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Overview of Technology and Equipment[edit]

Items are divided into type, then presented with the following stat block:

Name of Item[edit]

  • Price
  • Encumbrance Mobility Penalty


Special Game Rules:

Vehicles and Transportation[edit]

Everybody's gotta move. The huddled masses might be stuck with walking, but those burners with a few dragons to their name like to keep their feet clean and save their breath for more important things. For those with access to flamecraft, there's plenty of ways to get around.

All vehicles have a maximum Encumbrance that they can carry, and all Flamecraft vehicles consume Pyros to operate. This Pyros is generally


  • Price: 400 Dragons
  • Encumbrance Carried: 5
  • Pyros Required: 1 per hour of operation
  • Speed Rating: ?

Skrip crashes through the high window of the Catherdal of Flames, sending glass fragments tumbling to the far streets below. Frantic yells echo out of the gaping hole left by his unconventional exit. As the youth tumbles towards a ruby gargoyle, he kicks twice and a board of blue sparks appears at his feet.

The sparkboard flares white as the elemental struggles to slow Skrim's fall from a decidely terminal velocity. He scrapes across the head of the huge gargoyle, and kicks off into the air, leaving a trail of blazing sparks. Bolts from the Templars above shred the air around him as he grinds across the roof of a Guildhouse, and down into the alley across from the temple...

Sparkboards are the motive device of choice for the urban youth: fast, light, and manueverable. Sparkboards consist of an elemental bound into a pair of ornate boots, which shapes itself into a narrow board when activated. The sparkboard allows its user to fly at high speed above crowded city streets with a high degree of manueverability, and is easily concealed when not in use; making it ideal for the urban criminal.