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Both him and his brother Death Singer both have mutations, but of different types. His brother was lucky, in the northern environment he could hid his mutation, but with his, there was no hiding it. When they came home from a day of play in the wilderness, the brothers step-father was there and he saw the two playing with their mutations. He started to beat them, he didn't want to be the father of two mutants.

The two ran off into the wilderness and never returned. They made their way to the city and have put together a team in an effert to get rich and powerful, so far they have not had much success, but their luck had to change sometime. Death Singer and Frost make up the co-founders of the group with Death Singer taking the leadership role.

Frost PL 10 (150PP)

Init +4; 30ft (Run), 50ft (Slide); Defense 20/16 (6 Base, 4 Dex); BAB +6; +7 Melee (1S Punch), +11 Ranged (10S Energy Blast); SV Dmg +4 (10 Protection), Fort +4, Ref +4, Will +1; Str 12, Dex 18, Con 18, Int 16, Wis 12, Cha 10 (Total 56PP)

Skills: Disable Device 3/+6, Spot 3/+4, Balance 3/+7, KS: Security System 4/+7, PS: Mechanic 4/+7 (Total 20PP)

Feats: IR Vision, Power Immunity, Attack Focus (Ranged), All Out Attack, Move By Attack (Total 10PP)


  • Energy (Cold) Control +10 (Source: Mutation; Extras: Slick, Slide, Force Field, Snare; Stunts: Energy Blast, Fatigue) (Cost 6 / Total 60+4PP)