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Scene Seeds[edit]

A bank of short, three or four line, seeds for possible scenes. I suggest using a one to five fun-rating system to show how much everyone likes an idea. This will help people pick ideas that every one has at least a marginal liking for. (I'm putting my ratings in as Dx where x is the rating --Dunlaing)


1. Little trouble in Berlin: War hurts the weak most, and a Berlin orphanage is no exception. Something has been hunting the children, and little olga is missing from her bed. as the british bombs come down in blacked out Berlin, what can a bunch of orphans do to save there friend. Sensorium's Rating: 4 D3

2. No One Likes the Eastern Front: On the Eastern front, dark magics battle over, and waste the land. Black magic juggernauts, bearing the hammer and sickle, pound at horrific zombies that just come back to fight again. What is a human life worth in this bleak field of giants. Sensorium's Rating: 3 D4

3. Take a good, hard, look: Does anyone care that the US goverment is locking people up because of their race? Some sure do. Enter: Human rights Vs. USA. Sensorium's Rating: N/A I don't know enough about this topic yet to do a scene about it. D1


1. Back at the Base: The spotlight characters all together at their base (or whatever). No badguys, no spies, just good old Marvel-style intra-party bickering and conflicts like "Goal: The other heroes listen to Doc Achilles" D4, Sensorium's Rating :4

2. Synthesis: Some sort of scene that brings together multiple hanging plotlines/loose threads to try to bring things together into a coherent narrative. (e.g., a scene in which The Thing from the crate and the now-possessed Lucy meet and sparks fly) D3, Sensorium's Rating: 3