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Lian MacBay :: Saboteur[edit]


Fifty percent Chinese, Fifty percent Scottish, hundred percent badass![edit]

Approaches d6Arrow03.png[edit]

|| Forceful d10 || Savvy d8 || Charming dd ||

Roles d4Arrow03.png[edit]

Fixer d6

  • Knack: Explosives d6

Leader d4

Operator d10

  • Knack: Sabotage d6
  • Knack: Pilot d6

Performer d6

  • Knack: Intimidation d6

Scrapper d8

  • Knack: Shotgun d6

Tracker d6

  • Knack: Sneak d6

Distinctions/SFX d8[edit]

Checked SFX are active.

Vanity Distinction - Saboteur Sabotage ain’t just about breaking things. It’s about breaking them at the right time.

Check002.png Hinder: Sometimes your distinction works against you. Gain 1 plot point when you roll a D4a.png instead of a D8a.png
Check002.png Activated SFX: Two Steps Ahead When you reveal that you’ve already put sabotage into motion, spend 1 PP to create a Sabotage d8 Asset.

Vice Distinction - Spoiling for a fight There’s nothing better than a good fight.

Check002.png Hinder: Sometimes your distinction works against you. Gain 1 plot point when you roll a D4a.png instead of a D8a.png

Virtue Distinction - Stalwart Friend You can count on me so long as stars burn in the black.

Check002.png Hinder: Sometimes your distinction works against you. Gain 1 plot point when you roll a D4a.png instead of a D8a.png
Check002.png Activated SFX: Side by Side Gain 1 Plot Point when you expose yourself to risk— social or physical—for a friend.

Signature Assets d6Arrow03.png[edit]

Mother's tool set d8 Description

Grandfather's shotgun d10 Description


Lian's father is a Scottish miner and his mother a Chinese mechanic. He has two older sisters following his mother's trade, and a gifted younger brother the family is hoping to arrange a proper education for. Lian himself followed his father's example and started working in the mines. The work was hard and the pay not very good, with most of the profits going to the Core corporation that owned the mine. But there were not that many other prospects in the small mining town. Lian's leisure consisted of hunting trips with his father, where he learned to shoot and survive in the wild. And once he became old enough, a pint or two at the local pub after work. It was there where he met Engels, the recruiter.

"We break our backs working and get nothing for it!" Engels was saying to the miners gathered at his table. "Core takes all the profits. Enough is enough! It is time for independence!"

"That did not work out so well last time," an older miner said.

"That was 50 years ago, and we got caught by surprise then. Hardly had time to prepare after the ultimatum. Things are different now. Some of us have been preparing for a while now. Stockpiling, making preparations. Getting people in place. We have supporters, even on Core worlds. We are prepared. This time we will strike first, and this time we will beat them. The only question is, who is willing to fight for independence?"

"Nothing good will come of this," the old miner said and left the table. But the younger ones stayed.

"You mentioned a first strike," one of the miners said.

"I did." Engels turned to Lian. "MacBay, you are familiar with explosives, right?"

"Mining charges, yeah."

"Okay, so this is what we will do."

Lian stepped inside his home, a bit sheepishly, wearing his brown coat.

"Well, look at you," his father said. "Uniform and all. The explosion at the spaceport, that was you?"

"Uh, yes. I snuck in during the night and set explosives at the antenna and the roof of the barracks. All the workers in the morning shift were our people, so once they were in, I set off the explosions. The others took down the guards outside, the ones in the barracks were so stunned by the explosion that they did not put up much of a fight, and with the antenna gone they could not send out an alert. Er... I didn't really discuss this with you, because Lieutenant Engels said that the more people who know, the greater the risk. Are you mad?"

"No," his father said. "We were expecting this. We knew you had been talking with Engels, and what he is."

"We are not happy about this," Lian's mother added. "Your father and I are worried that we will never see you again if you leave. But we are also proud of you. Everyone wants the Core gone, but actually taking a stand against them - that is different." She walked to a cabinet and took out a wide leather belt and bandolier, handing them to Lian. "Here, take these with you."

"Mother, your tools! I can't take them, you need them yourself!"

"Oh, I'll get by," she said. "I can improvise. You need these more. I have been adding to the set over the years, you'll find everything from crowbar to tweezers. Whether you need to defuse or rig up a bomb, force open a door, or work on an engine, you'll find a tool for it."

"Thank you," Lian said, taking the tools.

"I have something for you too," his father said and presented a lacquered wooden box. "This belonged to your grandfather. I have kept it as a memento, but I know he'd like you to have it."

Lian opened the box and saw a shotgun with an engraved barrel. "That is the gun your grandfather used when he fought for independence 50 years ago," his father said. "It is old, but it still works, and you won't find a more reliable weapon! Your grandfather said that he could walk through a blizzard, a sandstorm or a swamp, and the gun would still fire, unlike the finicky Core guns that would jam in those circumstances."

"These engravings... I do not understand the language. What does it say?"

"I do not really know," his father said. "It is in some really old language that was dead even before people left old Terra. That is as much as I know. Your grandfather did not like to talk about the war, so I have no idea where he got the engraving or what does it say. Perhaps some historian would know."

"Thank you," Lian said again and took the shotgun. "I, uh - I just came to say goodbye. I can't stay for long. Lieutenant Engels is taking us to mustering point, where we get assigned to units."

"That is okay," Lian's father said as he and Lian's mother pulled their son into a hug. "Go. But come back alive!"

"Next!" the graying officer said, and Lian stepped forward. "Name?"

"Lian MacBay. I am here to join the commandos."

The officer took a look at Lian. "Sorry, son. You are not cut out for this."

"What?" Lian said. "I was the one who set the explosives at the mining port! I can handle demolitions, I can shoot, I can survive in the wild, and I am as stealthy as any! What makes me unqualified?"

Suddenly there was a knife at Lian's throat. One of the commandos had snuck behind him. "Because you did not see that coming," the officer said. "You have skills, I grant you that, but you are not very observant. And in the field, that can get you or someone else killed. You would need to be able to spot sentries, tripwires, other stealthy people - and your senses are not sharp enough. Not for what we do. Sorry, but you are not cut out for my unit."

"So I should join a regular infantry unit and waste my other skills in some foxhole?" Lian asked, a bit disgruntled and disappointed, but understanding the situation.

The officer considered for a moment and then wrote on a piece of paper. "No. I know a captain who is putting together an asymmetric warfare unit. She might find use for your skills. Find this ship and tell the captain that Old Gray Eyes sent you, and she will at least consider you."

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