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Gemma "Ruby" Boggs:: Social Chameleon[edit]

Gemma Boggs 2UW Pretty.jpg Gemma Boggs 2UW Practical.jpg Gemma Boggs 2UW Violent.png

(She changes her hair and eyes for disguises, too, but this helps the images gel as the same person)

Who do you want me to be today?[edit]

Approaches d6Arrow03.png[edit]

|| Charming d10 || Forceful d8 || Savvy d6 ||

Roles d4Arrow03.png[edit]

Performer d10

  • Disguise d8
  • Dance d6

Tracker d8

  • Rumor Mill d6

Scrapper d6

  • Backstabbing d6

Fixer d6

  • First Aid d6

Leader d6

Operator d4

Distinctions/SFX d8[edit]

Checked SFX are active.

Vanity Distinction - Social Chameleon You don't just put on a show of being someone else. You're whoever you need to be, until you're someone else. Make sure you remember who you are to different folks. And sometimes, just bluster through.

Check002.png Hinder: Sometimes your distinction works against you. Gain 1 plot point when you roll a D4a.png instead of a D8a.png
Check002.png The Stall: When you act as a distraction for another Crewmember’s Action, spend 1 PP to step up or double the die you lend to them.
Baffle them with Bullshit: When dealing with someone suspicious of your identity or trying to paper over inconsistencies, take or step up a Web of Lies Complication to double Performer for the roll.

Vice Distinction - Bleedin' Heart Sure, you meet a lot of folk who earned the bad things coming their way. Way more who didn't, and that ain't never gonna sit right with you.

Check002.png Hinder: Sometimes your distinction works against you. Gain 1 plot point when you roll a D4a.png instead of a D8a.png
Check002.png Guilt: Create or step up a Guilt complication and gain 1 PP when you get someone uninvolved hurt or in trouble to further your mission.
Is there any way I can help?: When assisting someone by handling a simple part of a complex task - something like 'watch for that blinking light', 'hold the wheel steady', or 'press on that wound' - you can step up their effect die instead of loan one of your own.

Virtue Distinction - Tougher Than She Looks Growin' up wasn't easy, nor was makin' it to where you are today. People who just see the pretty flower ain't seen the rocks you had to sprout from.

Check002.png Hinder: Sometimes your distinction works against you. Gain 1 plot point when you roll a D4a.png instead of a D8a.png
Undeniable: When standing up for your beliefs or Crew, spend 1 PP to double Forceful for a roll.
Skin in the Game: Step up an opponent’s Complication before rolling against them. Step up one of your own Complications after the roll.

Signature Assets d6Arrow03.png[edit]

Self-forging Credentials d8 A wonderfully user-friendly device cooked up by Independent hackers, which consists of a palm-held scanner and codebreaker paired with a high-fidelity electronic paper card and transmitter. It can automatically copy someone's credentials, including basic electronic signifiers, and display itself as the same ID but matching Gemma's biometrics. It also comes pre-loaded with an extensive library of Alliance agency IDs and common licenses. Without a skilled electronic security specialist using it - and Gemma decidedly is not - cannot withstand detailed scrutiny, as it would have to at a secured facility, but for flashing a badge to look official or passing a simple hand scanner it should work nicely.

Quick-Change Wardrobe d8 Most of Gemma's clothes are designed to pack small and be easier to slip into and out of than they look. She has wigs, makeup, and some particularly universal clothing items with meta-dyes that can be rapidly recolored with the application of color-keyed catalyst sticks, and she has a clutch-sized library of quick-applying facial hair, letting her shed an identity or present a new one with only a little time unobserved.

Low-Profile Carbon-Reinforced Ceramic Knife d6 A gift from her spy trainer to make sure that she never gets in a compromising position unarmed and can give deserving parties a knife in the back regardless of her disguise.


  • Transgirl, originally from a backward enclave on Triumph. Stowed away on a tramp freighter of luckily decent-enough folk, figured herself out with the help of a Companion they ferried at one point, and left with her in hopes of joining the Companions. Learned how to be exactly who she needed to be for her clients, which became the core of her skillset (she's also pretty good at dancing, gymnastics, and fiddling... dancing and gymnastics often come in handy at least
  • Got increasingly uncomfortable in her new coreward life as tensions rose, eventually deciding to go home when she heard of Alliance 'counter-insurgency' strikes on Triumph - while she's thoroughly estranged from her family, they're still blood, and she needed to find out what happened to them. Family wanted nothing to do with what had become of their 'son', but the Companion coming home caught the interest of some Independent agents.
  • A series of slightly suspicious engagements based more around her ability to fit in and provide social cover than 'normal' Companion services led to more direct involvement with Independent spooks, eventually leaving the Guild behind. (The Companions are supposed to be apolitical, but they're backed by Alliance regulations and enforcement, so can't get officially entangled with the opposition.)
  • Has been a 'proper' spy for a few years now, mostly trained by a little old lady with many false names, an uncanny ability to pull a weapon from anywhere, and a surprising array of Bruce Lee quotes.
  • Knows that the Independents aren't an alliance of saints, and doesn't have an issue with working with unsavory sorts, but does try not to get people hurt who were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Likes that their cover is a medical ship, and enthusiastically pretends to be a nurse when needed.

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