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Like the crew, the ship earns one experience per completed job. These are kept in a bank until the players are ready to spend them. Players may also add their own experience to the ship bank to facilitate upgrades.

  • Turn a ship Asset from an Episode into a d6 ship Signature Asset: 2 Experience
  • Swap out one ship Distinction for another: 2 Experience


Note: Fictional justification must always accompany ship Distinction changes. You cannot swap out the ship's Class Distinction without getting a whole new ship.

  • Add a Signature Asset SFX: 3 Experience
  • Step up a Signature Asset one place (to a max of d12): 3 Experience

  • Unlock a new ship Distinction SFX: 4 Experience
  • Step up one ship Attribute (Hull/Systems/Engines):
Advance a d4 attribute to d6: 4 Experience
Advance a d6 attribute to d8: 6 Experience
Advance a d8 attribute to d10: 8 Experience
Advance a d10 attribute to d12: 10 Experience

Note: Fictional justification must always accompany any upgrade to ship Attributes.

Note: Ship Attributes cannot be higher than d12 You may only have one ship Attribute at d12

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