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Ezekiel "Zeke" Morgenthau[edit]

Hard Keen Calm Daring Stress XP
-2 -1 +4 +2 1/10 1
Triggers (cost) Vents
If you took a life 1 Stress Perform an act of faith in a public place, which will disturb those who witness it.
If you saw a corpse 1 Stress Express displeasure in your comrades.
...or worse, a shade 2 Stress Sacrifice something of value.
If fight a great beast 2 Stress Find a quiet place, regardless of danger.
If you call out to your patrons 1 Stress Put yourself in danger as a test of faith.
...and your faith was tested 2 Stress
If you or a comrade was hurt 1 Stress
If you flew over open water 1 Stress
Comrades Trust? Familiar Vices
Charlotte Y Gluttony
Tresa N Music
Garen Y
Hilda Y


Creepy (Core)[edit]

When inlanders and apostates witness your faith's practices or are confronted by your alienness, they must choose to Break Trust or take 1 Stress. NPCs will be disturbed, offended, or overly curious. If a PC learns any Fisher moves they negate this effect but gain Creepy.

Whispered Answers[edit]

When you sleep, roll 2d10 +Calm. 16+, ask 2; 11-15, ask 1. The GM answers; take +3 forward when you act on that information. On a miss, ask one and expect the worst answer.

  • Where am I supposed to go next?
  • What should I be afraid of?
  • What is a secret I should not know?
  • How can I serve my dark masters?


When you paint a rune in blood on an aircraft, it gains twice your Calm in handling. Take 1 Stress when it runs out of Toughness, and 1 Injury if the engine dies.


When you dab fresh blood on an item, roll +Calm. 16+, take both; 11-15, take one. Effects last 1 Routine. On a miss, make a bigger sacrifice or the item is damaged.

  • Take +1 Ongoing with this item (+5 Handling with a plane)
  • This item cannot break (Armor 3/8+ with a plane)

Suggestion (Intimacy)[edit]

When you spend your time close with another, if you Trust one another, one person can lead the others in a trance, highlighting a stat for all of them. The entranced characters take +2 to that stat and -1 to another of their choice, until the leader ends the trance by word or signal.

If you use this move in the air, choose one: ignore the penalty, take +3 instead of +2, take +2 each to two stats.

Slipstream Mastery[edit]

[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Victories: Aircraft shot down, crashed, or lured to their destruction.

Slippery Customer (Core)[edit]

Slippery Customer: You may roll Dogfight to escape any aircraft attacking you before you Take Fire, even if you would normally just Take Fire, so long as you aren’t rolling two Dogfights in a row.

Personal Effects[edit]


  • 3 Thaler
  • A fine silk parachute.
  • A ritual filet knife, razor sharp.
  • A thick vest, blessed to ward off harm.


  • Luminescent tattoos, recording your life.
  • A book, bound in leather, written in blood.
  • A necklace of sharp teeth from your relatives.