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A listing of various free adventures available on the Internet. For adventures hosted on the wiki itself, see Short_Adventures.

Call of Cthulhu adventures

Tales of Terror - scenarios for Call of Cthulhu and other games

The Unbound Book Issue 0 - Issue 1 - 1920s era adventures for BRP and D20's scenario download section.

Humans And Insects

In 1921 the professor of medicine Jack White and his fiancee Asenath went missing in the depths of Brazilian jungle. They were discovered few months later, alive and healthy. Their survival is due, in words of Mr. White "solely for hazarding to consume large number of unknown, but nourishing flora". After their return to the Miskatonic university Mr. White was shocked by changes in his fiancee. She fell ill and became violent. For fear of scandal White closed her into his basement for further study.

Jack White started his research for the cure using university funds. But then Asenath escaped. Knowing full well how dangerous his fiancee has become and what repercussions this could have on the community, Mr. White has commited to reclaiming his love and subject of research.

Unknown to the investigators and even to Mr. White is that asenath is waiting for offspring...

At last! Someone who understands! Thanks for potsnig!

Clues of the murder scene

  • Eyewitness, mayhaps due misuse of opiates, says that gigantic figure attacked student in the late evening.
  • Some say that a man carrying shotgun was seen in the campus soon after murder


  • Mr. White is suspected of misuse of university funds.
  • Ms. White-to-be has taken ill and has not been seen lately.
  • Mr. White has also been acquiring strange Pharmaceuticals.

Castle Falkenstein adventures

The Glass Mountain - an adventure for Castle Falkenstein.

The Tomb of the Forgotten Pharaoh - an unofficial adventure for Castle Falkenstien, set in Egypt. Goes with the Egyptian Sourcebook.

Cyberpunk adventures

Loving the Dead - for Cyberpunk 2020, GURPS Cyberpunk, or Cyberspace

d20 Modern adventures

d20 Modern Adventures Archive - For d20 Modern

D&D adventures

WotC Adventure Archive - a large collection of downloadable D&D adventures.
Farland Adventures - several downloadable D&D adventures set in the world of Farland.
Dragonsfoot - Several downloadable modules, maps, etc.
Daily Encounter - Collection of free encounters for D&D 4th Edition

Deadlands adventures

Fish Out of Water

Discworld adventures

Watch Academy VI: Hogswatchnight - a Discworld adventure in GURPS and Over the Edge by Michael Cule

Edge of the Empire adventures

Taming the dragon - Set in Corellia and concerns the world of underground swoop racing

Shadows of a Black Sun - On Corosaunt, a heist at a Black Sun facility of a data tape goes wrong.

Long Arm of the Hutt - Taking place after the adventure Escape from mos shuuta, and mainly takes place in the Ryll mines.

Exalted adventures

The City of Mist and Winter - a short scenario set in the north of Creation. (PDF file)

The Tomb of Five Corners - the official introductory adventure for Exalted. (PDF file)

Return to the Tomb of 5 Corners - the official introductory adventure for Exalted 2nd Edition. (PDF file)

Feng Shui adventures

Fortress of Shadows adventures - Feng Shui adventures

Feudal Japan adventures

Lady Mijiko's Holiday - for GURPS Japan, AD&D Oriental Adventures, Bushido, or Runequest: Land of Ninja

In Nomine adventures

A Very Nybbas Christmas - free sample adventure (requires checkout to download)

Lust in the Afternoon

Fiat Justitia, Ruit Caelum

Rogue's Island

Dreams Can Come True

Down in the Digs

The Phantom Subway

The Rats' Revenge: Part 1

The Rats' Revenge: Part 2

Cupid's Arrow

Kult adventures

Et In Arcadia Ego

Mutants and Masterminds

The Heist - Official introductory adventure set in the Freedom City Setting.

Seeds of Destruction - An official con adventure.

Hate is a four - An adventure set in Freedom City.

Crisis on Christmas - Holiday themed Freedom City based adventure.

Pendragon adventures

Adventure of the Knight Sinister

Vampire: The Masquerade adventures

Tervel's Haven - for GURPS V:tM

Vampire: The Requiem adventures

Mary's Child - official demo for V:tR

Warhammer adventures

Eureka Short WFRP Adventure - Eureka - A short official WFRP Adventure
James Wallis' notes on Empire in Chaos - not a complete adventure by a long shot, but might help with ending "The Enemy Within" properly.

