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You operate your Starship's various weapon systems, using them to neutralize or destroy enemy vessels. A Starship can have at most one Gunner (or Gunnar team) per weapon mount. A gunner acts during the Gunnery phase.


As a gunner, you can take any of the actions below, depending on your character level. These actions can be taken only during the Gunnery phase. Though each of a Starship's weapons can be fired only once per round, multiple Gunners can take actions to fire different weapons in a single round.

FIRE AT WILL (Gunnery Phase, Push): You can fire any two Starship weapons, regardless of their arc. Each attack is made at a -4 penalty.

SHOOT (Gunnery Phase): You can fire one of your Starship's weapons. If you use a turret weapon, you can target a ship in any arc.