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Fortunadus of Wall


Fort. Fortunadus Enright. Fortunadus of Wall. Duke Sir Fortunadus of York. Master Fortunadus of Eaonosis.

Fort is a product of a vastly complicated phase of the Tosian/York worlds. Raised in the city of Wall, on Tosa, he became an adventurer of great note. Serving as an Crowned Bard for the Merchant World, he was a sort of corporate bard. A celebrity in a magical and sword and sorcery age. His other Crowns include Tosa & the Kingdom of York/

He has a connection with animals that is uncommonly powerful even for those studied in druidic arts. He has a particular affection from foxes and has often been seen in the company of the Primal Fox. There are rumors that they are married in some fashion but such relationships with Primal animals are vastly complicated.

He is widely considered the brains behind the Palace Commons and has served as the Leader of CHAD. He rarely tries to deny it but anyone who deals with Fort and Lop learn that Lop is certainly the prime mover between them, and Fort is humorously pleased.

As a crowned Bard founded the Order of the Militant Bard at Wall. Song Hold, the school of Militant Bards taught Military Science, Music, Physical Conditioning, History, Rhetoric, and a wide variety of other disciplines. The Bard is taught Dervish or Snikura and Weapon Master skills. Acrobatics,Drama, Pyrotechnics, Legend Lore, Cooking, and Wilderness Survival education provides a well rounded and most likely fanatical Warrior-Bard.

The Militant Bards studied many things as do other bards but their focus was not music, necessarily, but fighting arts.

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