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GURPS Fourth Edition Basic Set

This annotation project is intended to provide a cross-referenced source of information about the GURPS 4th Edition roleplaying system. It is not intended to replace the core books, nor should information from the core books be copied to any page on the wiki.


A complete description of the GURPS system can be found on the GURPS page.

All information on GURPS rules and systems has been moved to that page.

About this project

The goal of this project is to create an annotated guide for selection and interpretation of the rules of GURPS depending on the style of game your group wants to play. It was started on 02 June 2005 by Adalger.

How to contribute

Most new pages should fall into one of the following categories:

Character Points

The heart of character generation in GURPS are Character Points, or CP. Points can be spent to purchase traits for the character. And negative traits can be taken to generate additional CP to make more purchases.

The Game Master of a game decides on how many points players may have to generate characters.


New rules or information on GURPS attributes (Strength (ST), Dexterity (DX), Intelligence (IQ), and Health (HT)) or Secondary Characteristics (Perception (PER), Will (WILL), Hit Points (HP), Fatigue Points (FP), Basic Speed (SPEED), and Movement) should be placed on that page.


Advantages are quite simply abilities, traits, or powers that have a positive overall impact on the character. They range from simple (and low-cost) things like improved vision, or hearing, all the way up to Super Powers. Advantages, like disadvantages are divided into several categories. Physical, Mental, and Social. They are also divided into Exotic, Supernatural, and Mundane. These categories help the referee decide which advantages will be allowed in his campaign.

Any new, renamed, or combinations of advantages should be placed on that page.


Disadvantages are traits that have a negative impact overall on the character. Some disadvantages have minor benefits. A person who is Honest is restricted from doing illegal acts but can become known for honesty and net a positive reaction bonus for it. For the most part Disadvantages are going to be more restrictive than beneficial and in those cases where the disadvantage does not negatively impact a character it's value can be reduced or even removed.

Any new, renamed, or combinations of disadvantages should be placed on that page.


Any new skills or skill conversions from other systems should be placed on that page.


GURPS third edition had a number of magic systems built to suit a variety of settings. What was called "Standard Magic" was built for Fantasy genres and deals with casting spells in tactical time units. Standard Magic is little changed.

If you have rules on different types of magic systems or new spells they should be placed on that page.


If you have used the rules (especially those from the Powers book) to create specific powers they should be placed on that page.


Psionics have changed dramatically in Fourth Edition. Whereas previous editions had a variety of powers and skills specifically under the psionic umbrella, these powers are now generic in nature, and classified as advantages.

Any new powers that are Psionic in nature should be placed on that page.

House Rules

If you have any suggestions on how to interpret the GURPS fourth edition rules in certain situations, or rules that you use that are altogether new they should go on that page.


Templates and Meta-Traits (which are really just certain types of templates) should go on that page.


One of the biggest complaints about the Fourth Edition is that the copious amounts of weapons data haven't been converted yet. Conversions are here.


We have the same problem with armor as we do with weapons. In addition, many people feel the armor stats (particularly weight) in the Fourth Edition Basic book is just wrong.


Any new stats or conversions of equipment or vehicles should go here.


If you have information (such as a review on a specific genre book), or helpful information about running a specific genre with GURPS it should go on that page.

Alternatively, a new page might fall into a subcategory -- e.g., GURPS: Cyberpunk might be a subcategory of GURPS: Genres, and you might want to create a page on Cyberpunk terminology, which would logically be most at home within the GURPS: Cyberpunk category. However, please avoid creating additional subcategories unless there is a compelling reason. If you have any doubt, please solicit discussion on the Talk page for the category where you're considering creating a subcategory.

If you’re creating an article about a specific GURPS world, please include a link to it from the GURPS Genre page.


An article about general tactics would be very useful to any player that finds his character in a violent situation. Especially if that article includes tips and tricks for using the GURPS Fourth Edition rules and techniques during combat.


An extensive article on specific GURPS terms, both official and otherwise should go on that page.

What to do

Don’t feel that you have to write a long article. If you have an idea, even a small one, go to the appropriate page and add it.

A good start would be to pick your favorite genre. If a page for it exists, see if it says everything that needs to be said. If not, start it!

Other things that need to be done:

  • Clarifications of rules that you think are hard to understand.
  • Lists of limitations and enhancements people use, with value modifiers, per skill/advantage/disadvantage.
  • Observed/common abuses of rules/skills/advantages/disadvantages/enhancements/limitations.

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