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Oz :: Commando[edit]

Jimmy-bobo-bullet-to-the-head-jason-momoa-foto-dal-film-8 mid.jpg


  • Physical [d10]
  • Mental [d8]
  • Social [d6]

Trained Skills[edit]

  • Drive [d6]
  • Fight [d10] | Multiple Opponents [d6]
  • Fly [d6]
  • Focus [d8] | Intimidation [d6]
  • Know [d6] | Alliance Military [d6]
  • Labor [d6] | Heavy Lifting [d6]
  • Notice [d8]
  • Shoot [d10]
  • Sneak [d8]
  • Trick [d6]

Untrained Skills [d4][edit]

  • Craft, Fix, Influence, Move, Operate, Perform, Survive, Throw, Treat


Bolded Triggers are active.

Hired Muscle [d8] -

  • Step Back - Roll d4 Instead of d8 for 1 PP
  • Looming Shadow - When you use your large size and hulking appearence to intimidate someone, Roll Physical instead of Social. 1s&2s count as jinxes on the roll.

Alliance Commando [d8] - You were all about getting behind enemy lines and disrupting their defences. It meant you saw some of the worst things, and did them, too.

  • Step Back - Roll d4 Instead of d8 for 1 PP
  • Horrors of War - Create or Step up a complication relating to your grim nature to double Fight or Shoot for one action
  • Silent Hunter – Step back Shoot for a scene to step up Sneak

Semi-Retired [d8] -

  • Step Back - Roll d4 Instead of d8 for 1 PP

Signature Assets[edit]

Special Ops Training [d8]


Appearance - like a clean-shaven Jason Momoa - clear over 6 feet (6' 5), strong chin, powerful build, broad shoulders. He has the dreads too, though his hairline is beginning to recede. Affiliation - none (formerly Alliance Military, sergeant-at-arms) Age – Hard to tell, anywhere between 35 and 50 (actually 38)

(OC note – this is all OC information about the character. Oz doesn’t talk about the war or his past much, and avoids it when pressed.)

Born on Gethsemene into a lower-middle class family, Austin Channing saw the military as an opportunity for a better life. Which, at the time, it was – Safe, secure environment, and the idea of a war in space seemed remote. Strong, talented and disciplined, he was selected for special operations and recieved some of the best military training in the Alliance.

He had been a member of the Alliance Special Forces for several years before the subversive rumblings on the outer planets turned into the reverbing plasma-shots of outright war as the Alliance moved to unite the human worlds. His squad was deployed to several planets, where Oz quickly realised he was very, very good at his job - namely, killing people. For a while, he was able to get by on the fact that this was war, it was an insurrection, but slowly it wore him down.

Oz and his squad were present at Serenity Valley... It was some of the most brutal fighting of the war. It was his last real fighting, but it was enough. Oz resigned his commission, and headed out to make ends meet.

A man of his skills tends to end up as muscle for some moon-lord or other, but Oz refused. He ended up hauling cargo around the rim - a soldier's physique goes well into manual labour - before ending up at a space station dock when it was attacked. He bolted onto the Hunter's Moon, and is there to now.

Oz seems fairly intimidating. He looks intense and speaks little, but occasionally loosens up to tell stories, though nothing of the War. He listens closely, even when noone is speaking. Oz does move softly for such a large man, and has taking up most of the galley duties or heavy lifting.

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