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Project: Gossamer Hawk. US Air Force document: 194- *The last digit is smugged out*

The Gossamer Hawk is an experimental air craft constructed by the US Air Force. It is a reinforced, jet powered blimp, capable of utilizing electro-magnetic fields to diffract light around its surface, thus rendering itself invisible. Designed for the purpose of carrying light to medium sized tactical forces into enemy territory undetected, it contains mostly passenger, and a small amount of cargo space, and can reach speed in excess of one-hundred miles per hour. Due to weight restrictions it is only defended by a pair of turreted automatic canons, one anterior, one posterior.

(Cross section and side view with electro-magnetic wave lines depicted)

It appears as a streamlined ovoid form, geometrically crisscrossed with high voltage wires and plated in ultra-light aluminum sheeting. there are two nacelles, depending from the main body by short wing forms, where the jets are housed. The gondola, as well as most of the passenger and cargo space, is semi-incorporated into the main body, thus reducing drag.


Final report on US Air Force Projects: No.10076.

1971 *The agency name is blacked out*

Unfortunately the electro-magnetic diffraction technology originated by the US Air Force has proved to dangerous and uncontrollable for continued use. The reasons for this conclusion become clear when viewing the records pertaining to what has become known as the Philadelphia experiment and the fortunately smaller, and now forgotten, Project: Gossamer Hawk.

In all cases there were inevitably wildly unpredictable and dangerous effects when the technology was activated, and more worrying, signs of an alien intelligent force were documented in Project: Gossamer Hawk. It is my conclusion that this technology, however potentially useful is unfit for use at this time.

Commandant R. Heilig

(The last lines where the Commandant's credentials should be are covered in marker, the words "fascist pig", and a drawing of a pig.)

The Gossamer Hawk has a spirit, represented by this Capes character sheet:

Powers Styles Attitudes
5 - Malfunction
4 - Echos of the future 4 - Haunted dreams
3 - Extra dimensions* 3 - (P)Invisibility 3 - Brutal
2 - Faulty wiring 2 - (P)Echos of the past 2 - Wild
1 - Auto Pilot 1 - (P)Meteorological phenomena 1 - Blunt
Justice: 1 Truth: 2 Love: 2 Hope: 2 Duty: 2
1 0 0 0 2