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  • Many Open Game Systems are also free.
  • DragonNet RPG - A free open-source fantasy RPG system.
  • Risus: The Anything RPG.
  • Jags - Not Just Another Gaming System Jags comes in two flavors Jags and Jags-2. Jags is a universal rules heavy system which has source books for most settings (A new version, JAGS Revised, released Nov 30th 2006). Jags-2 is a rules medium core rules book which is in most aspects compatible with Jags.
  • Miscellaneous Debris: An archive of free, community-created, RPGs and links to other fun RPG-related resources.
  • Star Base 118: A free RPG based in the Trek universe. Multiplayer sim's with people on the Internet. Creating simulations for over ten years. Expansive community, forums, and wiki. Training and SIMulated roll playing by emails and posting.
  • 3D-RPG Free Role Playing Game System: A community based universal role playing game system.
  • Spellchrome: A medieval fantasy / Sci-Fi RPG, free to view online.
  • D6 System, D6 Fantasy, D6 Adventure and D6 Space Collection of D6 based free RPGs