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This page is pretty information-dense, but I'm going to ask all my players to read through it at least once before posting to the game.


GM: Unless I communicate otherwise in the OOC thread or indicate an upcoming absence HERE, I will post in IC at least once a day and will be available for OOC discussion throughout the day as time permits.

Player: The expectation is that each player posts in the IC thread at least once a day. If you won't be able to post on a given day, for whatever reason, please give us a head's-up in OOC -or- PM/Email me -or- post your intended absence HERE.

Note: My default course of action if not everyone has posted after 24 hours will always be to move the scene along. As best as I am able, I will work out one-on-one with players who announce absences whether / how to run their character for the duration.

Missing characters' actions will either simply get passed over (if that makes the most sense in the scene), or I will - to the best of my ability - declare that character's actions in keeping with how they have been played thusfar (if having the character NOT act just isn't practical). In either instance, I will post clearly in OOC what is happening and why. Real life happens, and sometimes you just can't be there.

And sadly, many people quit PBPs simply by just dropping out without a word of explanation.

In the event that a player is gone for longer than three days without notice, I will assume they are not coming back. As a general rule, I don't kill off absentee characters. They wander off or otherwise disappear in whatever way makes quick sense in the game, and if their players come back at a later date they can petition to return to the game (considered on a case by case basis).



GM: I will identify all NPCs and the PCs they are directly interacting with at the top of each IC post so everyone can quickly and easily identify all the players in a given situation. If a condition exists (for example [unconscious]) that will appear in brackets beside the character's name.

Player: I do not insist, but do prefer players to start each IC post with their character's name on the first line above the main text of the post (preferably bolded and/or in all caps to stand out). It just makes it easier to know at a glance which character we're dealing with, even if you end up mentioning the character's name in the body of the post itself. Particularly for me as the GM having to deal with multiple characters, this helps. I don't always automatically associate player and character otherwise.


GM: Whenever an IC scene changes I will identify the location and any pertinent setting details at the top of that post.

Player: It will rarely be necessary for players to use this format, but it is available if you have a specific location within the setting you want it to be clearly known you are occupying. Taking cover, hiding, sneaking, any time others may not clearly know where you are or be otherwise able to interact with you are good times to add your specific location under your name at the top of the post. This should be viewed as an option rather than a requirement.


All: GM and Player should take the same approach to structure. State your intended actions, what you wish to do or attempt or say; narrate your own actions and wait for a response.

Note: If an NPC can reasonably be assumed to take a particular action, please assume they do so. If you order a drink in a tavern it is okay to assume the barkeep / barmaid brings you your drink without having to wait around for me to say they do so. if you drop your horse off at the stables it is okay to assume the stablehand attends to your mount without waiting for me to say they do, etc.

Note: In encounters with multiple participants I will typically wait for everyone to chime in with their attempted actions and attendant rolls and I will then come in and narrate the outcomes and reactions all at once.


All: After you've typed up your narrative description of whatever you are doing/saying, if a dice roll is necessary it should be posted at the end and s-blocked. [Please do not use regular spoiler code]. The sblock should include a brief player-side description of the dice roll. What dice you are using and what you are specifically attempting. And finally the dice roll itself, which should link back to your actual roll on the online dice roller. If a followup roll might be warranted (such as the case of damage after an attack) roll those dice as well and post them together.

Note: I prefer [and will be using] Orokos, but so long as I don't have to create a special login to see your linked rolls, I don't much care what roller you use.

To format an sblock in the IC thread, type [sblock=Title] in brackets, then post your dice rolls and relevant text and close it with [/sblock].



GM: Beyond dice rolls, if I think a specific post needs special clarification I might include a brief OOC sblock note in the IC post.

In similar fashion, I might sblock information for a specific character in a scene if other characters are unaware of that detail for whatever reason. I don't care if other players open and read the sblock. It is just there to clearly identify information that not every character immediately knows.

Player: Any OOC-speak that makes it into the IC thread should find itself hidden behind the sblock code described in the Dice section above. I'd prefer you limit OOC content beyond dice rolls to the OOC thread, however, sometimes immediate clarity is needed, and it's easiest on everyone if that comes within the IC post itself. So, if when you are done describing your character's actions and aren't sure if his/her motive/intent is clear, go ahead and post a brief sblocked OOC note to clarify.

All other OOC should go into the OOC thread. Questions for the GM, setting clarity, etc. I am always going to post OOC responses in the OOC thread anyway, and if I don't have to copy and paste between threads to give my answer context so much the better.


Intra-Character Conflict: There will be times when the characters may (probably will) come into conflict. They may even feel they need to act against one another. I have no problem GMing that level of PVP (though I prefer it not be the focus of the whole game).

Intra-Character Killapalooza: Please . . . just don't. You don't need a GM for that game. I won't spend my time GMing that game.



For privacy reasons, providing your timezone is strictly optional, but if you are open to leaving the information it can be helpful for everyone to have at least a general idea of where others are posting from to both frame and mitigate expectations. Timezone information can be posted on the Trickster's Rune PCs page.

Offstage Chatter[edit]

Cross Talk: Love it. Do it. That's what the OOC thread is for. GM questions and OOC jokes and incidental meatworld chatter are generally seen as a given. But I'm not the least averse to the players using the OOC thread as a place to plan and hammer out character strategies, even in situations where the characters literally can't. Call it a means of modeling your characters' innate understanding of each other's tactics as a group.

Wish Lists: If there is something your character is into or wants to be into, by all means, post that in OOC (or PM / Email me) and let me know. The more input you can provide regarding that, the easier it is for me to tailor the game to the wants and expectations of the group.

Feedback: I probably won't get this, but I'll put it out there, because I'm not infallible and welcome any feedback to improve the game. If I've borked something, made a mistake, or you just think something could be done better, by all means please bring it up in OOC -or- PM/Email.


The OOC thread will always be the quickest way to contact me and get an actual response, but in the event that you need to contact me privately you can PM me here or email me at the address below. If you do contact me privately, ping me in OOC and let me know to check PM / Email so I can get back to you as quickly as possible.

For those who find it convenient to know such things, I identify as male for the purpose of selecting pronouns.