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Name: Steve
Age: 46
Bio: Philosophy Professor, Dad to 3 kids, Husband of 13+ years. I've played RPGs since Original D&D, Traveler and the like. I've run several short lived, and three or four long term campaign (multi-year). I've been a play tester, critic and amateur designer of games for years. I official got paid as a Contributor to Paragons™ a Mutants and Masterminds supplement.
Birthday: 28 September

Q. Why RPG gaming?
A. My dad gave me his collection of Pulp Sci-Fi (including dozens of Asimov's Magazine) shortly after I finished the OZ books. RPGs were the natural progression for me. All of my best friends have come from this game, and the shared stories and adventures therein. It is a creative outlet I can use in the car, on vacation, where ever whenever.

Q. What attracted you to this particular game setting?
A. A friend (and current player) decided to run a game a couple years ago in the setting. So I bought the series (never really into it when it aired) and watched them all, then again. I really liked making my character and saw the setting as one with both consistent anchors, and virtually endless possibilities. The constraints: no aliens, no FTL make planning more fun for me.

Q. What has kept you interested in this particular game and setting?
A. The players enthusiasm (check the logs) and various ways I can explore the Verse.

Q. Which NPCs have you enjoyed running the most
A. The Operative Clone (Otto/Swordsman) has been fun, mysterious, revelatory. I also enjoyed the ill fated Potemkins.

Q. Where do you get ideas for adventures?
A. "I try to start small with a simple germ of an idea and let it grow. Intelligent Apes, or Nika's Family Troubles. Then I see if there is a link to some campaign theme or plot hook, then I twist it up. Often the players take it in a direction I never anticipated."

Q. This Serenity campaign seems to generate a lot of outside-game writing. Why?
A. I think pooling players from fan-fiction and interactive writing groups rather than hardcore gamers helped that along. They are committed to their character's stories more than gaming the system

Q. One last question. Do you think you will tire of the game and the setting, and go on to something else entirely?
A."Remains to be seen. I think so long as the players are enthusiastic I will be."

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