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Plot Points[edit]

GM: The GM begins the game with a number of GMC Plot Points equal to the number of players. He also has a big pile of Plot Points with which to buy Hitches, award character Plot Points, etc

Players each begin with one Plot Point at the start of a story arc and may earn more in the usual ways, Typically by engaging SFX that grant PP or by rolling Hitches.

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Action Resolution[edit]

Except in the most extraordinary circumstances we won't be using initiative. Whoever makes more sense to be prioritized in an action will be, with priority typically going to PCs over GMCs.

Because it's PBP actions will be sorted with each update rather than using the back and forth method that can require several rolls from both sides for a single action. I typically will use opposed rolls. If it's going to be a set difficulty I will say so at the outset.

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Effect Dice[edit]

Some rolls won't require effect dice, but where they could come into play we will be using them. Roll your pool and choose two dice to represent your outcome total and one die to act as your effect die. Outcome dice cannot be used as effect dice. The number rolled counts for the outcome total, but only the type of die counts for your effect.

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Hero Dice[edit]

If you roll an extraordinary success you get to bank a Hero Die equal to the highest die in the opposing pool. You can pay a PP on any roll to add a HD to your roll and you get to add three dice together rather than two for your total outcome. Total outcome dice still can't be used as effect dice.

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Creating assets is commonly done by paying a PP to just make up a d6 asset out of thin air. Some SFX allow the player to bump such assets up to d8.

Players may also roll to create an asset with the GM making the opposing roll to see if they succeed. The Level of the asset is determined by the player's effect die, or by whatever cap the GM sets if he sets one.

Complications are generated by the GMs effect die OR by the number of hitches he buys.

Similarly the players may buy GM rolled opportunities to either chip away at complications OR boost an asset.

Assets generated or boosted in the above fashions typically last only a single scene or until they become fictionally irrelevant. Complications can last longer.

Players may pay an additional PP to make an asset last the whole episode

Assets always start at a minimum of d6 and complications that drop below d6 are removed. Prime defaults to d4 but IMO that's just adding unnecessary grist to the hitch mill when pbp games already run slow by default.

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