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Ward Pearson[edit]

Plot Points: 3

  • Not What I Thought I'd Be Doing Today d8


Mental d10
Physical d6
Social d8


Craft d6
Fix d8
Fly d6 evasive maneuvers
Focus d6
Know d10 biophysics
Operate d10 medical instruments
Shoot d6
Survive d6
Treat d10 first aid
All others skills at d4


Child Prodigy d8
Researcher d8
Hypothesize: Spend 1 PP to create an Asset based on your current hypothesis. Crewmembers who use the Asset can spend 1 PP to step it up after a successful Action, to a d10 maximum. If any Action with the Asset fails, remove it from play.
Ship's Doctor d8
Natural Healer: Spend 1 PP to step back another character's medical or injury-based Complication.

Signature Assets:

Medical Bag d8: Filled with surgical tools and whatever small supply of medicine.


Birthplace: Ariel
Age: 39

Ward is practically a stereotype from Ariel: wealthy parents, good schooling, burgeoning career as a great theoretical researcher at St. Lucy's in the field of biophysics, tall and handsome with sandy blond hair and statuesque features. When the War reached its middle stages, Pearson was brought in by the Alliance to do new work in improving the stamina of combat troops, and finding new ways to design gear and technology that worked as harmoniously as possible with the frontline soldiers: things like tracking vitals better, ergonomic and lightweight gear that acted like an extension of a soldier's limbs, and better combat cameras and HUD equipment.

At several points in his career, military officials seemed to prove Ward for loyalty, and had oversight regarding all if his projects. This left him uneasy, and more than once, downright scared: how many times did his research get moved into those deep, secure vaults at St. Lucy's? How many times did he get pushed more towards neuroscience, always at a highly theoretical level?

After a year and a half of using fancy new gadgets to watch replays of the most horrific battles in the Unification War, Pearson resigned his position, becoming a combat medic...partly by choice, partly because the military urged it once he turned down a highly sensitive project down in those vaults. He still worked on the side of the Alliance, but he'd clearly grown disenfranchised and disgruntled, and while his bravery and deeds in the trenches were commendable, he constantly argued with superiors and shot his mouth off to Alliance commanders.

When Serenity Valley fell, Ward Pearson was unceremoniously "mustered out" at the earliest possible opportunity. Ward ultimately began to see just how terrible the effects of the War were on the Border and Rim worlds. Looking for a home, Ward's been more or less stonewalled by the Alliance into working on a remote mining asteroid, but he's itching to get out, and in his bitterness, cares very little who he leaves with.


Ward is tall and handsome, with sandy blond hair and statuesque features. He has all the looks of some Cortex show's lead male doctor figure, but his personality is too bitter and acerbic to mistake for an actor playing a doctor. He hasn't bothered to update his clothing in a while, so it's generally of very high quality, but he wears it wrinkled and haphazardly.

It's easy to see Ward as some kind of Core world dandy at first glance, but most people can see the hollowness in his eyes, and therefore don't mess with him.