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(played by dunlaing) Devon McWilliams was turned away from the Navy for being too short. It boiled his blood that he wouldn't be able to help out against the Nazis and Japanese, but it seemed like there was nothing he could do about it, at least until he got a call from his sister asking him to meet her in Washington, DC. Devon's sister was busy getting ready when he arrived, but she had left a pitcher of drinks on the table, so he helped himself. When Julia came out, she was shocked to see her brother drinking her experimental Shark Repellant! Julia quickly brought Devon down to her office at the OSS for tests. After extensive testing, they realized that not only had Devon grown to a full 6 feet tall, but he now possessed the ability to control sharks, and his teeth... his teeth! The effects wore off after a few hours, but with Julia's help Devon created a supply of Shark Repellant that should last him through the rest of the war, and Landshark was born!

For a while, Landshark was unsure whether he would ever be able to return to his Landshark form without becoming a monster! But then he did resume his Landshark form and didn't have any serious monstrous side-effects.

Character Writeup[edit]

dunlaing: Landshark

Powers Styles Attitudes
  5 - (P)Surprise Attack  
4 - Big Shark Teeth 4 - Infectious Energy  
3 - Shark Telepathy 3 - (P) Ominous Circling 3 - Determined
2 - Shark sense of smell 2 - (P) Tooth shaped gouges 2 - Inspired
1 - Swimming 1 - Face down hypocrites 1 - Reckless
Justice: 2 Truth: 1 Love: 1 Hope: 4 Duty: 1
2 1 0 2 1


U-Boy was the prototype of an attempt by mad German scientists to develop an underwater robot man to stop Landshark. The mad German scientists (desperate for a success in order to keep their jobs (like those of so many other mad scientists) from going to necromancers) pushed U-Boy, the Underwater Boy, through production before he was ready. Landshark fought U-Boy at first, but was eventually able to show him the true majesty of the American Dream and convince him to switch sides. Now U-Boy (in between regularly scheduled maintenance) fights the Axis at Landshark's side! (his free conflict is: "U-Boy is destroyed!")

Powers Styles Attitudes
  5 - Childish
  4 - Point out the obvious 4 - Optimistic
3 - Vacuum Tubes 3 - Exceed expectations 3 - Embarrassed
2 - Armor 2 - (P) Active sonar 2 - Decisive
1 - Swimming 1 - (P) Devices pop out from under "skin" 1 - Reckless
Justice: 2 Truth: 2 Love: 1 Hope: 2 Duty: 2
1 0 0 2 2