Full list of Vehicles at Footman's Garage

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Randy's Fleet Service

Clearly a vast space below the

General Fleet[edit]

  • A Jaguar C-x75


  • A 1959 Mazaratti 5000gt

Massarati 5000gt-1959.jpg

  • Rolls Royce Phantom limousine.

Rolls Royce Phantom EWB 2018.jpg

  • A wide variety of motorcycles and scooters


  • Several general sedan cars.
  • Several BMWs
  • A dozen various Ford pickups from Rangers to F350s. Never know when one will need a truck.

Personal Items[edit]


  • T-bird classics here, a '56 and a '67,
  • Chiron

Bleys Chiron.jpg


  • 1960 Corvette Convertible.



Merlin VW.jpg


  • Corwin keeps a jeep and a Harley

Corwin jeep.jpg Corwin Harley1.jpgCorwin harley2.jpg



Don't let this vehicle fool you. Its not a slow roller. Its a incredibly well-armed autoduelling vehicle for the man who wants to kill them with style.


  • Gerard keeps a very nice luxury yacht at San Pedro

Random and Delwin[edit]

Sail Plane and Glider equipment. A pair of Ford Expeditions prepared to camp.

  • Random and Delwin keep a few airplanes nearby


  • 1999 Scout Sixty Indian Motorcycle

Mixed Purpose Vehicles[edit]

  • Two Hummers packed with camping gear and Camping trailers. For rugged use.



  • Several of one ton trucks. Mixed Makes and
  • A Bobcat, a backhoe, and a bulldozer

Bobcat.jpg Backhoe.jpgBulldozer.jpg

  • A flatbed with a forklift
  • Cement truck and a full load of cement. One never knows.
  • Several large buses. Never know when you need to move 200 people.
  • Dump Truck

Expedition Camper[edit]

The Expedition Camper is a medium sized vehicle, for its kind. It sleeps 8, 4 in comfort. It is solid for most terrains but is not specifically meant for rugged use. Its a better festival vehicle then a backwoods beast. Need someplace to live for a few months on a secluded beach in some far shadow, this is your ride.

Pulling one of the utility trailers with location specific gear and supplies one can explore in reasonable comfort.



Preatorian Overlander[edit]

Comfortable troop transport. The Praetorian can transport 50 troops in seated comfort. It can be reconfigured for 30 and include cooking, bathroom, and sleeping arrangements.

This beast can go nearly anywhere. Its designed to be self-sufficient for the passengers. Water storage and purification. Air Purification. Food Storage. Interior Cooking space. Ample equipment storage. The top is fitted for volume storage system. The rear has Vehicle locks that can hold 2 All terrain Vehicles or as many as 6 motorcycles. The roof can be fitted with air landing supports for small air craft. Tents and other survival gear. Its top load capacity is extraordinary.

The vehicle is air tight and can function as a water vehicle white mid-line.

It has three separate winch systems on the front and back and two winch systems on each of the long sides

it has many exterior features. Showering nozzles. Shades on both side the full length of the vehicle.

Its towing ability is twice its own weight. If used as a land vehicle pulling a water vehicle it can pull 10 tines its weight.

It can scale inclines over 50 degrees using a gyro-stabilization system.

While not technically a war vehicle, there are some versions of it that have been armored along auto-dueling lines.


Military Use[edit]

  • 20 M1A battle tanks. Fully equiped
  • 150 Bradley troop carriers
  • 50 Hummers with mounted Vulcan cannons
  • 50 Assault Motorcycles with sidecars.

Star Fleet[edit]

  • 20 Zipp Speeders.


  • 2 Delta Flyers