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GLASS: Generic Live Action Simulation System[edit]

GLASS is designed to be a fast, low noise, action-heavy, acting-heavy Live Action Role-Playing system which is setting- and genre-independent. It is based upon a "metasystem"—a core set of effects that fundamentally alter character and object states—which can be further tuned with Advantages and Limitations, regardless of mechanically-irrelevant descriptions of the effects. For example, there are no "Powers" or "Spells," but nearly any power or spell that you can imagine can be modeled with the fundamental Abilities and their Modifiers.

Fill your GLASS with your favorite flavors.

Rule Downloads[edit]

GLASS is currently available as a System Test Document.

Note: If you run a playtest and provide a thorough report on your experiences, you will receive Playtester credit. If your feedback results in rules additions or corrections, you will also receive Contributor credit. Submit feedback to the forums.

Come; step through the looking GLASS.

Long Term Plans[edit]

After the release of the full GLASS books, a web-driven database and community portal called "GLASS Cutters" will be launched. The purpose of GLASS itself is to provide a common standard for character efficacy ("power") so that players may move between similar game worlds—or not; GLASS is genre-independent, remember!—without having to redesign their character at every new gathering or group.

The GLASS Cutters site, then, will be a repository of current games and characters that conform to various "toggles" in GLASS. GMs and players on the go may use GLASS Cutters site to find compatible characters or games in their area, and they may use its communication and collaboration functions to work out any concerns or details prior to the event.

GLASS is to LARP what d20 is to tabletop.

Creative Commons License & Copyright[edit]

The core rules of GLASS will always be freely available for download as a PDF, called "shotGLASS." (The System Test Document will eventually be renamed to shotGLASS, when it leaves Beta.)

The complete rules for GLASS will be available as a print-on-demand soft or hard cover digest book and will include several examples, pages of inspirational artwork and photos, and at least twelve ready-to-run genre write-ups that GMs can lift in total or sample for their own game genre designs.

The only restriction on the use of shotGLASS is that, at no time, may someone other than David Artman publish elements of the core rules (i.e. any part of shotGLASS). The free core rules are intended to be a loss-leader draw to the main GLASS book and to future Setting products; therefore, it is a violation of the Creative Commons License under which GLASS has been released to reproduce any of the content in shotGLASS: Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License, copyright David Carle Artman

The main GLASS book and any future Setting products will be copyright David Carle Artman or copyright the Setting's principle designer(s), with all rights reserved; and, therefore, none of such content may be reproduced in other publications or projects.

Of course, on the other hand, what you invent for your own game is your own: pre-defined Abilities or Ability packages not already printed in GLASS or shotGLASS; make-up requirements that grant the right to purchase specific Ability packages (i.e. "races"); the the game world itself, its cultures and peoples and politics. If it's not printed in shotGLASS or GLASS, it's ALL YOURS, to do with what you will!

YOU provide the world...GLASS provides the physics.