Flavors of the Pattern

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Flavors of the Pattern

The term "Flavors" annoys most practitioners of sorcery and holders of pattern imprints. But a better term was not developed in time for this one to reach common usage in those circles.

This refers to a sense of the mood of the pattern at the time that a walker first assays the pattern . It has been compared to its age and familiarity with its users.



Wild refers to those who walked the pattern during its earliest days while it was fresh,powerful, active, excitable and had not developed a sense of its own self and its place in the universe. Users say a Wild imprint was terribly dangerous to assay, fighting the walker viciously, as if it considers the act of being assay a violation. Bearers of a Wild imprint have a dramatically high level of power backing their spells and efforts, especially after coming to terms with the imprint within them. There are shadows of the pattern that are considered Wild despite the Primal pattern having become Calm There is always a reason that particular shadow of the pattern is Wild.


This is the imprint most pattern wearers have. Gained after the Pattern had accepted its role and place and matured into its role. This is the vastly more common version of the pattern of Amber.

The Calm imprint is the standard imprint and over writes Wild and Shaken flavors. However, Wild imprints may occasionally reassert themselves in time after being overwritten. Especially in times of strife and danger.

Shaken or Fiery[edit]

This imprint is one taken when a normally calm pattern is enraged or damaged somehow. Use of spells through a Fiery Imprint can be unpredictable.

Status of Current Inscription[edit]

  • Amber is considered Calm. However there is some question of if the repair of the pattern caused it to be briefly Shaken or Wild. Many of the Shade Patterns are wild.
  • Avalon is considered Wild.
  • Mandalay is transitioning to Calm but is occasionally Wild still.
  • Regor is Calm
  • Azcla is known to be Fiery though this may be a representation of its normal status.

Wild Pattern


Jeweled Amber