con artist; unmistakable pointed chin
  • +2 Dexterity; +1 Charisma, Wisdom
  • Carries a dagger (finesse)
  • Stress: 2 boxes

Narg the Bulldog

  • ferocious guard dog; scared witless
  • +2 Strength, Constitution; +1 Dexterity
  • A Nose for Trouble (Wisdom). +2 to track by scent.
  • Attack: +2 (bite)
  • Defense: +1 (Dexterity)
  • Stress: 3 boxes

Skib Treyton

  • uncouth ferry groundskeeper; they don't pay me enough!
  • +1 Strength
  • Attack: +1 (cudgel, + damage)
  • Defense: +0 (Dexterity)
  • Stress: 1 box

Xavier Xalibar.

  • Issue: (see Quest Aspect, above)
  • wealthy wool merchant of Thentia; other secret aspects

Sherd Sender.

  • Issue: A Good Reason To Be Paranoid
  • Unconvincing Disguise; Zhentarim Informant for the Harpers
  • +2 Charisma; +1 Intelligence and Dexterity
  • Attack: Dagger (+1)
  • Defense: Dodge (+1)
  • Stress: 2 Boxes

Ferry Dock Warrhouse

  • high stockade

Lior’s Lair

  • underground house of ill-repute; haven for all things illicit in Thentia

Small Unassuming Auberge

  • Small Unassuming Auberge; creaking stairs; cozy second floor room

Wanton Trollop.

  • Thentia's dockside dive; frequently packed to the rafters

Session 1, Scene 1: The Wanton Trollop[edit]

Starting from post #3.

  • Heroes seek Manfred Diddle, the only lead the pair has
  • Before they can interrogate the thief, a band of Zhents enters, seeking Manfred
  • A chase begins, and the pair leads Manfred away to safety

Session 1, Scene 2: By the Fire in an Unassuming Auberge[edit]

Starting from post #24.

  • Sen secures an unassuming auberge under a pseudonym
  • In the privacy of a room, they learn more from Manfred about the abduction
  • Manfred reveals a cache of wealth hidden by Xalibar that the thief was planning to steal in the ferry warehouse — that's when Xalibar and Maeden were allegedly abducted by a terrifying creature

Session 1, Scene 3: The Ferry Warehouse[edit]

Starting from post #45.

  • Manfred stays behind while the two head out in the morning to investigate the ferry docks
  • Sen meets Andur the guard with a plea to find Gherad Sender on behalf of Dante Sovalyn
  • Alaric demands entry to warehouse compound
  • Sen learns about Gherad's usual haunt
  • Alaric learns that the dog's fear is directed toward the warehouse and that there was a “spill” within

Session 1, Scene 4: Inside the Warehouse[edit]

Starting from post #62.

  • Alaric & Sen begin searching the warehouse for clues
  • The duo find a hastily cleaned up mess with broken glass
  • They find a fur sample near the scene
  • Something moves in the heights above
  • The pair faces a ferocious yeti
  • After defeating the monster, the two find clues in a drain culvert under the warehouse

Session 2, Scene 1: Uh Oh[edit]

Starting from post #99.

  • Alaric & Sen find a pool of blood coming from their rented room
  • Alaric distracts the innkeeper who tries to gain access to the room
  • Sen slips in finding Manfred's dead body, ripped to shreds like the work of a beast

Session 2, Scene 2: Lior's Lair[edit]

Starting from post #113.

  • Alaric & Sen visit the counting house under which the unsanctioned festhall was said to be
  • They gain access, finding the same Zhent goons that chased Manfred in scene 1
  • Sen distracts the occupants of Lior's Lair, and they escort a disguised Sender to a safe house
  • There they learn how Sender has been set up to reveal a fake meeting the next night in order to out him as the network mole in Thentia
  • They learn that the Zhentarim were expecting a shipment of bloodstone bars from an unknown source that never arrived

Session 2, Scene 3: Nanther Keep[edit]

Starting from post #171.

  • Andur the Watchman sets up a meeting with Dante
  • Sen and Alaric keep Sender in hiding
  • Dante is set up in Nanther Keep
  • Dante lets the two know that he knows all about the conspiracy
  • Dante wanted Sender to lead him to the safe house of a Zhentarim ring leader and leverages Alaric and Sen to take his place

Session 2, Scene 4: The Shipyards[edit]

Starting from post #186.

  • Sen and Alaric make plans to take the fall for Sender
  • The false Zhentarim "deal" was to go down in a shipyard near midnight
  • The two check out the place, noting positions on a roost, ambush and choke points, and manage to plant "insurance"
  • The two are almost made and are chased out
  • They meet up again at Homraven's pub

Session 2, Scene 5: Bad Deal[edit]

Starting from post #195.

  • The pair picks up a tail crossing town back toward the shipyards
  • Alaric spies the female harper -- Dante's agent or a lone wolf?
  • They continue; the Zhents and the halfling, Betran Fainmark revealing themselves (significant opposition)
  • The two are surrounded
  • Alaric bluffs the halfling into trusting them and lures the group outside the yard
  • Alaric takes Betran hostage