For Fortune and Glory:Murdoch Ironfist

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Murdoch Ironfist[edit]

Fate Points: 2

Refresh: 3


Murdoch Ironfist.jpg


High Concept: Loyal seneschal of the von Degurechaffs

Trouble: Conflicted spy for Amalathian Inquisitor

Phase One: Ship-born, void-savvy

Phase Two: Mind like a steel trap

Phase Three: My word is my bond


Great (+4) Resources

Good (+3) Contacts, Provoke

Fair (+2) Academics, Deceive, Will

Average (+1) Fight, Investigate, Notice, Shoot


Physical [1] [2]

Mental [1] [2] [3]


Mild [2]: _________________________

Moderate [4]: _____________________

Severe [6]: _______________________


Grease the Wheels. You can use Resources instead of Rapport in any situation where bribes will be accepted.

Instant Functionary. You’re skilled at seeing the shape of an organization from the underside, and in organizations of sufficient size, you can easily convince anyone that you’re just another cog in the machine. This allows you to substitute your Resources skill for Deceive whenever pretending to fill the role of a minor functionary of a target organization.

Not to Be Trifled With. When you make it clear how dangerous you are, roll Provoke against your target’s Will. If you succeed, that target will not attack you or willingly come near you unless you take action against him first. If you succeed with style, neither will anyone with a lower Will than your target.

Gear and Extras[edit]

Naval pistol, dataslate, autoquill, carapace breastplate, knife


Born a shipboard bilge rat, Murdoch clawed his way up through the harsh dog-eat-dog world of the lower decks through grim determination and an equally rigid loyalty to the best interests of his house. He’s made himself a master of the intricacies of interstellar commerce through sheer dedication, and through a readiness to let his rough edge show whenever it will help close a deal. He also knows his limitations as a loyal attack dog but no leader, and is content to let the actual Warrant holder take care of the flashy, charismatic, rally-the-troops stuff. Murdoch has made himself many enemies, but the few who ever dared question his integrity found themselves blinded with their tongues cut out.

Murdoch’s one weakness is that, early on, he attracted the attention of an Amalathian Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus, Inquisitor Perpetuus Hadrian, who helped his rise in return for a few favours and a few side missions. Those favours and side gigs have multiplied over the years. Now his handler has enough dirt on him to ruin him. Murdoch dreads the day when he might be forced to choose his loyalties.