Florian's Journal - Entry 1

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We finally arrived in blutstein, and I swear that no sooner than I started thinking "when's the adventure gonna start" some surly carpenter strolls up and hand picks me for an adventure. No doubt recognising my obvious prowess and skill right away. He sent a few others along to help me carry back any game I can rustle up. The cleric seems strong if not a bit bullish, but the dwarf looks like he could probably eat more than he could carry. No idea what the fancy sop in the suit is doing with us, he doesn't seem thrilled to be away from civilisation at all! The halfling girl they sent seems some what comfortable in the woods, but if I'm being honest... she kinda scares me! Gotta make a mental note not to sleep too heavily around her, might wake up with some pieces missing...

Finally some adventure! We were making our way when a few bloodied soldiers came hobbling out of the woods. One went on about a godlin attack and some missing something or other. The others seemed willing so I let them tag along, surely at the very least they could make passable company. I made use of the halfling girls tracking ability and set her on the path of the goblin scum, I must admit, her nose could give even a skilled hound a run for it's money. She managed to spot a straggler that had hung back to scavenge some corpses, I of course made short work of the pitiful goblin and his wretched warg, as my new band of followers looked on in awe.

I continued after the rest of the goblins, and managed to track them to a series of caves tunneled through an ancient ruin. After dispatched a few goblins who were standing guard, I made my way through the caves slaying any in my path. Me and my followers managed to rescue some important guy, and after bringing him to safety, I had some of my followers patch him up so we could return and finish off the goblins. When we returned we stormed the caves and slayed the remaining goblins, I returned the chest to lady Alberta, and was thanked profusely for my brave and heroic actions.