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This is the wiki page for the play-by-post Exalted game, Fates Intertwined.


  • Year: RY 769
  • Month: Descending Fire, 10th Day
  • Moon Phase Waxing Moon

From all the reaches of Creation, from North, South, East, West and beyond, they gather. "They" are the Chosen, be it of the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, of Death and Hell, or more. Be they are mighty warlords, cunning artificers, masterful schemers and tireless protectors, these disparate Exalts have only two things in common; a singular thread of destiny linking them, and the power to break the world utterly or restore it to its former glory.

What legends will Creation tell of their deeds?


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The Solars[edit]

Dawn Caste[edit]

Zenith Caste[edit]

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The Abyssals[edit]

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Midnight Caste[edit]

Daybreak Caste[edit]

The Flower that Never Blooms, Adorabysal Engineer with Mommy issues

Day Caste[edit]


That's going to make tihngs a lot easier from here on out.

The Lunars[edit]

Full Moon Caste[edit]

The Wolf at the World's Edge

Changing Moon Caste[edit]

Thorns, played by Faustus21

No Moon Caste[edit]

Orphea, played by Fatal Harmony

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Year 1[edit]

The 6th year since the Scarlet Empress’s disappearance...


The entirety of the Wyld Hunt is recalled to the Imperial City. Peleps Deled refuses the Deliberative order and the Wyld Hunt splinters. The Wyld Hunt loyalists return to the Realm and the Hunt is disbanded with members returning to their families. Those that follow Peleps Deled begin a long trek down the Yellow River in search of a new home.


The Arczeckhi Horde plunges out of the forests of the east and begins to conquer large amounts of the Republic of Chaya. It takes word of the invasion months to spread to Nexus and Lookshy. No one mobilizes soldiers in defense of the distant Republic.

Lookshy becomes embroiled in a territorial dispute between neighboring kingdoms. The dispute is quickly put to rest by the Seventh Legion. Both kingdoms pledge loyalty to Lookshy. This causes a dispute over Lookshy’s future in the East among the leaders within the General Staff and the Chumyo. The rest of the year is filled with citizens demonstrating loyalty to one faction or another. The Imperialists gain support among the populace when…

In another brash move, the Mask of Winters increases his territorial claim in the East by taking several coastal towns, villages, and cities. His kingdom spreads only slightly on the map but it shows his movement northward. He sends his envoy out to assure that this was only to protect the people of the surrounding areas from roaming horseman hordes that had raided the towns.

Year 2[edit]

The 7th year since the Scarlet Empress’s disappearance...


Peleps Deled moves his force of loyal Immacualtes, Dragon-blooded, and mortals into the city of Greyfalls. He quickly removes the Realm puppet government and establishes the city as a theocracy-based on the Immaculate Philosophy. He assures members of the Hundred Kingdoms and Nexus that he has no intention of ruling them. His desire is to spread the philosophy and reduce the infection of the Anathema.

The Realm sends emissaries to the Scavenger Lands and to the Greyfalls asking for assistance in returning Deled’s head to them. They also attempt to undermine Deled amongst the cities of the East. Their spies in Lookshy become more active.


Little word has come out of the Republic of Chaya. Few Chayan cities remain free, and refugees claim it is only a matter of time before the horde razes the capital. The horde is believed to be led by and made up partly of beasts.

In a series of political move, the growing problems in the East and the Realm, and key members sympathizing with the imperialist faction of Lookshy, the Imperialists gain control of the General Staff. The Seventh Legion begins preparing for war on its neighbors. An offer is sent to all kingdoms and cities not under Lookshy’s control, allow Lookshy to lead and administer their lands as overlord or face the sword. Some accept, many refuse.

Thorns once again goes silent.

Year 3[edit]

The 8th year since the Scarlet Empress’s disappearance...


The Great Houses and the Deliberative agree that the Blessed Isle must be readied for any potential attack. While some believe the focus should be on Anathema defense, it is evident that the Great Houses believe their greatest threat is each other. Each Great House is given authority and resources to harden the defenses of a Prefecture. Most family members moved to the Prefecture that was turned over to their defense.


Lookshy ceases its membership in the Confederation of Rivers. Nexus, Greyfalls, and other regional centers of power send words of warning to Lookshy leadership. No messengers return. The Seventh Legion begins operations throughout the Scavenger Lands to bring noncompliant nations to heel.

The Bayou of Endless Regret expands with no visible effort by those in the Underworld. The shadowland is now only 3 days from Thorns. The shadowland also expands east and south placing Cold House, the dwelling of the Deathlord Eye and Seven Despairs, and more of the Kingdom of Harborhead within its borders.

Year 4[edit]

The 9th year since the Scarlet Empress’s disappearance...


Minor skirmishes break out along Prefecture borders. Everyone denies responsibility and instead claim that it is an organized effort by an outside party causing the disruptions. Blame falls on various bandit groups and others considered bad elements of society. Realm supply ships are increasingly hit by pirate ships, survivors of the attacks report that many Dragon-blooded are among the attackers.


The Republic of Chaya is assumed lost as no word comes out of the kingdom other than Arczeckhi victory.

Outlying Seventh Legion stations quickly subdue local forces. Only Seventh Legion forces stationed in larger cities find difficulty in holding their position or advancing. Supplies from Lookshy airships allow them to continue fighting while the main forces approach. Lookshy calls on its allies and conquered territories to supply more troops to the effort. Some of its former allies in the Confederation of Rivers see the coming problems and join with Lookshy, offering supplies, troops, and aid. Others sign a mutual defense pact to prevent Lookshy from spreading into their territory, Nexus is the main advocate.

Year 5[edit]

The 10th year since the Scarlet Empress’s disappearance...

The story begins...


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