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Free software on the Web related to gaming.

Character Generators[edit]

Mapping Software[edit]

  • HexTML - free ad web-based map maker with fog of war, GM notes and real-time sharing
  • AutoREALM - freeware map creation program with expansions.
  • Dungeon Forge - Free, easy-to-use map creation program. Fast and flexible, it can produce maps in the style of Dungeoncrafter and Dundjinni (as well as using the same range of art), and can be printed for tabletop use or used in online games.
  • Mipui - Free and open source online mapper with real-time collaboration, fog-of-war and line-of-sight, emphasizing ease of use.
  • Blender - open source 3d graphics software
  • Gimp - open source 2d graphics software
  • Dungeon Painter Online - free online map maker
  • PyMapper - Map Maker
  • - List of various mapping tools
  • - Random Map Generators for Dungeons, Caves, and Wilderness.
  • - Random Generators including Maps of various varieties.

Sounds Assets & Tools[edit]

Adventure Design[edit]

  • Masterplan - freeware with good support & community

Other Useful Software[edit]

  • Everchanging Book of Names - a random name generator for many cultures, real and otherwise.
  • Hero Machine - generates pictures of RPG characters and NPCs.
  • Role Playing Tools - Online gaming tabletop. Chat, token/mini creation, dice tools, map sharing, scriptable. Open Source, Java, Free!
  • TheDarkTools - campaign and character organizer for the original World of Darkness setting.
  • Inspiration Pad Pro - Free random generator that uses text files so you can create your own tables. Easy and customizable. Win, Linux, CGI for web publishing.
  • DiceMage - One of the most useful things for running a game - a PC-based Dice Roller.
  • NameMage - Either use the included name sets, or create your own. It's a great program when in a bind.
  • "Dungeons & Dragons" Dice Roller - Don't let the name fool you, this program is anything but D&D-centric. It includes one capability DiceMage doesn't - the ability to create a custom dX. Ever needed to decide between 15 things? You can! Good luck, good gaming!
  • Tinwatchman Initiative Tracker - free web-based initiative tracker for multiple game systems. There's also a version specifically optimized for the iPhone and iPod Touch available here.
  • Black Lich free webapp to assist DMs manage combat. Look up monsters and roll saving throws, attack and damage with all modifiers pre-calculated.