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Blaze is a character in the Great War Supers PbP.


Natalia Marciano was born into a poor Italian-American family in New York city. She had a job as a maid at a Columbia University research laboratory in the city, which, unbeknownst to her, was working on various formulations of GWS:super soldier serum. One night, a suspicious fire in the laboratory building trapped Natalia in the very room where the serum was being stored. The fire caused the tanks of serum to explode, drenching Natalia. She was found, unconscious, the next day by firefighters doing cleanup; her clothing had been burned away but she herself was mysteriously unharmed.

After a great deal of poking and prodding by the military authorities, as well as many accidental burns on the part of the pokers and prodders, Natalia was assigned to our heroes' unit.

Character Sheet[edit]

Powers Styles Attitudes
  5 - (P) Burn it to cinders!  
4 - Bolt of Fire 4 - I'll do this my own way.  
3 - Really, really hot touch 3 - Fiery Temper 3 - Direct
2 - Flight 2 - (P) Secondary Explosions 2 - Impatient
1 - Self-Immolation 1 - (P) Tricky Fire manipulation 1 - Cheerful
Justice: 2 Truth: 2 Love: 1 Hope: 3 Duty: 1
0 0 0 0 0



I have deliberately left the background fairly vague. GWS players (including me) should feel free to introduce elements that fit with it, and I will add any details developed to the background as they arise.