Fellowship - Blade of Ruin

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A The Legend of Zelda game of Fellowship GM'd by MrPrim. [Recruitment][IC][OOC]

“It has been an age since it was free.”

“Hatred, destruction, malice, calamity, locked away from the world. Bound.”

“In ages past it has called out… to those with singular vision, those whose reach exceeds their grasp, those who thought themselves clever. They came… and they freed it. Would-be demagogues and despots who believed themselves master….”


“You cannot simply release destruction and expect to remain unharmed.”

“Power must be wielded.”

The World[edit]

The Lore of Hyrule.

The People[edit]

The Fellowship[edit]

Emberstar, the Twili
Emissari, the Minish
Ereash, the Hylian
Harth, the Rito


Umber, the Legendary War Horse of Hylia
Mounted Combat, Run Like The Wind, 1 Bond with Ereash
Taloh, the Sheikah Advisor
Consultancy, 1 Bond with Ereash
Cottla, the Sheikah Bodyguard
Watch Out!, 1 Bond with Ereash
 ?, the Rito Shadow
Untraceable, Right Where You Need Me, 1 Bond with Harth
 ?, the Eagle
Go For The Eyes, Eagle Eye, 2 Bonds with Harth

Also, everyone has a horse or donkey (Thanks, Ereash!)

The Overlord[edit]

Artra, the Overlord
An arcanist of great and terrible power.
Powerful, Dark Magic, Corruptive Will


The Duelist, the Left Hand of Darkness
Mirror Defense, Up His Sleeve, Monofocused.