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The Primary Traits for this game are Approaches, Roles. and Distinctions. In any test or contest requiring dice, you get to roll one die from each of your 3 primary traits as well as applicable assets, knacks, etc.


Approaches represent how you might go about tackling a given action. There are three approaches: Forceful, Savvy, and Charming

Approaches default to d8 d8 d8

Players may instead choose to step up one d8 to d10 by stepping back one d8 to d6


The Forceful approach covers lots of physical situations, but also exerting a force of will or using intimidation.


The Savvy approach covers lots of mental situations, but also using cunning over force to attack, or using reason rather than popularity to come out on top in a social situation.


The Charming approach covers lots of social situations, but also dazzling someone with fancy sword play, or making someone lean into their emotions when they should be thinking things through,

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Roles represent a broad general category of action. If your approach tells us how you are doing something, your role paints a broad picture of what you are doing. There are six roles: Fixer, Leader, Operator, Performer, Scrapper, and Tracker

Assign one of the following dice to each role: d10 d8 d6 d6 d6 d4


Fixers repair, fabricate, and maintain stuff. Sometimes even people.


Leaders are tacticians and strategists, controlling outcomes from the background and front lines alike.


Operators are machinists, pilots, drivers, programmers. If it's tech, they take to it.


Performers are masters of skill, finesse and misdirection, able to dazzle any audience.


Scrappers get into it. Guns, fists, crowbars, swords, they ain't met the fight they didn't like.


Trackers get into places they weren't meant to get into. They track shit down and locate people, resources, and rumors.


Knacks are specific specialties under a given Role that the character is just a natural at and often act to differentiate character types: a doctor from a mechanic, a pilot from a hacker, or a gunslinger from a martial artist. Starting knacks are worth an extra D6a.png but can be stepped up as outlined below.
Each player gets to assign two free knacks at D6a.png or one free knack at D8a.png to their Character's D10a.png Role.
Each player gets to assign one free knack at D6a.png to their Character's D8a.png Role.
Each player gets to assign three additional knacks at D6a.png to any Role rated D6a.png or higher or step up an existing knack at a one-for-one exchange rate.
Knacks cannot be assigned to a character's D4a.png Role.
No knack can be stepped up higher than the dice value of the Role it is assigned to.

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More than any other trait, Distinctions represent your character themselves. If Approaches tell how you are doing something and Roles describe what you are trying to do; Distinctions address your motivations and why you are doing what you are doing. Distinctions are Vanity, Vice, and Virtue.

Distinctions are rolled at D8a.png unless the Hinder SFX is being used.


This might be considered your high concept, your profession, or just that singluar thing your character believes they are just flat out good - maybe the best - at doing. Firefly being a space western, your Vanity Distinction might be Gunslinger, Ship's Captain, Mechanic, Doctor, Reader, Gambler, Space Marine, Criminal, Spy, Deckhand, First Mate or any number of other options.


Every good space cowboy has a vice, a bit of darkness they tend to turn to. Might be something they fight. Might be part of their legend. Is your Vice Distinction Alchoholism, Addiction, Bastard, Killer, Snitch, Thief, Gambler, Adrenaline Junky? or some other bit of darkness?


At its heart Firefly is about depicting the thrilling heroics of big damned heroes, so every character should have a big damned Virtue Distinction to balance the Vice. Are you a Protector, Charitable, Selfless, Loyal, Heart of Gold? Rob from the Rich to give to the Poor, Hold Criminals Accountable? Or some other beacon of light that makes you stand out in the black?


Each of your three distinctions starts with the Hinder SFX active.

Check002.png Hinder: Sometimes your distinction works against you. Gain 1 plot point when you roll a D4a.png instead of a D8a.png

You also get to activate two player defined SFX to attach to one or two of your distinctions.

Note: You may not have more than 3 active SFX per distinction

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Signature Assets[edit]

Choose two signature assets and assign one a value of D8a.png and one a value of D6a.png

Assets can be almost anything that makes your character stand out or more useful in their areas of expertise. Some ideas might include Papa's Pistol, Military Grade Cortex Handset, Sneak Suit. Flask of Friendship, Rope - so much Rope, Med Kit, Just the Right Tools, Mama's Little Helpers (designer drugs), Assassin's Scalpel, Tungsten/Titanium Pool Cue etc . . .

Customization Points[edit]

You have two points that can be used as follows:

Add a new D6a.png Knack - 1pt
Step up an existing Knack 1 place (not to exceed the rating of its associated Role) - 1pt
Add a D6a.png Signature Asset - 1pt
Step up an existing Signature Asset 1 place (not to exceed D12a.png) - 1pt
Unlock an additional player defined Distinction SFX - 2pts

Note: Players may save one or both of these points to spend with their regular XP between episodes, just let me know so I can add them to the main character table.

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