Fenya Gallant

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Empire Ascendant

  • Character Name: Fenya Gallant
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Arkanian Offshoot
  • Template: Smuggler
  • Character Points (Earned/Spent): xx / xx

  • Actor: Natassia Malthe
  • Campaign: Empire Ascendant
  • System: D6 Star Wars 1E
  • Player: Marian


Show any weakness in this biz and people'll walk--or slither, depending--all over you.

Attributes & Skills[edit]

Dexterity 3D+1[edit]

  • Blaster
  • Brawling Parry
  • Dodge
  • Grenade
  • Heavy Weapons
  • Melee
  • Melee Parry
  • (Lightsaber)

Perception 3D[edit]

  • Bargain 4D
  • Command
  • Con 4D
  • Gambling
  • Hide/Sneak
  • Search

Knowledge 2D+1[edit]

  • Alien Races
  • Bureaucracy
  • Cultures
  • Languages 3D+1
  • Planetary Systems 3D+1
  • Streetwise 3D+1
  • Survival
  • Technology

Strength 3D[edit]

  • Brawling 3D+2
  • Climbing/Jumping
  • Lifting
  • Stamina
  • Swimming

Mechanical Aptitude 3D+2[edit]

  • Astrogation
  • Beast Riding
  • Repulsorlift Operation
  • Starship Gunnery
  • Starship Pilot 4D+2
  • Starship Shields

Technical Aptitude 2D+2[edit]

  • Computer Programming/Repair
  • Demolitions
  • Droid Programming/Repair
  • Medicine
  • Repulsorlift Repair
  • Security
  • Starship Repair 3D

Static Defenses[edit]

All static defenses are calculated as (Skill dice x3) + pips; i.e. 5D+1 would be [(5x3)+1] = 16.

  • Brawling Parry: 10
  • Dodge: 10
  • Melee Parry: 10

The Force[edit]

  • Force Points: 1
  • Dark Side Points:
  • Control:
  • Sense:
  • Alter:

Force Powers[edit]

Arms, Armor & Equipment[edit]


  • CH-16a heavy blaster pistol (5D, Short 3-7, Med 8-25, Long 26-50)
  • DH-17 blaster carbine (5D, Short 3-25, Med 26-60, Long 61-250)
  • Vibroblade (4D+2, Melee: Moderate 11-15)


  • none


  • Comlink
  • Macrobinoculars

Vehicles, Droids, and Other Stuff[edit]

  • The Rim Dancer, a YG-4210 Stock Light Freighter
  • Power Scanner
  • Hydrospanner
  • Fusion Cutter
  • Worklight
  • Vehicle Tool Kit
  • Medpack
  • Bottle of Bela Vistal Green Label

Credits and Valuables[edit]

  • Credits: 275
  • Valuables: 25,000 credit debt to Mysterious Benefactor

Rim Dancer Modifications Wishlist[edit]

  • Sensor Jammer, 1500 credits, 1 ton
  • Adding 1D shields: 4000 credits, 6 tons
  • Hyperdrive x1: 15,000 credits, 18 tons
  • Increasing Speed to 3D: 20,000 credits, 2 tons


Fenya has pale blue skin, white hair, and yellow eyes. Otherwise she appears human. Dark blue tribal tattoos decorate her left arm and the left side of her face. She keeps her hair short and usually dresses in practical, utilitarian clothing.


Fenya was born in space and spent most of her life serving on one ship or another. To her, planets are just someplace you visit. She's held just about every kind of rate on every type of ship, from steward on a luxury liner to gunner's mate on a pirate cruiser.

From the beginning, she wanted a ship of her own. A ship meant freedom and independence, the ability to go anywhere and (she thought) no one telling you what to do. Flush with prize money after a particularly lucky tour on a customs frigate, she was finally able to make her dreams come true, buying an impounded smuggler's ship at a government auction.

She quickly learned that running a tramp freighter isn't all it's cracked up to be. Repairs and maintenance, fuel, berthing fees, and other expenses usually eat up most of the profit from a run. After a string of bad luck she had to turn to a loan shark to pay for some badly needed repairs, and now she's deep in debt. To make matters worse, the previous owner is out of prison and wants his ship back.


Fenya is tough, smart, and cynical--or at least that's the face she shows to the rest of the galaxy. Trying to be nice just gets you taken advantage of.