Roysten Crow Adventures

The Tainted Heart The woods are lovely, but they are also dark and deep. Enjoy a skirmish with the Knights of the White Wolf and perhaps gain a very surprising reward.

Night of the Nosfera-trolls Vampires: elegant and sophisticated creatures that prowl the night in an eternal search for blood to sustain their immortal existence. Intelligent, graceful, and powerful. Trolls: big lumbering slobs that couldn’t outwit a boiled jellyfish and who will gnaw on a rock for a day before realising it isn’t edible. At last, the two have finally become one.

A Half Hearted Sigh The twin brother of a vile Necromancer wants help hunting down this slur on his family name. However, there are other plots afoot that make the quest less than straightforward.

CLAWS also available in French The Citizens League Against Wizards and Sorcerers. Are you for them, or against them? And just what are they really up to?

Lowebrau The Bierkrieg. A festival not for the faint of heart or weak of liver. Amusements, attractions, and hidden dangers.

The Daemon of Dresschler Abductions in the village of Dresschler, murderous banditry, indifferent authorities. Something unspeakable is lurking in the hills and it has a very specific appetite.

Death In The Fog Daemonic forces lurk within a strange fog that blankets the City of Middenheim each night. Its origin is uncertain, its powers unknown, but one thing is for certain, murder is its intent.

ShadowgroundsMaps1Maps 2 ‘Between the light of reason and the darkness of our souls lies the shadowground of the insane, and it is a fertile ground from which genius and horror can spring.’

A massive adventure that will push every adventurer to the limits of mind and body as they face the machinations of Doctor Hans Von Rosenthal

The 'Fragments of Twilight' Campaign: An epic six part campaign set a year after the events in Empire in Flames.

The enemy within has been thwarted, but what of the enemy without?

Part 1 Fragments of Twilight The adventurers may have thought that saving the Empire called a premature end to their days of high adventure, but the Incursion of Chaos still looms on the horizon. When that foul day finally comes it will require people of exceptional skill and bravery to save the Old World from destruction. Preceding this nightmare is another threat, lesser in power but insidious and exploitative of the situations left after the Enemy Within. There is an ancient force, one bent on bringing low the lands of the Old World and it has seen the chance to act.

Part 2 The Ulthuan Keys The first battles have been waged and the Empire has seen the face of their foe. Emperor Heinrich decides to risk a visit Ulthuan, to try and enlist the aid of the High Elves. The adventurers are charged with another mission, to see if there is any more information on the purpose of the strange artifact in their possession. It is a quest that carries them all over the strange and sometimes terrifying realm of Ulthuan.

Part 3 Blood ReignMaps1Maps2 A new threat begins to swell in the Badlands and places the Empire in increased jeopardy. As agents of the Emperor, the adventurers are given command of a regiment of Imperial troops, and sent south to recruit as many of the Border Princes as they can. The longer the Princes hold back the enemy, the longer the Empire has to prepare its defences, and the more time they will have to seek out a lost Dwarven fortress, where forbidden knowledge offers hope, and unknown hazards offer damnation.

Part 4 Drachenfels 2Maps Castle Drachenfels has risen anew. The looming Incursion of Chaos has made the Winds of Magic potent and the raw power floods into the diabolic structure. Can the adventurers enter the castle, survive its many deranged horrors, and retrieve the vital artifacts they seek before the Great Enchanter awakens?

The 'Run Through The Jungle' Campaign

Part 1 Run Through The Jungle also available in French

An Imperial offer of cheap passage to the Gromril Coast in Lustria and relocation to the colony of Port Heldenhammer. Fresh foes, new friends, and a strange new world to explore. An adventurer’s paradise, or nightmare? A complete guide to the Gromril Coast, to Port Heldenhammer and its denizens, and rules for travel, movement, weather, foraging, hunting, and random encounters.

Part 2 The Map A desperate man offers the adventurers a map that cost the lives of many men and nearly drove him insane during its acquisition. If they buy it, where will it lead? To ruin? Or to riches?

