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Character Files/Meta-Currencies[edit]

Character Role Played by Episodes d6 d8 d10 d12 PP
Manuel "Mel" Krause Captain Muskrat D2b.png 2 4
Huáng Xiùlán Infiltrator squidheadjax D2b.png 3
Veritas Jones First Mate Atlictoatl D1b.png 1 3
Mike Constantine Pilot camk4evr D0a.png 1
Declan Dority Hacker Iustum D1b.png 2 1 5
Ada Vell Companion KnightOfCups D1b.png 3
Emilio Crawford Doctor lordtaco777 D0a.png 2 2
Henrik Mason Marine Llayne D0a.png 2
Game Master in charge of Shenanigans brahnamin 8

Character Complications[edit]

  • Cursed Ship d6 ALL
  • A Fine Headstart d8 ALL

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Character Assets[edit]

Note: Assets with 2 PP invested will be marked with an [E] to denote episode-long assets.

  • [E] Control Card d8 All
  • [S] Air-Gapped AI Server d6 Dec

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GMC Complications[edit]

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GMC Assets[edit]

Note: Assets with 2 PP invested will be marked with an [E] to denote episode-long assets.

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Character Generation[edit]

You are welcome to use the following Template for your character sheet or replace it with your own format. Just make sure skills, distinctions, and signature assets are clearly labeled with their appropriate die notation as well as which distinction triggers are active and available for use.

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The Liúlàng Zhě (The Wanderer) is a Mayfly class survey/salvage vessel with an uncontested title appropriated by the crew at the end of the Unification War.

Banked Ship Episodes: D2b.png[edit]

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During one of the last battles of the Unification War, the crew procured the Liúlàng Zhě (Wanderer) in a desperate bid to escape certain annihilation, appropriating the near obsolete mining vessel from an abandoned salvage yard just ahead of advancing Alliance forces. Old as she was and slated for scrap, the stout little ship proved surprisingly tough and agile, dodging or shrugging off potential hazards as they fled the system.

Over the past four years, the battered old Mayfly has undergone a number of interesting modifications and upgrades both inside and out, not all of them entirely legal like, and the mismatched group that fled the Alliance together have made some small name for themselves in the 'Verse as a capable crew that gets jobs done.

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Original Recruitment Thread

First Re-Recruitment Thread

OOC Thread

IC Thread

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Chinese Slang & Firefly Phrases For adding color to how your character speaks.

Orokos Online Dice Roller.

Absences Thread If you can't post for whatever reason let us know here or in OOC.

Firefly RPG (PDF) You can play in this game without your own copy of the Firefly RPG, but if you'd like to pick it up, the PDF is available at DriveThruRPG for $19.99 at the time of this posting. (I am not affiliated with Margaret Weis Productions, and receive no compensation of any kind from any purchase of this product).

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Post Frequency

  • I am asking for a daily posting commitment for this game as a general rule, with the understanding that posting might be less frequent on weekends and holidays.

Post Absences

  • If you will NOT be able to post, for whatever reason, please ping us in OOC so we know what is going on or post to the Absences Thread (I pretty much check that thing every time it lights up).

Post Formatting

  • Please bold your character's name at the top of each IC post OR bold the first instance of your character's name in the body of the post. We all game with lots of folk, sometimes with the same players in different games; this just makes it easier to keep track of which character we're addressing.
  • If you are addressing another PC in your post it is helpful to bold their character name as well so it stands out for them.
  • OOC blocks are fine for showing dice rolls and brief OOC comments directly related to a particular post. Please sblock if you need to include large blocks of text related to your IC post. All other OOC content should go in the OOC thread itself.
  • Please link all dice rolls back to your dice roller.

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While the core game implies a fairly significant amount of player vs player conflict, I prefer not to run games that lean heavily to that assumption. If you wan't to do something that directly acts against another player there are two options.

  • Unilateral Permission: The other player agrees to your action. No rolls are needed. Just RP it out.
  • Limited Permission: The other player doesn't agree that it is an automatic thing, but does agree to let the dice decide.

Note: If the players involved do not agree to PVP, it doesn't happen. Move on with something else.

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Players to PM for Re-Recruit[edit]

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