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A character in the Project Narnia PBP TMNT game.


Long Range Recon / Paramedic

Q: (16 +1) 17 Mental Affinity: (15 + 1) 16 Mental Endurance:14 Physical Endurance:18 (+1 running) 19 Physical Prowess: 18 Physical Strength: (16+2 for type +2 for size +2 Body Building ) 22 Physical Beauty: 13 Speed: (16+3+10 Athletics & Running) 29 Starting Size 8 Bio Energy 30 +10 ( Stable Matrix) DCS 54

Hands: Full ( 5 Point Spend) Biped: Start with full automatically Speech: Full ( 10 Points) Advanced Hopping Ability (15 Points) Mind Block: 10 Bio energy

Fitness -Acrobatics (65 +5L%)* 74% -Athletics* -Body Building* -Gymnastics* -Hand to Hand: Martial Arts -Running*

WILDERNESS -Alertness (45 +5L%) 54% -Camouflage (35 +5L%) 44% -Land Navigation (45 +4L%) 53% -Prowl (51 +8L%) 63% -Tracking (35 +5L%) 44% -Wilderness Survival (45 +5L%) 54%

MEDICAL. -First Aid (55 +5L%) 64% -Forensics (40 +5L%) 49% -Pathology (50 +5L%) 59% -Paramedic (55 +6L%) 65% -Surgeon (65 +3L%) 72%

Secondary Skills Charm 45% Computer Operation (60 +5L%) 69% Detect Ambushes (45 +5L%) 54% Escape Artist (30 +5L%) 39% Intimidate 45% Pick Locks (35 +5L%) 44% Prowl (46 +8L%) 58% Scrounging (40 +5L%) 49% Weapon Proficiency: Knife Weapon Proficiency: Revolvers and Pistols Weapon Proficiency: Rifles and Shotguns Weapon Proficiency: Sub-machine guns and Machine pistols

Your actions per round will be 2.

COMBAT SECTION Hit Points 23 Actions per round: 2 Dodge: + 10 (+14 while hopping.) Parry: +6 Roll with punch/fall: +6 Base Strike: +2 Melee Damage: +7

Specialized weapons and attacks Body Black/Tackle at +3 for 1d4. Jump kick for 1D6+6 (+ PS) damage. All other actions this round must be defensive or movement.

Knife: +3 to strike/parry Revolvers and Pistols: +3 to strike, +1 damage. Rifles and Shotguns: +3 to strike, +1 damage. Sub-machine guns and Machine pistols: +3 to strike, +1 damage.

Background - Floyd was raised as part of an Australian SAS effort to create the ultimate desert recon force, raised with 8 others until the age of 19, Floyd was a sickly young Roo and spent a great deal of time in the infirmary where he first started to learn medecine

- Like Moloch, Floyd was trained in a highly secretive facility in the middle of the Australian Outback; a place called the Warren. By in large the Kangaroos were kept apart from the rest of the Aesopeans at the Warren they were never told why it was just how things were. Only ever seeing the above ground areas of the facility Floyd was shocked by the trip to the Narnia project as he had never seen anything other than the desert he was brought up in.

- His human Mentor was Sgt Chris Jenkins a field Medic in the Australian SAS who originally noticed his interest in Medicine and showed him some medical texts and helped him learn a little when he was young and ill. Chris was a great guy and treated Floyd as one of the family introducing him to Jazz music and comics.

- Floyd became friends with Octus Jones the 8 handed Octopus Medic in Alpha squad who showed him several new Techniques for dealing with Arterial bleeding and taught him a few lessons at ping pong as well. The two shared a similar outlook on life and just sort of fell in together early on.

- Possessions wise he has a pair of googles some Jazz tapes and a few beaten up Sgt Rock comic books