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This game will be broken up into Jobs with each job being a series of scenes that roughly map to an arc of (usually) five acts. Each job the crew completes earns them each one experience. Experience can be spent to advance characters as follows:

  • Turn an Asset from an Episode into a d6 Signature Asset: 1 Experience
  • Switch out a Distinction for a new Distinction: 1 Experience
  • Add a Signature Asset SFX (No more than 2 SFX per asset): 1 Experience
  • Add a new d6 Knack to a d6 or higher Role or step up an existing Knack one step (to a maximum of d12): 1 Experience

  • Step up an existing Signature Asset one place (to a max of d12: 2 Experience
  • Unlock a new Distinction SFX: 2 Experience

  • Step up a Role one step to a max of d12: 3 Experience
  • Step up one Approach and step back another: 3 Experience

  • Players may also donate experience to buff their ship (See Ship Advancement)

Note: No stat can be stepped up beyond d12

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