Part 3 The Ruin Of Kwetzelle Sakatananga The renowned explorer Holst Geller wants some protection on an expedition to find the final resting place of a Slann Warlord known as Kwetzelle Sakatananga. Shares in the wealth are promised, but so to are shares in the dangers that lurk in the depths of the jungle and perhaps within the ruin itself

Part 4 The Quest of Lord Bathryll A High Elf Mage Lord arrives from Saphery. He requires samples of certain plants and intends to do none of the work. If the adventurers can find them for him, he has an even more interesting quest lined up.

Part 5 The Crimson Cutlass Imperial Buccaneer’s aboard a ship called the Crimson Cutlass cruise into port with slaves and booty. Most of them just want to celebrate their good fortune, but there are other plots afoot that may entangle the adventurers

Part 6 The Vault of Bee'obotik'nha Holst Geller has located a new site to explore. A pygmy Witch Doctor, overcome by evil and slain by his own kind. What strange relics and hidden truths lie in his final resting place?

Part 7 The Curse of Port Heldenhammer The days of the port are numbered unless something can be done to stop the evil that threatens all.

Part 8 The Power and the Glory A chance to become part of a community leads into a trek through the jungle to assist missionaries in reaching the Mission of the Hallowed Hermit, but those the clerics seek to convert are not all they seem or once were, and neither are some other old ‘friends’ that the adventurers happen upon.

Part 9 Spare the RodMaps1Maps2Maps 3 Pieter ‘Howling skyclad’ led a chequered career in the Empire and relocated to the Gromril coast where he now earns a fair living as a handyman. When taking a message to what is now Dead-town, he tripped over something in the sand. A staff of impervious unearthly metal is now in his possession and he can feel it trying to drain his will and take him somewhere. Clearly, it must be important, and what is important is always valuable. However, he wants an escort to protect him on this journey, and so he comes to the party, offering them a share in whatever lies at the end of his quest. This adventure takes the party deep into the jungle and to a place the likes of which no mortal being in the Old World has seen in thousands of years. They have a chance to discover the awesome truth behind the Gromril coast, and to gain insight into the terrible doom that is about to threaten it.

Part 10 Colony of the Damned A showdown in the port leads the party on a river voyage to visit the infamous Voller family who run the slave colony in the mountains. The visit quickly embroils them in scandal, intrigue, ancient feuds, mayhem, evil, and insanity.

Part 11 Plague Storm A devastating plague called the Rupture Blight threatens the port and indeed the entire coast. A vaccine or cure is needed to prevent catastrophe, but there are machinations afoot that have far greater ramifications and the party have to pick a side from two ancient enemies

Part 12 The Bretonnians Are Coming Fresh colony ships arrive in port after a less than successful sea crossing, they bring with them a prototype Imperial warship, and soon after, Jeordy Manarn’s Carnival of the Weird. Dare you see what uncanny oddities and startling exhibits of the strange and unnatural cruise the coast of Lustria?

Part 13 Trouble In Dead-Town The adventurers are entrusted with scouting the Bretonnian colony that is suspected of sponsoring the recent attack on Port Heldenhammer. Will their findings lead to war, or peace between the two settlements, and just what will they do about Dead-town’s latest inhabitant?

Part 14 Death to the Heathens A group of fanatic Sigmarite Clerics arrive in Port Heldenhammer, accompanied by a trio of Witch Hunters. Appalled at the lack of piety on display in a place that bears their Lord’s name, they commit to rectifying this situation. The peace of the Port is in jeopardy, but who will stand against them?

Part 15 The Unveiling Strangers in Port have an offer for Geschenk, one that may unite her with her lost past, but at what cost? Word comes from Paradis Vert - they have unwelcome visitors and need help, desperately.

Part 16 The Silent City The Slann are massing and it is clear that something has happened to Captain Winterstein of the Reiksguard. The party are asked to mount an expedition upriver, because their non-military appearance may stop the Slann acting immediately. Once the Captain is warned, they can bring him back, and with Reiksguard defending the port, should the hostile plants mount an attack, victory is assured. However, things have gone terribly wrong at the Slann city. The party find a scene of carnage and insanity, Klaus is far removed from the man they once knew, and they face a twisted choice where defeat permits victory.

Werewolf: The Forsaken adventures

Manitou Springs - official demo for W:tF